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February 10, 2000
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>Can you share with me any craft that can teach pre-schoolers about God
>keeping his promises?

I taught a pre-school class last year about NOAH'S ARK and how God
promised Noah that He would never send a flood that covered the entire
earth. He used a rainbow to show this promise that God has kept ever
CRAFT: This is what I made with the children to remind them that God
keeps His promises:
a baby food jar
an old sock
a piece of Styrofoam cut to fit in jar
one pipecleaner of each color in the rainbow
a little fiberfill for the cloud
gold paint
put jar into sock toe
push extra sock into jar and stick the Styrofoam inside with sock
paint top of Styrofoam gold
stick pipecleaners in rainbow color order in styrofoam, bend them so they
are slightly curved
hot glue fiberfill puff at END of rainbow (add glitter on the cloud if

ANY QUESTIONS write: InaweofGod@juno.com
------- AbbaGail Hills

(From Christian Crafters.Com- AbbaGail, Thank you for sharing!)

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I am leading a seminar in our church district called, "Celebrating the Seasons" It's a look at ways to celebrate the church calendar, Christmas, Easter, Pentecost etc. I did this last year for the first time and they have asked me to do it again, but I think they want new materials. I touched on Chrismons last year but spent more time on the advent Jesse tree. I also will be sharing the idead of a butterfly release this year for Easter, Pentecost or a Memorial Service. What the class involves is a lot of brainstorming and sharing ideas from other churches on ways that they celebrate the Christian calendar. I've also included a portion of my 2 1/2 hour agenda to non-traditional events such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Church Summer programs etc. I would be delighted if you could share any new ideas with me to take along to my class. (There will be about 20) Thank you so much for listening and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

In Christ's love,
Cathie Lester

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Hi- My name is Liz Fisher, and I teach a sunday school class of 6, 7 and 8th graders. The problem that I am am having is that I am teaching a class on Baptism, and I would like to come up with a fun game for my kids to play, and although I can normally come up with a crazy and fun game, this one has to have something to do with water and I am kind of stumped?? Do you have any suggestions??? If you do please reply to this email- Thank you very much-
Liz Fisher

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Regarding the Pokemon issue...In this era where children would rather flick on the the TV than read a book and a vast majority of children are unchurched, it is vital that we meet them on their level. While I do believe that guarding our minds is of utmost importance, I also believe that we must use what the children are interested in and can relate to to introduce them to Christ. As far as Pokemon not being of Christian ideals and morals, I would just like to remind you of Jesus and the woman at the well. He did not condemn her but used that for the good of the Father. He was the master teacher...we should strive to follow his example.

Ages 4-11
Roseville, MI

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I am looking for a craft to do with my kids for Foreign Missions Sunday.
>Any ideas? It would be for a wide range of kids because we wanted to bring
>them together to do something special. Susan Camden

With my pre-school class, once a month I did a missionary theme. Each
month it was for a different country. One really fun thing to do with
all ages is buy some missionary short stories OR missionary flashcards.
If you're interested in those, e-mail me and I'll give you the names of
some you could perhaps order over the internet. If you talked about
missionaries in Hawaii you could maybe make hula skirts. Just use some
poster board, crepe paper, and artificial flowers in Hawaiian colors. If
you did one on Japan the kids could have fun using chopsticks on mini
cookies. (my class LOVED doing this!!) Another thing that is fun to do
with kids to make recipies from different cultures. Go to the library
and find multiculture cookbooks and find one you think the kids might
like to make. OR you could make some ahead of time. Some names of GREAT
missionary books for kids are:
You can Change the World Volume 1 : Jill Johnstone
You can Change the World Volume 2: Jill Johnstone and Daphne Spragett

Another thing that is good to do with the kids is to have them pray for
different people and countries. The books listed above have a prayer part
just for that. They are excellent! When you have missionary
get-togethers it is great to have a GLOBE easily in view. Kids love
visual aids. I have these LARGE picture of children around the world. I
got them at a store called LAKESHORE- it is a school supply store. I
believe they have these stores all over the U.S.A

Also at the library they have Multi-cultural craft projects. Were you
looking for some that teach specifically to pray for missionaries or
crafts that just remind you to pray for that culture??
IF YOU HAVE ANY MORE QUESTIONS you can e-mail me at: InaweofGod@juno.com

Hope these ideas help you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
------ AbbaGail Hills, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

(From ChristianCrafters.Com- AbbaGail, you are GREAT! Thanks again.)

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