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December 11, 2000
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1) Bible Boys?
2) Special Theme For January?
3) Keeping children interested
Teaching 5/6th graders
'More Than A Carpenter' book
7) Easy and inexpensive candy craft
Books of the Bible song
Squanto - Thanksgiving Story
10) Angel Costumes

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1) Bible Boys?

I am trying to locate a biblical game called Bible Boys. I think that there was a Bible Girls game also. We played it when I was young, i.e. 60 years ago. I think that it came from the Evangelical Publishing place in Harrisburg, PA, now likely extinct or a part of the Methodist. Please let me know if you have any knowledge of it. It was a game that matched Biblical passages with the corresponding Biblical character.
Raymond L. Opper-Greenwood Village, Colorado

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2) Special Theme For January?

Hello- Hopefully you all enjoyed a good Thanksgiving. I have written about this before and not had much luck, but I thought I'd give it one more try, because I just can't seem to get a good handle on what to do. At my church, because the attendance goes down in January, we suspend our regular church school program, and do a special theme for the 4 weeks of January. It was my bright idea to suggest we do Bible Olympics. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and now I've committed my Christian Education Board to lead it, and I cannot think of a good approach. I'm afraid it will become to competitive if we award points ( and what could I link to the Bible to earn points on anyways, perhaps WWF-like Jacob vs God matches????? I think not.)
We could have an opening & closing ceremony and give out medals, but how will I match the olympic achievements of the atheletes to those of the leaders in the Bible?
Any thoughts to get my creative juices flowing would help and be much appreciated.
Thank you. Wren

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3) Keeping children interested

> k-3rd children interested in our 15 min. of story telling?

Often if we are telling a familiar story I have the children help tell it.
They pay more attention if they know they may have to fill in parts of the
story. Or I may ask: Who knows what happens next.
Jenny Mathews IL

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4) Thanks!

Many thanks to Gina, Joni, Kathy & Peggy for all your great trumpet ideas!!! I'm incorporating them all- it'll be great!!! And thank you, Sarah for this wonderful newsletter- its been such a blessing for a new Sunday school teacher like myself!!! Diane from NJ

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5) Teaching 5/6th graders

My husband and I teach a 5th and 6th Grade Sunday School Class. We would appreciate any suggestions?

I have taught 5th grade in both Sunday School and VBS for several years. I have found the best way to help them remember the bible story we are studing is to follow up with a craft or game that re-iterates the principle of the story. You are right, this age group is truly a blessing. They are just like little sponges waiting to learn. God has truly blessed you by allowing you (as well as myself) the opportunity to be His vessel in teaching these children. Becky Lawrence, Geraldine, AL

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6) '
More Than A Carpenter' book

>Try a book & Bible study such as "More Than A Carpenter". This book is a
>great tool to understanding who Jesus is.

Where do you find this bible study? Who is the author and publishing house?

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: the book is available in the Bookstore-Christian Education section. (Author is Josh McDowell, not sure of the publ.)

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Easy and inexpensive candy craft

Take two candy canes and glue together to look like a heart. Makes a great ornament for the kids to take home to put on the tree. Patti Lutz

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8) Books of the Bible song

> Also, does anyone know a song to learn the books of the bible?

The Wee Sing Bible Songs and tape has a song for the Old and New Testament
Books of the Bible and my second graders have done very well with it.

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9) Squanto - Thanksgiving Story

"Focus on the Family Radio Drama" has done a wonderful version of Squanto. Hope everyone had a blessed holiday! Linda Luke

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10) Angel Costumes

I purchased white fabric- a midweight fabric, heavier than sheets, at the fabric store. Made white robes (we used a pattern for Biblical robes from the pattern book. We left 24" or more unsewn on the back seam (we do this with all our robes). Then we sewed velcro on each side of the seam allowance. It really makes quick changes easy!
For wings we used white satin. We drew (with a fabric marker that disappears) the pattern on to the fabric. We put quilt batting and buckram between the two layers of wings. The buckram gives the stiffness, and the batting makes them fluffy. We
Sewed them and turned them. Then topstitched to form the lines that you see on angels wings. We sewed velcro to the wings and to the backs of the robes. The wings go on and off quick, and the white robes can be used for other things. We store the robes in our puppet/costume room (hanging on a closet rod). The wings are hung from skirt hangers. Teresa

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