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SSTN # 14 - February 11, 2005

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Chalk-It-Up Book...reduced!

1) Milk Jugs?
2) Easter Getaway?
3) Bible Books song / rhyme

THE LORD'S TABLE: A Biblical Approach To Weight Loss

4) Kids Sing Praise 3
5) Temptation Island Idea
6) Used Curriculum?
7) Kids & Worship

Heart Box

8) Valentine's Banquet
9) Meet the Parents Dinner?
10) Star Craft
11) Valentine's Costume Party
12) Worship: Turning Your Circus into a Service

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Chalk-It-Up Book...reduced!

Have fellowship fun with 22 Awesome Outdoor Games Kids Draw With Chalk.
Fun and wholesome activities for parties, icebreakers, and friendship
building! Inspires creativity too! Use at church, school, youth groups or
for family time get-togethers! Comes with a pack of giant marble sidewalk
chalk, a recipe to make your own chalk and directions to make some unique
game accessories. Includes games for older and younger kids (K-5th grade)!

Receive two sample games and learn more at:

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1) Milk Jugs?

How can one gallon milk jugs be used in children's ministry?
I'll post your ideas on the Creative Challenge page at:

Please send your ideas to:

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2) Easter Getaway?

Hi Sarah
Thanks for the great work that ur doin with SSTN. God bless u big tyme!!!
My name is Claire and I teach Toddlers in our Childrens Church Ministry.
In April, we shall have an Easter Getaway for families with the theme
'Families That Last'. The children will range from age 4 to about 15. Any
ideas/advice on how I can come up with a cirriculum and lessons relevant
to that?
Looking forward to hearing from u.

--from SSTN: thank you, Claire.
sarah <><

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3) Bible Books song / rhyme

>>"I'm looking for a method to teach the books of the Bible."

Our first grade kids just learned the books of the Old Testament by
singing them to the tune of "Ten Little Indians" while doing the motions similar
to the "Macarena".  For example, "Genesis (stick out your right hand palm
down), Exodus (stick out your left hand), Leviticus (turn over your right
hand so your palm is facing up), Numbers (turn over your left hand so your
palm is facing up), Deuteronomy (put your right fist on your hip), Joshua
(put your left fist on your hip), Judges (place your right hand over your
heart), Ruth (cross your left hand over the other side - arms will be
crossed), First and Second Samuel (place your left hand behind your head),
First and Second Kings (place your left hand behind your head), First and
Second Chronicles (place both hands behind your hips/back), Ohhhhh! (Jump
around to face your left).  Continue the books and repeat the motions. 
Our kids enjoyed this so much, they learned the books in just a few months.
This month, they each recited the books of the Bible in front of the whole
church (without singing or dancing) and were rewarded with a small prize.

Hope this helps.  P.S.  Some of the kids were a little shy and reluctant
to do the dance in front of the whole class.  We never pressured them at all.
I found that it really helped if I did it first and I would always get the
books mixed up and/or the dance moves wrong.  At first this was by
accident, but the kids had so much fun laughing at me and yelling out what
the correct answer was, that I did it wrong on purpose.  Even those who
wouldn't do it themselves knew when something was wrong, so I knew they
were learning too.

Kim in Springfield, TN

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THE LORD'S TABLE: A Biblical Approach To Weight Loss

If you are hungering to learn the truth that will set you free from
overeating, The Lord's Table is a revolutionary new tool that can be the
key to unlock the door to lasting freedom in your life.

You will find "The Lord's Table" listed on the main page of our Bookstore


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4) Kids Sing Praise 3

You can find this item by typing the title into the search box at:


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5) Temptation Island Idea

Dear Sarah, 
I wanted to personally thank you for your web site!! I taught 3rd grade SS
for three years and have now moved on to our Youth Ministry Group.  I have
used your website for many ideas and I receive your weekly email.  I am
sorry that I did not support you financially until now.  I did however,
pass to everyone your website. 
Well two weeks ago, we had a lock-in for our group.  Temptation Island was
our theme.  I had left over props from my husband's b-day party that was a
luau.  We had 21 kids for the lock-in (best turn out ever).  I truly
believe that God was working thru our leaders as the kids thought it was
excellent and didn't realize that they were learning something.  We still
used the squirt guns when quizing the kids (we liked it best as the
leaders, but so did the kids).  We did add a little more to the game with
eating something (tried to make fuzzy spiders out of peanut butter, but
didn't work) so we had them eat sardines and caviar (didn't really like
it) but made for an interesting evening going with the theme of tempting
one by peer pressure.
Again, I would like to say thank you very much and I will continue to
support your website financially and spiritually.
Beth Lane

--from SSTN: it is always a blessing to hear how the site has helped
someone's ministry! ysic, sarah.

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6) Used Curriculum?

Do you know where I can send old Sunday School curriculum, possibly for
use by another church or ministry.  Quantities are limited, but they have
teaching books and handouts with most of them.  We do not want to dispose
of them and thought maybe a small church or ministry could be blessed.

Thanks! Vicky

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7) Kids & Worship

I understand what you are saying. In our Sunday school
class, we start off by having our on praise and
worship. We start out with a couple praise songs and
then we go into worship. I dim the lights, so it can
help them get in the mood of worship. We usually have
them all come up to the front. We have a big screened
television that we have some CD's that have the songs
on them with the words, this helps the ones that are
new. However, sometimes we just use a cd player. We
raise our hands and do whatever we feel led to do. I
let each child worship in their own way. After
worship, we then take our offering up and we began our
lesson. The thing that I believe that is most
important in class is to always change the way you do
things. It keeps the children from getting bored.
Sometimes, we do our lesson, sometimes we do a game or
a hands-on activity and there has been a few times
that we do praise and worship at the end of class.
Another idea to help is buying intruments for them to
participate with. I wouldn't do it every time, but
here and there it helps get them into participating. I
always try to keep things new and exciting. I hope
this helps you out.
In Him, Kristin

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Heart Box

Just in time for Valentine's Day.
Download our Easy Make n' Take Heart Box pattern from the site at:


A one-time f ee allows you to download as many patterns as needed. But,
make sure you remove all blocks on your email program so you can receive
the download in a timely manner! Also, downloads are sent during office
hours only...so order early!

Office hours: Mon-Fri. 9-5 (est.) / Sat. 9-Noon (est.)

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8) Valentine's Banquet

One year at our Valentine's Banquet we played a "Newly Wed " type game in
which the ladies all took off their shoes while behind a curtain. We all
stood in line behind the curtain and the men had to decide which feet (or
foot) belonged to his wife or girlfriend. We had a blast! Good luck. I
hope that this will help.
Bridget Jones, TN.

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9) Meet the Parents Dinner?

I want to have a dinner to meet and get to know the kid's parents. Alot of
the parents do not come to church with their child and so they wont know
anyone else. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas to break the ice? We
haven't done this before, so any suggestions would be great. Thanks in

--from SSTN: there is an Icebreaker games section in the site at:

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10) Star Craft

A craft I did to go along with the story of Abraham (how God told him he
would have as many descendents as there were stars in they sky) was
to take a cardboard tp roll for each child and have them cover it with a
precut piece of construction paper to fit.  Then take a smaller piece of
constuction paper on which you have traced around the end of the roll and
have them put some glow-in-the-dark star stickers (you can usually find
these at a dollar store) inside the circle.  Use a rubber band to attach
this piece to the end of the roll.  When they look inside, they'll be able
to see the glowing stars.  Then have them decorate the outside of the
roll, too.

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11) Valentine's Costume Party

At our church we are having a Valentine's party. There will be games and
food and it is optional to come dressed as a famous couple. My husband and
I are going dressed as George W. and Laura.  I found two pictures of their
faces, then enlarged to life-size. I cut the faces out and the eye holes,
then taped them to wooden paint sticks. We will dress in cowboy-type
clothes and hold the masks over our faces like in the days of early
masquerade parties.

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12) Worship: Turning Your Circus into a Service

I recently read an excellent book  called "Children Church: Turning Your
Circus into a Service" by Nick Gruber...Revised 2003.  It is an easy to
read that talks about how to get a balance in your time with the children
and has practical ways in worship, giving, prayer and preaching.  I bought
the book in Australia.  Well worth reading and provides a lot of food for
thought !!!! I really appreciate this network - thank you!!!!!!!!!

--from SSTN: you can find this book in our bookstore. Just type the title
into the search box and you'll find it listed under "Used" books:

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