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SSTN-Volume 1 Number 144
January 19, 2001

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1) "THERE IS A BOOK" (Sung to the tune of "Bingo")
2) Spanish Language Resources
3) Trail of Jesus Christ?
4) Spanish Language Resources
5) Inexpensive curriculum
6) Unique fundraising ideas?
7) 'Scoop of Love' For Valentine's or Mother's Day
8) Mentally challenged?
9) First communion pattern?

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1) THERE IS A BOOK- (Sung to the tune of "Bingo")

Note The * replaces a letter and represents a single hand clap.

There is a book that has Good News, the Bible is it's na-me.
B..I..B..L..E.. B..I..B..L..E.. B..I..B..L...E.. the Bible is it's

There is a book that has Good News, the Bible is it's na-me.
*..I..B..L..E.. *..I..B..L..E.. *..I..B..L...E.. the Bible is it's

There is a book that has Good News, the Bible is it's na-me
*.. *..B..L..E.. *..* ..B..L..E.. *..*..B..L...E.. the Bible is it's

There is a book that has Good News, the Bible is it's na-me.
*.. *.. *..L..E.. * .. *.. *.. L.. E.. *.. *.. *.. L.. E.. the Bible is
it's na-me.

There is a book that has Good News, the Bible is it's na-me.
*.. *.. *.. *.. E. *.. *.. *.. *.. E *.. *.. *.. *.. E .. the
Bible is it's na-me.

There is a book that has Good News, the Bible is it's na-me.
*.. *.. *.. *.. *.. *.. *.. *.. *.. *.. *.. *.. *.. *.. *..
Bible is it's na-me.

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2) Spanish Language Resources (from SSTN #141)

Try internet site: www.nestentertainment.com under Nest Store then look
under Spanish Titles - they have Video's and Books. They are sold in
sets or individually. They have excellent Bible Videos for children.
Luanne Paye, Hampton United Church, Ontario Canada

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3) Trail of Jesus Christ?

I am looking for a play called the "Trail of Jesus Christ".
I would like for our Young Adults and teens to do this play, Has anyone
heard of it or knows where I can get a copy of it?
Thanks, Diane E. Gray
North Pole, Alaska

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4) Spanish Language Resources

> We are missionaries in Uruguay. Do you have any materials in
> Spanish-games, tapes, videos, skits or other things?

I have a Bible Map set in spanish that is free for download at:
Terry Taylor

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5) Inexpensive curriculum

I also teach 2-5 sunday school. I have found that the children enjoy
making necklaces. I use construction paper and yard. I have been teaching
them about Moses. We started with his birth. I put a cupcake holder on
blue construction paper then drew a baby inside. Then we did growing up in
Egypt and his leaving. We are now studying the 10 plagues.We started with
a burning bush necklace.We did a necklace for each plague.I made spinning
wheels for water to blood. I made little houses and put frog stickers on
them.I glued rice to a square for lice. I printed a picture of a cow and
let them put dots on it for murrain. I used the kids from making
friend.com and let the kids put dots for boils and blains. I sprinkled
white glitter on a square for hail. I made a peek behind the doors neklace
for locust using a tree with leaves and one without on the inside.Imade a
flip necklace with a sun covered with black paper. Lastly, I made a door
with red crayon above the door.

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6) Unique fundraising ideas?

I am looking for unique fundraising ideas. The kids in our church are
trying to raise money for a trip this summer and are already selling candy
bars and planning a bake sale. If anyone has any ideas other than the
usual t-shirt, candy sales that would be appropriate for a small church
please let me know. Thanks for your help!

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7) Scoop of Love For Valentine's or Mother's Day

Need: Laundry detergent scoops, conversation hearts or Hershey's Kisses or
Hugs, Plastic wrap, Ribbon.

Wash and dry scoops well. Fill the scoops with choice of candies, cover
with cellophane or plastic wrap, gather, and tie with bow. Add a message
on a heart shaped tag which reads:
For conversation hearts "A scoop full of love for you from ...."
For Hershey's kisses "A scoop full of kisses ..."
For Hershey's Hugs - "A scoop full of hugs ..."
You can also add ribbons and stickers for added decoration!

Used by permission from www.theideabox.com.

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8) Mentally challenged?

Hi! My name is Tracy and I'm from South Africa. Last year I started a
youth group for mentally challenged teenagers and adults and I believe the
Lord is leading me to extend this to a Sunday school ministry too. My
problem is that I don't know where to start - what kind of lessons to
teach and what level to aim them at. Does anybody have any suggestions?

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: Make sure you check previous SSTN articles.
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9) First communion pattern?

Our daughter's first communion will be this spring. Each child will make
a banner to display in the church. We have searched, without success, for
a pattern template. Do you know of anybody who sells a pattern for first
communion banners? We appreciate your response. Thanks.
Jay and Debby Spiegel

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