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SSTN-Volume 1 Number 146
January 24, 2001

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1) Then Jesus Came-song?
2) Face the Truth
3) Church Sleepover ideas?
4) Bring A Friend Sunday-ideas?
5) Hands on projects?
6) Bible Olympics
7) Kids involved in missions?
8) Scripture hand motions?
9) Outreach retreat ideas?

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1) Then Jesus Came-song?

I am in desperate need of the words to this old song by George Beverly
Shea, "Then Jesus Came." Our Sabbath School class is doing a skit and
this is the perfect song. I can remember the tune, but not the words.
Anyone...please HELP! Thanks, Esther from Saginaw MI

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2) Face the Truth

Put a large mirror where the children will have to look at it when they
walk in. Attach a sign "face the truth." It's so easy to see the faults
of others and hard to face the truth about ourselves. Talk about how
Jesus sees us as we are.

Make a game by placing footprints on the floor. You can number (or color
code) the footprints. Play music letting the children step from one
footprint to another. When the music stops draw a number and ask a review
question, have the child recite a Bible verse or just give a prize.

I have some old curriculum -- the theme was Walking by Faith if that would
help. Teresa, TX

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3) Church Sleepover ideas?

We have an annual sleepover for grades 4-6. Last year we had a rousing
game of "Who wants to be a Christianaire" which was a big hit. I can't
come up with a good idea for this year. I've found that a theme night
gets lost on the kids. I only have their attention for about an hour
before they want to play games, eat and watch videos. Any ideas?
Thanks from Janis in Ontario.

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4) Bring A Friend Sunday-ideas?

Our Sunday School has "Bring A Friend Sunday" every year in February.
This will be our 4th year of hosting this special day, but unfortunately,
we are starting to run out of original, fun things to do. Besides
rewarding the children for bringing their friends, are there any other
ideas out there? Thank you for your newsletter, I LOVE IT!!!
Sincerely, Lori Wilson-jlwilson@advnet.net

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5) Hands on projects?

I work with 5th and 6th graders and we are currently building a small
scale model of the tabernacle in the wilderness and the kids love the
hands on part. I was wondering if anyone out there hand any hands on
projects for when we study Noah, or David or Jesus life? Also, I may be
working with the craft dept. this summer in VBS and am looking for
projects for 5th and 6th graders that will be something they actually will
take home and use and will not be too babyish for them. Possible 1 or 2
projects for the entire week would be great. Thank you. Sandi at

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6) Bible Olympics

Wren..Sorry, I just saw your post about Bible Olympics, from Dec. We gave
awards for Team enthusiasm, Best Attitude, Greatest Cooperation, Most
Gracious, you get the idea. On the first night we didn't tell the kids we
were giving out the awards that way. The "winners" were surprised. The
next time we noticed attitude changes. We involved one of our Christian
Classics (senior) in our church to don a toga and ivy in his hair and
pronounce the games open and then again when we closed. We used the
Olympic fanfare and everything. Everyone got the same "prize" a little pin
that said excellent that was red and blue and then we hot glued red, white
and blue ribbons. At our opening ceremony we read the story about the
special Olympic children who stopped when one of their competitors fell,
they all stopped, helped her up and finished the race walking arm and arm.
If you still need games just email me. Sorry this is late..
YSIC, Diane- brachermrsb@aol.com

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7) Kids involved in missions?

Hi Sarah, Thanks for this wonderful service! Children's ministers don't
always have someone to share with. In the northeast, (I'm in upstate New
York) it is pretty hard spiritually. I'm trying to get our kids involved
in missions. And quite honestly, my heart isn't there. But I want it to
be as well as our children. That is God's heart. So, any suggestions?
With thanks, Kate.

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: so glad to have you joining us! I know
you'll find a great support network here! Your sister in Christ, Sarah

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8) Scripture hand motions?

Does anyone know of any good websites that might teach children to
memorize Scripture through hand motions?
Gary Griffith-Quarryville, PA

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9) Outreach retreat ideas?

Hi, it is me, Carol. My husband and I are finding it hard to get the
support of our Pastor in regard to the children's ministries. We have a
small group and need some outreach ideas that are tasteful and interesting
for young people.

We were wanting to have a mini-retreat for our young people, ages 7-12.
Our pastors says he is for the idea but does not want us to be gone on
Sunday, or traveling on Sunday. We wanted to plan our retreat for March
after an attendance campaign. We need ideas of how to have a mini retreat
for one evening and a day. ( We had originally planned to go to a local
state park and rent their cabins for the weekend. We were going to have
bible study and games based on the theme: What Would Jesus Do. Now with
the limited time don't know what to do. Being school is in session.
Weekends are the only option and Friday night until 11:00 AM on Saturday
morning is just not what we had in mind. How might we approach this

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: what about going later into the day on
Saturday...make it a "WWJD: 24 Hours For HIM" retreat. (Friday 5PM-Sat
5PM). There is even a WWJD game in the GameStore. ;o)) Also, make sure you
have the support of the parents to give an 'ear and mouth' to your cause.

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