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December 13, 2000
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1) Christmas program
2) Kindergarten Christmas Games
3) Christmas Music
Service Projects
Service Programs for 4th - 6th grades
Books of the Bible song
Permission forms?
Inexpensive shepherd and angel costumes
Christmas idea
10) Inexpensive shepherd and angel costumes

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has been added to the Bible Games page. Players compete to NOT say the right Bible word. Has varying themes to make it a great game to fit all occasions!
"NO-FLAME ADVENT WREATH" this is an easy and safe way for children to make and 'light' an Advent wreath. In the Christian Craft section of the site.

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1) Christmas program

>I was just asked to teach a class of children from the ages of 4-11 songs for our >Christmas program.

I'm preparing my own class, ages 3-5, for a christmas program. We are doing Twinkle Twinkle little star.. then Silent night. Pick a theme... have the small ones do Twinkle twinkle, then an older group do Silent Night, then perhaps Away in a Manger..... that takes you from Star, to the birth and to the Christ Child.
Torri L. Las Vegas Bible Church, Las Vegas Nevada

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'LEFT BEHIND-THE MOVIE' is now available in the Bookstore at ChristianCrafters.Com!
I watched it this past weekend.

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2) Kindergarten Christmas Games

My kindergarten daughter loves to play "freeze dance". For our Sunday school Christmas party, I'm planning to play "Bible freeze dance". I plan to play music & when I stop the music- everyone freezes- the first
one to move, will have to answer a simple Bible question & then can continue to play!!! We played " Thankful musical chairs" a few weeks ago & it was a big hit!! The child who did not have a chair when the
music stopped had to tell us something they were thankful for & then continued to play!! No one is ever "out". Good luck!! Diane from NJ

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3) Christmas Music

> I was just asked to teach a class of children from the
> ages of 4-11 songs for our Christmas program. Any suggestions would be helpful.

I teach 3, 4 and 5 year olds at my church. I purchased a Wee Sing for Christmas cassette. It comes with a book. It has many of the christian Christmas songs for children. I teach them to my class. Last year they
sang the Little Drummer Boy for the church. This year they are singing Away in a Manger. All ages can learn these songs and enjoy singing them.

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4) Service Projects

> Hi, I am looking for good service projects ...

Patty, If you are wanting something for the Christmas season here are a couple that might work out in short notice.
1. Make small fruit baskets for your church shut-ins or widows
2. Set up a postal service in your church for members to give you their intrachurch Christmas cards that they want to send to other members of the church. Have the kids alphabetize them each week and hand them out to the members that are in attendance.
3. We have asked the kids to donate money and we called the local elementary school to ask if any school fees for the year had not been paid and paid them anonymously.
I think it is great that you want to teach them to give. Hope these help.
For HIM, Pam Moore-Greentown OHIO

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5) Service Programs for 4th - 6th grades

We have just begun a program we call Adventures in Servanthood. The kids get an opportunity to serve in the many different ministries at the church and earn points towards degrees. Each time they participate in a ministry (we schedule them a month in advance) they receive a Helper certificate that will earn them one
point toward their degree. We have kids that door greet, usher, take offering, work in nursery, etc. They turn in their certificates to us and when they have earned 10 points they receive an Apprentice degree - for 15, a Skilled Servant degree, and for 25 they receive a Master Servant degree. The kids love it and go out of their way to be a helper - we even have kids that volunteer to fill in if someone is ill or late. Donna Borger-The Ministry of Jesus, Augusta, KS

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6) Books of the Bible song

I am a 3rd and 4th grade Sunday school teacher trying to teach our children the books of the bible. I am told there is a song that can help? If anyone has information on where to find the Books of the bible song, please let me know.

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: You can now purchase the Wee Sing bible songs tape from the music section of the Bookstore. :o)

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Have A Family Game Night At Home Or Church!
Christian-based games such as "Bibleopoly", "Bible Scattergories", or "Bible Blurt", may be purchased in The Bible Game Store! (ALL Sales help support SSTN of ChristianCrafters.Com.)

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7) Permission forms?

Hi! I need some help. My husband and I have recently started to work with the children of our church. We plan to take our children's church kids caroling this year and I am sure that I need signed permission forms from the parents. Does anyone have a template that they use with success? I'd like to find something standard that I can use for all our various trips with a little modification.
Amy Tomlinson-Ferguson, Kentucky

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8) Inexpensive Costumes

In response to Kim from Springfield who is looking for some inexpensive angel and shepherd costumes for the Christmas program, I have an idea. In the past I have made these costumes that work very well. For either the angel or shepherd, purchase a small amount of discount fabric, say a yard and a half, more or less, depending on the size of the children, and cut a hole out in the middle big enough for their head. Then use a cord, gold for the angels or rope for the shepherds to tie around their waist after you put
the fabric piece on. Halos can be made from the bendable gold star trim decoration found around this time of the year. For the shepherds, a bath towel can be made into a turban with some kind of head band over it to hold it in place. Also, another idea for the shepherds could be a man's/boys bath robe. Hope these ideas help. Sarah G. IL

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9) Christmas idea

Hi there. At a local discount store in Michigan (Gilbraltar's--in case fellow readers have one nearby), I found some mini beanbag lions for just fifty cents each. I wrote and attached the following (imperfect) poem to
create an inexpensive Christmas gift for the girls in my Missionettes club. Hope this helps someone!

"He came as a lamb and died on a cross;
The perfect sacrifice for all our sins.
He was buried in stone—they thought He was lost.
But Jesus lives in victory again.

He’ll come again, to take us home;
The trumpets lie ready to sound the call.
This time as a lion, He’ll gather His own.
He wills all should know Him—Christ came to save all."
by Dana Gagnon
St. Clair Shores, MI

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10) Inexpensive shepherd and angel costumes

<< I need help with simple and inexpensive shepherd and angel costumes >>

Shepherd costumes can be easily made from men's old shirts. Just cut off the button plackets on both fronts, cut off the collar and trim the front and neck edges so they are rounded. Cut the sleeves in half or make them 3/4 length. If you have time you can sew a strip of contrasting fabric up one front across the neck area and down the other front and hem the sleeves. Use the contrasting fabric to make a tie belt. If you don't have time to finish the edges just use clothes line for a belt or any other tie belt that you have available. To make a headpiece: cut a piece of fabric into a square. Tie a piece of rope or clothes line into a circle large enough to fit a child's head. Place the fabric onto the child's head. Add the rope circle to hold it in place.

I haven't made any angel costumes but you might try using a man's shirt if you can find one in the right fabric and color. Make it the same as a shepherd's costume. Use can netting from a craft or fabric store to fashion wings. Just gather it in the middle and stitch it to the back of the shirt. You may have to tack it at the shoulder area to keep it from drooping. You could use a square of silver or gold lame (pronounced lamay - a shiny type of fabric) to make a headpiece the same as for a shepherd and hold it place with a piece of decorator's cord or fancy ribbon.
Blessings, Linda Lawler, Pittsburgh, PA

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