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SSTN # 13 - February 25, 2004

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Egg-Shaped Easter Cards

1) Toothpaste Sermon
2) Memorization Techniques
3) Talent / fashion show    

Amazing Miracles of the Bible

4) God Cans
5) Fashion - Talent Show
6) Wonderzone

Fun and Easy Easter Pageants

7) Bringing Toys to Class?
8) Used Christmas Cards    
9) Passion of Christ

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Egg-Shaped Easter Cards

When the cards are cut, colored and assembled, players can play Easter Egg
Scramble and discover a secret Easter message! Now with two black and
white "cross" and "resurrection" drawings to color! Reproducible so your
whole class can make a set!

Find them in the Curriculum section at: 

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1) Toothpaste Sermon

The 'toothpaste' kids sermon comes from the book 'Barefoot in the snow' by
Ruth Gilmore. ISBN number 0-8066-4083-9.  We have recently used it in a
school assembly at our local primary school (250 kids) with great effect.

--from SSTN: you can find this in our Bookstore by typing the title into
the search box:

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2) Memorization Techniques

do things like:
word scramble (each word on separate paper or card, divide kids into
teams, one set per team.  they must put the words in the proper order,
then first team to say verse without looking "wins".   you can also do
this with the letters scrambled and they have to correct the words then
same as word scramble), dare chair (like musical chairs, execpt you have
one or more chairs label "dare chair", when music stops, dare chair kid(s)
say the verse (if new can look for 1st couple rounds, then have to
remember) (this one is great for review:  lession questions, books of the
bible, etc), balloons, puzzle pieces or whatever you can think of to put
in order. hangman works well with this too.

the kids love this and do well with the memorizing.   if they can
understand the verse, they also remember it easier, faster and it becomes
part of their lives.

Ann Bouwense

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3) Talent / fashion show    

In response to the request about the talent and or fashion show idea, we
do a program called Talents for the Master every year for children, teens
and their families.  The most important principle is that we do not want
to glorify the kids,,, we want to glorify God.  It is an opportunity for
them to specifically work on a project that is a gift of worship to God. 
Entries include music, artwork, drama, memory work or anything that they
can imagine that directly addresses, praises, worships or magnifies the
Lord.  We encourage families to work together.  We want to train our
children to be diligent to use the abilities and gifts God has given them
to bring honor to Him and draw others to Him.  If the kids are the focus,
then it is no different from any other talent show, and we do them a
disservice, giving them the honor and glory for their gifts.  We commend
them for their diligence and effort in bringing a "sacrifice of praise". 
It is a sacrifice of their time and effort to work on this project.
However, the whole purpose is to plant the seeds that all is to be done to
God's glory and not our own,,,contrary to what the world teaches us. 
If you'd like more specifics on the program, feel free to contact me at

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Amazing Miracles of the Bible

God’s glory and love are revealed through the miracles he performed and
were fully realized when he came to earth in the form of a man to save
mankind. By studying the miracles of the Bible children will gain a better
understanding of God’s love and faithfulness and how he continues to be
loving and faithful in miraculous ways to his people today. Works with
rotation-type programs!

In the Curriculum Creatives section:


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4) God Cans

Thought you might be interested in how I used the "God can" idea--which I
thought was great.
We did the story of Elijah and the widow, including the contest with the
prophets of Baal.
I gave the kids cans, orange cellophane, and blue paper, both plain and
with clouds.  The idea was to remember that God has power over the water
and the fire, and the cans serve (as in the original) as reminders of His
power--"God can."
We have a wide age range in that class, and it worked well from the
youngest to the oldest.  Thanks so much for your site!
Anne L. Haehl--I tell stories. 

--from SSTN: "God Cans" may be found in the crafts section at:

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5) Fashion - Talent Show

>Looking for ideas for the youth of our church (AME) to have a special
>program (i.e. fashion show, talent show).  The ages are 2-18. 

Years ago I went to a church fashion show it consisted of young girls
modeling their MOTHERS wedding gowns. It was GREAT!
Also I went to a ladies meeting and the women made hats that reflected
their husbands occupation that was great to figure out those puzzling
Jan in Alabama

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6) Wonderzone

I was wondering if you knew that Child Evangelism Fellowship has a GREAT
online resource called Wonderzone.
It is the online version of their Mailbox Club.  I happen to be one of the
"Trailguides" who marks the online lessons.  I highly recommend this to
everyone, young, and old alike!

~Luanne Ashe

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Fun and Easy Easter Pageants - with Soundtrack CD". 

You will find them listed in the Games and Skits section of the Bookstore


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7) Bringing Toys to Class?

I have been having an increasing problem of children (I teach Pre-K)
bringing toys from home into the Sunday School classroom. I try to
discourage this from happening, because toys get lost, broken, misplaced,
or taken home by another child and parents will try to hold me accountable
for the toys as if I am supposed to somehow watch an entire class of
children and an entire toy box so to speak. I have told my sign in people
to let parent's know that we would rather children not bring toys from
home because they are just too hard to keep track of, and yet parent's
still argue with us on this and many times, like last week a parent
insisted her children's toys (3 different toys) stay with her child in the
classroom so the parent did not have to take them into church. I can
understand why parents do not want to carry toys into church with them,
but I guess what I can't understand is why some parents refuse to leave
the toys in the car, especially when these are the parents of regular
attenders who know we have puzzles, play doh, wooden blocks, cardboard
blocks, foam blocks, trucks, a kitchen play set, and so on, it's not like
we do not have toys in the classroom. If anyone else has had a similar
problem or has some sort of policy in place on this sort of thing I would
be really interested in hearing about it. I have spoken to our children's
program pastor as well as our children's director, and their responses
have given me the impression that it's sort of my situation to deal with.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance for your time
and may God bless you and your ministry.
Love in Christ, Sarah in California

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8) Used Christmas Cards    

A Sunday Student of mine the last 2 years gave me Christmas Present Tags
made from old Christmas Cards.
They are really cute plus useful.
     Cut around a picture or two on a card (approximately 1 1/2" by 3")
using pinking shears.
     Then cut from construction paper a little bigger size with pinking
     Place the card picture on top of the construction paper.
     Punch 2 holes on one side.
     Put ribbon through the holes & tie it.
     Write To & From on the construction paper which is underneath the
Fancy and cheap way to make Christmas Present Tags.

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9) Passion of Christ

Seen the movie?
Go to this web site.  www.afterthepassion.com   
This should answer a Seeker's questions about salvation.

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