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SSTN-Volume 1-Number 139
January 08, 2001

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1) Outreach / new VBS ideas?
2) Inexpensive curriculum?
3) Thank You
4) Re. Teacher Survival Kit
5) Thank You
6) Easter Play
7) Skit: That's my seat?
8) Name The Classes?

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1) Outreach / new VBS ideas?

I work with school aged kids in our church and am looking ahead to the
summer for some great ideas. First of all, we want to get the kids outside
of our building in an evangelistic outreach in our city, (population
17,000). I need ideas for the outreach, also, I am looking for fresh VBS
ideas. After evaluating our last few years we are not being that effective
and would like to try something new. We have our VBS five nights a week
with a program at the end. We have a tough time getting the kids to invite
anyone. Most of our kids hang around other churched kids who participate
in their own VBS, how do I get them to invite the unchurched? I would be
grateful to hear any new ideas. Thanks!!
Mary Beth Konvalin

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2) Inexpensive curriculum?

I am looking for an inexpensive curriculum for children's church, ages
2-5. I am finding myself scraping each week to come up with an idea and I
would like to have a year planned out in advance. I don't need an
extremely detailed curriculum, perhaps just an outline for topics for this
age group. Any help would be appreciated. You may e-mail direct. Thanks!
Mary Beth Konvalin / SD

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: Check out the BOOKSTORE in Children's Sermon
section and the Christian Education section, for some great resources!

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3) Thank You

Our church is very small and hasn't had a Sunday school class for 10
years. I recently started teaching the three children that we do have; and
I was so excited to find your site on the net. It has been a rich resource
for me. I used the Real Story for our Christmas program and the
Candymaker. The kids were really excited to be able to give a program -
they might be a small group, but very energetic and the congregation loved
it! Thanks- Bridget (Iowa)

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4) Re. Teacher Survival Kit

A side note.. these are also great Mother's day presents. I received
something similar from my sons
quite a few years ago. Hint...put in an extra tissue...tears do fall.

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5) Thank You

This is my first time responding, although I have been receiving the
newsletter for some time. I have found it very useful. I teach children
1st- 3rd grades in a United Methodist Church. I used the play
with santa kneeling. We subsisted some of the children's talents for some
of the songs. Like a piano solo of The first Noel. When the Shepherds seen
the star, we had a violin solo playing "Twinkle , Twinkle little star. We
also used the idea for the angel wings. It was great. We had a 3 year old
dressed as a lamb, standing by the manger. Like all lambs, he really liked
to wander, all over the sanctuary. Everyone loved it, Thanks for all the
great ideas and the support. You have been a rock for me this fall and
winter. Yours in Christ, Judy from Idaho

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6) Easter Play

What would Easter morning have been like in Jesus' day? Faith Scott, a
fellow SSTN subscriber, tells the Easter story in this easy-to-produce
skit. Get it in the Christian Skit section of the site!
Sarah Keith - Your Moderator

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7) Skit: 'That's my seat'?

I am in need of a skit about "That's my seat!" It's about a newcomer to a
church and everywhere he tries to sit someone says "You can't sit there!
That's my seat!" If you have heard of this or know what I am talking about
I would appreciate some help. It was mentioned in the Sunday School class
I teach (College/Career) with some interest in doing this in front of the
church. This newsletter has been so helpful with so many people eager to
jump in with suggestions. It really is a blessing. I attend a small
Baptist Church in Sylvester, Georgia. Thanks, Virginia!

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8) Name The Classes?

I am the lead teacher of our Jr. Girls (10-12) Sunday School and we don't
have a name. Please send me some ideas that you use in your church to name
the classes and maybe we can find one we all agree on. Thanks for all of
you help. crush5678@aol.com, Cyndi Rush - Georgia

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