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SSTN-Volume 1 Number 140
January 10, 2001

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1) Lessons On Sin
2) Scavenger Hunt
3) Bible Scavenger Hunt
4) Mother's Day?
5) Creative chapel idea?
6) The Real Story
7) Easter Play
8) Christian Bulletin Boards

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It has now been one year since SSTN was launched, Jan. 10, 2000. We began
with 65 Sunday school teachers, and Christian education workers, and have
ballooned to 2005! WOW! (It was my desire to reach the 2000 mark by today.
As of yesterday we were three short. But when I booted up the computer
this morning we had eight new sign ons!) What a blessing this journey has
been for me personally! The great news, is that God has allowed me to find
this new automated service to deliver the newsletter to you, so that I may
concentrate more on the content of SSTN and the website! To celebrate our
one year birthday I am asking that everyone invite two new people to join
us...let's not keep this resource to ourselves! Many blessings to everyone
this coming year. Sarah Keith-Your Moderator and Co-laborer in the LORD.

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1) Lessons on Sin

Hi I teach a sunday school class ages 7-9 yrs. They have asked to talk
about sin for their next few lessons. They enjoy role plays and crafts if
anyone has any good ideas please let me know. Thanks and God Bless.-April
from Chatt. tn

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: check out "Missing The Mark" in the
free Bible Games section.

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Purchase Christian games such as "Bibleopoly", "Bible Scattergories", or
"Bible Blurt", in The Bible Game Store! Have some Bible FUN!
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2) Scavenger Hunt

I discovered a wonderful and very useful scavenger hunt to do in our
church quite by accident. It was a fun challenge both for the elementary
kids and the teenagers who helped them. We have a lot of exits and during
Fire Safety Week the weather was bad so we had to play games inside. I
made little 4 line rhymes for each exit and sent them all over the church
to the various exits and staircases. Some kids had never seen or known
about some of the exits so it proved to be a great learning experience for
them and a good reminder for others. Good luck! ~M

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3) Bible Scavenger Hunt

Here is another book you might try and find for Youth games -
"Holiday Ideas for Youth Groups by Wayne Rice & Mike Yaconelli. I'm not
sure if it is still in print or not.
Here are a few ideas from the book plus some of my own.
For St. Patrick's Day, they have a Scavenger Hunt where you have to
find green items like peas, lettuce, piece of paper, stamps, pencil,
button, shoes etc. The youth are given a list and then have to go out in
the neighborhood and find the items. I think this game could be adapted
and you could make up your own list of items to find using all colors.
Perhaps you could think of some Bible verses that are associated with
a particular thing. Make a list of the verses, have the youth look up
the verse and figure out what the item is that they are to go and find.
Then have them go and find it.
Another idea is to have a Valentine Scavenger Hunt but this hunt
takes place inside using magazines. Each person or team is given several
magazines to use and find the correct pictures that are listed on their
sheet. Examples are: 1) a picture of something that a person would give
for a Valentine gift, 2) the word "love", 3) picture of something that
is romantic, 3) something that is red - food, flower, clothing etc.
Hope these ideas will give you something to think about and hopefully
use. Rosemary Lare - Pastor's Wife & S.S. Teacher & Ladies Bible Study

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4) Mother's Day?

I know this is a little early, but I was wondering if anyone has anything
special that they do for Mother's Day. Last year we wrapped Hershey's
& Kisses in netting and tied with a bow and then several little girls
passed out the Hugs & Kisses to all the mothers that were present. I know
there is always the possibility of giving each mother a flower, or giving
flowers to the oldest, youngest, etc., but I'd like to know if anyone has
seen any other cute ways of recognizing mothers in a special way. Thanks
for your help, Becky in PA

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5) Creative chapel idea?

I am not currently teaching Sunday school, however, this is my first year
teaching Kindergarten in a Christian school. Each class is responsible
to do something creative at one of the weekly chapels. I would be
grateful for any ideas for this age group that would be about 15-20
minutes in length. Thank You. VKL

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: you might try the Buzzing Bees devotional in
the Sermons section of the site. You can click on it from the 'Free
Featured Resources' section on the home page. Enjoy!!

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6) The Real Story

Oddly enough, it was a thank you note to Faith Scott that I read in your
newsletter to lead me to read her Christmas play "The Real Story". Well,
I want to thank her again because I did go to that story, I did read it
and now the pressure is off for the year 2001 Christmas play. I can
concentrate on other things. I love this website.
DiAnne Lamb

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: for those of you that don't know it, DiAnne
has also blessed us and written a Christmas play in the Skits section!

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7) Easter Play

Hi Kara, Hi Sakeith-
At our ministry, the Sunday School classes act out in full costume all the
parts that led to Jesus crucifixion, even the part when Jesus has the
supper with the disciples. It is very exciting and we plan do it again
this year. It is long enough to last the hour and a half. God bless you.

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8) Christian Bulletin Boards

First of all, thanks to all of you who contribute such good ideas. I
teach first graders and I'm in search of ideas for Christian bulletin
boards. I've bought several books, but they are getting both scarce and
expensive. Are there any sites out there with ideas? Thanks!

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