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SSTN - Number 151
February 5, 2001

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1) J.O.Y. Principle
2) "Fun teacher" dilemma
3) Unique fundraising ideas
4) Unique fundraising ideas
5) Mentally challenged
6) Classroom design and decorations?
7) There is a Book song
8) Looking For A Book?
9) Kids involved in missions
10) Cooking Session?
11) Church Sleepover ideas
12) Jesus As A Boy

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1) J.O.Y. Principle

Another important lesson that you can teach with JOY is "Jesus, Others,
You". We've used JOY several times to remind the children the importance
of putting Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself last. We rearrange
the letters to show them how it doesn't make sense as YOJ or OYJ, etc. At
camp a few years ago, we even made nametag necklaces with the "Joy
Principle" printed on the back to help them remember to practice JOY every
day! Michelle Cearley

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A 'tadpole to frog', and a 'caterpillar to butterfly' puppet, with a free
Puppet skit are now in the 'Curriculum' section at

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2) "Fun teacher" dilemma

I also teach the youth at my church and am considered the "cool" adult.
One of the best ways I've used to get my kids to calm down and listen for
bible time is to have question and answer time every week. I come prepared
with lots of chocolate, suckers, and gum. This keeps their mouths very
busy so they can pay attention. This means that you must keep notes of
what you study the week before. At the end of question time, I give anyone
that didn't get candy one piece. I hope this helps you. Elvishlass.

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3) Unique fundraising ideas

This is good for pre-teens and teens. "Sackin' for Tips" - Contact your
local supermarkets ask could your youth group come in and sack for tips.
Make flyers to be distributed to the customers as they enter the store and
assign 1 or 2 teens per cash register to bag the customer's grocery. The
customer in turn tip the youth. Train the youth not to be alarmed when a
customer doesn't have a tip to give, or choses to bag their own. God
blesses anyway because some of the other customers will give larger tips
which compensates for the very few that don't. Don't forget to get a
container to collect the money in. God Bless your efforts!
Carla Laster, Indianapolis

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4) Unique fundraising ideas

> I am looking for unique fundraising ideas.

How about a pancake breakfast on a Saturday or SUNDAY morning and
advertise it to the community and neighborhood? We even sold adds for
placemats. We sold them for $20 for a business card size. We took them
and placed them on the copy machine and made placemats out of the 8-1/2X14
size paper. We made it border the paper so that you could see them when
you sat the plate down. Plus, we went to the local grocery store and got
all the pancake mix, syrup, etc all donated and we placed that information
on the placemats too. This brought in a nice sum of money for us without
a whole lot of effort too.

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5) Mentally challenged

> Hi! My name is Tracy and I'm from South Africa. Last year I started a
> youth group for mentally challenged teenagers and adults and I believe
> Lord is leading me to extend this to a Sunday school ministry too. My
> problem is that I don't know where to start - what kind of lessons to
> teach and what level to aim them at. Does anybody have any suggestions?
> Thanks-Tracy:) >>

Tracy, That is wonderful. Possibly begin by asking them what they would
like to learn about in the bible? You may need to do the best "guess" at
what grade level they would be, try and think back when you were in
school. I find that when you pick out stories from the bible that you can
act out, it becomes more memorable. Our youth group did a children's
message through a skit and the kids and adults all loved it. We narrated
it and the kids acted it out. Enjoy.

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Do you wanna KIDZOO-SHUFFLE? Play a fun game of strategy and skill, for
children ages 5 and up. Kids will develop eye-hand coordination, category
placement, and depth perception skills while playing. For more info, go
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6) Classroom design and decorations?

It would be of great help if you would include suggestions for classroom
decorations and design. Tell how we can use every bit of space for our
rooms especially if you have a tiny room. Types of furniture that works
best? How to set up your room?, etc. Thanks

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7) There is a Book song

This my first time posting on the network. Your site is wonderful. I had
been looking for new songs for our Sunday school that the kids would be
familiar with. Our pianist recently retired, so we are now singing without
any accompaniment. We are teaching the song "There is a book" sung to the
tune of "Bingo", but instead of clapping to replace the letters, we are
teaching the kids to "sign" the letters. They seem to enjoy this as much
as the version with the clapping. We have 3yr olds that are picking up on
the sign language very quickly. Thank you for the great site!
In Christian Love: Judy in Bunker Hill, IL

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8) Looking For A Book?

Hello! I am using a children's church book that says to use a song book
called, Sing a New Song: songs and Activities for Young Children (Abingdon
Press, 1993). I cannot find it anywhere & would appreciate anybody's
help!!! Thank you so much!

By the way, I love to see SSTN in my mailbox. I have told all the SST at
church & also the parents of the young children because there are such
good ideas for activities at home, also. Thanks again for doing such a
good job! Heidi E. Longview, TX

(Thank you, Heidi! Your encouragement is REALLY appreciated!
YSIC, Sarah Keith - SSTN moderator)

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9) Kids involved in missions

It has been quite easy for me to be excited about missions with my second
graders since my sister has joined Mercy Ships. I would suggest asking
around and finding a missionary or group that has a focus or connection
that you or the children you work with can identify with especially
someone who is a friend or family member. It makes it more real to the
children that way. Someone who could visit or write letters to your
group is good. In Jesus, Katy

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10) Cooking Session?

Hi! I'm a Sunday school teacher of 11-15 yr olds. My students have been
begging me to do some cooking with them and I've been prolonging the day
saying 'Soon' etc. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of Biblically
themed cooking sessions that I could use. It doesn't matter if it's too
babyish - they've been watching some younger kids in other classes and
they missed out! Thanks! (ps. we only have a two-ringed cooker-oven, and
possibly a small microwave) Mim Oliver, UK

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11) Church Sleepover ideas

We have had lots of lock-in (sleep overs). We have done anything from
rotating classes like for vacation bible school in one night offering a
bible devotion, music time, arts and crafts, recreation. This works great
and the kids love it.

Another idea is invite a community person to share with the children. We
had a gentleman who taught the children bible virtues through magic
tricks, another through clowning, and still yet another through personal
testimony and songs. After this we would play relay/trust / team builders.
This would carry us through midnight and then we would watch family type
and some religious movies on a big screen. We borrow the video projector
that hooks up to a VCR and show movies on a large screen serve popcorn and
drinks while the children POW wow in sleeping bags. Hope these ideas work
for you!

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12) Jesus As A Boy

I just finished reading a fictional book that might at least give your
class something to think about and discuss. The book is MY MASTER'S TOUCH
by Lynda M. Nelson.

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