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SSTN-Volume 1 Number 143
January 17, 2001

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1) Commitment?
2) Bible resources?
3) File Folder Games
4) Bulletin Boards
5) Face the Truth?
6) Mother's Day
7) Service Project Scavenger Hunt
8) Outreach ideas
9) Spanish Language Resources

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1) Commitment?

I need some help with teaching 1st and 2nd graders about COMMITMENT. If
you have any ideas please contact me at rplucio@aol.com. Need object
lesson, craft, games etc. Thank you.

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2) Bible resources?

I am searching for Bible resources written on a child's level -
specifically 5th and 6th grade. I would like to know if anyone knows of a
concordance, Bible customs, dictionary, commentary, etc. that would be
appropriate. We have students who are interested in studying their Bible
and yet they get bogged down in an adult version. Thanks and God Bless.
Joyce Alexander- biljoyce@alaweb.com

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: I highly recommend 'The New Kids Adventure
Bible'. It has a 'jazzy' cover with an easy-to-understand translation. The
passages are accompanied with background info relating to Bible times,
with life applications, and a dictionary-concordance. Each book has a
"who, what, where, when, why" section and activities to reinforce the
Scripture. I wrote about it in the last SSTN #142. You can get it and
other Bible resources in the Bookstore in the Bibles, Etc. section.
Blessings, Sarah Keith.

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3) File Folder Games

Here's a great time filler for SS teachers- or for those 'busy' ones..
I teach in a public school and make file folder games up all the time. I
have a file full of them and the kids love them. They are bright and
colorful, interactive, and quick.
Needed: manila file folders, index cards, ideas for your theme, pictures
or stickers or draw your own, markers, Contact paper, velcro- soft side
and rough sides.

For example: For review of 12 memory verses:
1. Label the file folder with the theme on the outside cover of the
folder- in catchy terms, bright colors, etc.
2. Write mixed up memory verses- some that start with the beginning of a
verse, some that have just the scripture verse name and number. Do this
all over the inside of the file folder (leave spaces for kids to attach
pcs under the words you just wrote)
3. Use contact paper to laminate both sides of the folder.
4. Now duplicate the memory verses onto the index cards using small print.
About business card size.
5. Contact those as well.
6. Attach the soft sided velcro under each category on the inside of your
file folder game ( the game area)
7. Attach rough sided velcro to the index card memory verses.
8. Put these cards into a zip lock bag. Staple the bag itself to the
backside of the file folder game- away from the 'game area' and zip the
bag shut.
9. Check to make sure that the students have matched the verses to the
clues on the file folder game. Have them put the cards back in the zip
lock bag and make sure the bag is zipped shut... Now it is ready any time
you need it.

Hope this helps. They really don't take that much time to make up and they
can be a life saver. For little ones.. try using Christian stickers- one
for the file folder and one on index cards.. they can match the shapes
without reading. OR.. break up a whole scripture memory verse on the file
folder. The kids have to match the index card words with the words on the
file folder. Great review idea! OR... the 10 commandments.. using
pictures, OR.. the 23rd Psalm with pictures and words..??? Thousands of
ideas. www.classroomdirect.com has the cheapest velcro anywhere- 25 yds; I
think for $35.( also lots of inexpensive things) Carol from NY :)

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4) Christian bulletin boards

> I'm in search of ideas for Christian bulletin boards.

Fellow teacher, I have had the same problem, and have purchased the
limited books available. Sometimes I am able to get my ideas from a
portion of the SS lesson, and at
other times, from happenings at our church, i.e. Rally Day. A wonderful
internet resource I have found is at www.childrensministry.net. Click on
forums, and once that page comes up, click on the crafty ideas board. You
can browse other listings, or post your own message (you'll need to
register, free, if you aren't already). I have been able to get a lot of
inspiration from this site. If you would like to exchange ideas, please
e-mail me direct at kimh@neo.rr.com. Kim, Alliance, Ohio

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: SSTN is only successful if we share our
ideas via the network. Please remember to copy to the network. :O))

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5) Face the Truth?

We are going to have a theme "Face the Truth" with Psalm 86:11 as our
theme verse at our christian camp this summer. Does anyone have any
resources, ideas, games, scriptural ideas for us to use or do you know of
a curriculum on walking in truth. We like to have an integrated theme
with chapel and games. Any help would be appreciated. Sarah-

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6) Mother's Day

Make flowers by gluing a Hershey's kiss to a Reese's peanut butter cup
(large side of cup to bottom of kiss. Another way is to glue 2 kisses
together. Buy the candy with pastel wrapping (available for Easter).
Tape or glue a piece of wire to (or stick it in) the peanut butter cup.
For the kiss flower stick it into on of the kisses. Wrap with floral
tape, attaching at least on silk leaf as you wrap. Silk leaves are
available in packages at craft stores. Wrap the flower part with clear
cellophane (put the cellophane over the flower and tie a ribbon around
underneath the flower. We put these in baskets and passed them out.

We bought Hershey's candy bars (any size works). We printed sheets of
colorful paper to read "is a great MOM." We cut the paper and wrapped it
around the candy so only the SHE of Hershey showed. It then read "SHE is
a great MOM.

Another idea is to buy trays of bedding plants from a nursery. The next
two parts can be done in advance: Cut floral foil into squares, make bows
from floral ribbon. Use a slightly stiff piece of wire to tie off the bow.
The day before Mother's Day wrap a square of foil around each plant (they
come in plastic containers. All you have to do is set the container in
the center of the foil and pull the edges up around it. Stick a bow down
in to the potting soil of each one. We had steps the width of our
platform and we set the plants on the steps. It looked so pretty.

We've also given bud vases with one rose or two carnations, leather leaf,
babies breath, and a bow. Check garages sales and resale shops for clear
or white bud vases (decide which you want and collect all the same). The
most we paid was a quarter for one. Use vinegar to clean them if they
have water marks. In Houston there is an area where there are a lot of
open floral markets. We purchased roses and carnations by the dozen, along
with bunches of greenery and babies breath. We arranged the vases (not to
much to arranging them) on Sat. You do have to refrig. these, or keep
them cool.

We've also done live arrangements in tea cups. We collected tea cups all
year long. For the oldest mother, youngest, etc. give arrangements in tea
pots (live or silk). We have an annual offering we take on Mother's Day,
called Mothers Memorial. It goes to missions, part of it buying
appliances for missionaries. We have had contests to see who could raise
the most money. One year we printed letters and all mothers sent them out
to their families. People could vote for Mother Of The Year. One dollar
represented one vote. The winners were announced on Mother's Day,
crowned, given a gift etc. Another year we gave out tea cups and
encouraged each lady to fill her cup. The cups were turned in the Sunday
before Mothers Day (this is the year we did arrangements in cups), and the
winners announced on Mothers Day.
Ideas posted here copyrighted 1995, 2000 - Teresa Bohannon

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7) Service Project Scavenger Hunt

I teach 7th,8th,& 9th grade Sunday School class. We had a end of the
get together where we had a neighborhood scavenger hunt for items needed
for our county women's shelter. I had a list of items needed and sent a
letter to include a self addressed, stamped post card to all the
neighbors, about 12 houses. I ask if they would allow the youth to knock
on their doors for items on the list. All items are to be donated to the
county women's shelter. The replies came back and the scavenger hunt was a
huge success. The youth had a wonderful time and we collected over 200
items for women at the shelter. I remember to send thank you notes and
invite the neighbors to join us at church.

(Awesome service project idea! Thanks for sharing it with SSTN!--Sarah

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8) Outreach ideas

In response to Mary Beth Konvalin re outreach ideas:
In the past, our church youth group provided smoke detectors to needy
families in our city. We contacted the county for names, then set up
times to come to the family's home and install the equipment. This was
a great way to provide a needed service, and allow our youth to
experience an immediate positive impact on their community.

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9) Spanish Language Resources

> We are missionaries in Uruguay. Do you have any materials in
> Spanish-games, tapes, videos, skits or other things?

Here's two resources for Spanish materials:
www.upci.org/pph -- www.onewaystreet.com

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