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SSTN # 13 - February 9, 2005

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1) Tribute to Pastor?
2) Igloo Milk Jugs
3) Busted mini-blind ideas
4) Attendance Consistency
5) Children & Worship
6) Formula can craft ideas
7) "SING" the Lord's Prayer?

THE LORD'S TABLE: A Biblical Approach To Weight Loss

8) Need Spiritual meat
9) Formula Can Craft
10) Jumping On Bandwagon

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1) Tribute to Pastor?

Hello to all,
I'm looking for a unique way in which our Youth Dept. can pay tribute to
our Pastor.  Please post all ideas.  Your response is greatly appreciated.

--from SSTN: make sure you check the archives too for "appreciation"

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2) Igloo Milk Jugs

--from SSTN: I received multiple postings on this.
Here are the different sites that show you how:

http://www.littlegiraffes.com/ has a wonderful site showing with
several pictures how to make an igloo out of milk jugs.
Once you get on the site first click on teachers then click on our igloo.
Hope this is what Kathy was looking for!
God Bless,


I found the picture and information below at this URL:


This is the website that has a picture of the igloo and instructions also.
Sally from KY

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3) Busted mini-blind ideas

Cut some off even and write words to a memory verse on each one. Then you
could mix them up and let the kids put them in the correct order.

Let the kids decorate them with crayons and stickers and make them into

Use them as "paint stirrers" or maybe even paint them with acrylics and
write kids names on them after they dry. Add magnetic tape to the back and
kids can take their name magnets home to hold up their pictures on the

Use a bunch of them to play a game like pick up sticks.

Do a lesson about how people use blinds to keep the sun out, but we want
to let the SON in! Talk about things that act as blinds in our lives that try
and keep the SON out of our lives :o) Then use any of the ideas above to
go along with it.

BTW, I love the "grass props/reeds idea!!"


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4) Attendance Consistency

Dear Penny, yes, this happened to our church too except that we were only
offering Sunday school during the 9:00 a.m. service because that is the
service most people attended. Only around 50 were attending the second
service at 10:30 a.m. Our church was looking for a way to even out the
services more since the 9:00 a.m. service was “busting at the seams”. The
solution to the problem? Offer Sunday school at both services. This will
be a lot more work for your Sunday school coordinator but well worth it.
Since we started offering Sunday school during both services our
attendance at the 10:30  service increased from 50 to 150! Also, if you
aren’t already, start using workshop rotation Sunday school. It is
incredibly popular with our children and many of them don’t want to miss a
week. Some students even stay for both Sunday school hours because they
enjoy it so much. Good luck in your ministry, blessings, Jeannine in
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5) Children & Worship

I understand what you're trying to convey. I do believe there is a time
when the games and gimmicks should be put away. However, we do need to
realize that we are talking about children, who have short attention
spans. They're are different types of learners. You have children who
learn better visually, some by hearing, others by hands on. So, when
you incorporate all the activities, not one child is left out! We hear
and we forget, but the things we see and do we remember. It's like
learning words by association, etc. Even the Bible used this, ie. The Lion
and the Lamb represents Jesus. Red = blood. Black = sin. etc. This really
helps children to put things on their mental level. In our church, we do
clowning. We also use Gospel Magic to help the children remember the
story. Words we forget so easily, but if we see something those memories
stay with us much longer. Try it one time and see if they don't seem to
remember it better than someone just teaching straight out of the Bible or
a book without any visual or game aids.  In Him, Kristin

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6) Formula can craft ideas

they can be used to make windsocks, flower vases by painting, stenciling,
sponge painting them. there are endless ideas you can do with them. e-mail
me and i can send you patterns for them. my e-mail my address is

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7) "SING" the Lord's Prayer?

You mentioned in #1 that you sang the Lord's Prayer.... Please tell me
how! I am going to be doing a singing workshop on the Lord's Prayer and
having a difficult time trying to find out how to "SING" the Lord's
Prayer!  Thanks!

Nancy Fidler

--from SSTN: There are dozens of renditions (which I didn't realize until
I went looking on the internet). However, the one we sang was played at my
wedding, and I just found it at: http://www.saintmichaels.info/music
Choose the arrangement by:
A.H.Malotte/Fr.M. Tidick (English)
You can download the sheet music and listen to a midi file.

sarah keith <><

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THE LORD'S TABLE: A Biblical Approach To Weight Loss

If you are hungering to learn the truth that will set you free from
overeating, The Lord's Table is a revolutionary new tool that can be the
key to unlock the door to lasting freedom in your life.

You will find "The Lord's Table" listed on the main page of
ChristianCrafters.Com's Bookstore at:


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8) Need Spiritual meat

I, too have felt strongly that kids need more spiritual meat, but, this
year, have incorporated a zany game or science craft in my SS class, and
have twice as many kids showing up (more kids that I can reach with the
"meat", even if it is in smaller bites).   I teach a group of 3rd through
7th graders at a small rural church.  Last Sunday we had 7 kids show up,
which is wonderful!  We do skits or games out of a book called "Wild Truth
Bible Lessons" by Mark Oestreicher.  This book is available through
www.christiancrafters.com .  The lessons are centered around a Bible story
and a moral application.  They are not very "meaty", but you can't beat
the games and impromptu skits.  The book is geared to junior highers, so once
I had to cut a reference to teenage "passion" out of a handout, but the rest
of the material is easily assimilated by the younger kids.  I can pare the
lesson down to about a half hour, which leaves the rest of the class time
for singing the books of the Bible in order, learning about what our
missionaries do, and worshipping.  We've been using ideas from an awesome
book titled "Teaching Kids Authentic Worship" by Kathleen Chapman.  I
highly recommend this book as motivational material for Sunday School
teachers.  It is also available from Sarah's bookstore.

So, I guess what I'm saying is I've always felt so strongly about keeping
the Spiritual "meat" in my lessons.  But, since I've crossed over to the
fun side, I'm really seeing more results.

~Trish in Nebraska

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9) Formula Can Craft

>I have saved alot of my baby daughters formula cans "just in case" I 
>Could use them for some sort of craft.  Does anyone have any ideas? 
I too could not throw these cans away.  Here is how I used them:
a)  I had a themed birthday party (Winnie the Pooh") I purchased wrapping
paper and wrapped the cans with the Pooh paper.  I then placed plastic
spoons and forks into the cans and spread them out along all the tables. 
I had decorated utensil holders.
b) Idea:  Use white butcher paper   (1) cut paper to fit cans - (2) Using
rubber stamps or christian stickers, have the kids decorate the paper -
(3) then glue paper around cans.  To use as a special pencil holder - you
can also cut out shapes in the lid to hold pencil and pens or Kids could
store crayons in the can with an uncut lid.
Good luck - Delfina

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10) Jumping On Bandwagon

I hate to be a someone who seems to be uncaring and worse yet
"Unchristian", but I feel it's necessary to express my feelings.

Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon to help the victims of the
December Tsunami, and I applaud that.  Missionaries should be sent there
to help and do what they can; but to just continually sending billion
after billion of dollars is not doing what is best for the situation.

According to news reports, over 350 Billion dollars has been sent to this
region, which is more than enough to rebuild it several times over; but
the real concern is how the money will be handled.  We all know that
money Given to Iraq through the "Oil for Food" program went not for food,
but for more gold in Saddam's Palaces and more concubines for his sons.

Also at home other charities for needs here at home have suffered.  Right
now, while collecting for our Sunday School's "Soup-er Bowl" we get
turned away by people who say they've already given enough to the Tsunami
victims...and all we're asking for is a can of soup, not money.

Remember what is said in the scriptures..."No one can serve two masters;
for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be
loyal to one and despise the other.  You cannot serve God and Mammon."
Matthew 6:24

--from SSTN: We do need to be wise as to where and to whom we send our
money. It is vital that the charities we seek to help are held accountable
for their spending. The following website gives an account for some
popular charities' expenditures:


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