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SSTN - Number 152
February 7, 2001

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1) Fundraising
2) Unique fundraising ideas
3) Making our Sunday school grow
4) Jesus As A Boy
5) Pre-K Fruit of the Spirit Lessons?
6) Fundraising
7) Valentine Fundraising Ideas
8) Jesus As A Boy
9) Jesus As A Boy
10) Free Printouts
11) Craft for the story of Samuel?
12) Contest/Bible Challenge?

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1) Fundraising

We had a car wash with sponsors!! How it works:

Ask people to sponsor a monetary amount for each car they think you can
wash. Then offer a free car wash to the community! Most people sponsored
10 -25 cents per car! One generous church member gave us $1.00 per car!!
We really made a lot of money and had a great time!! You will find that
people also like to make a donation when they have their washed!! It was

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2) Unique fundraising ideas

We recently sold Christian videos from Impact Entertainment their number
is 1-800-870-6479. They were great. The videos are also great! They send
you all the info you need to get started selling and then you only order
what you sell and make off most videos 50%. The videos are reasonably
priced and of great quality. They also shipped quickly. We had a great
fund raiser doing this!! We raised money for the Heifer project which is a
great ministry!! 1-800-442-0474.

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3) Making our church and Sunday school grow

Last fall we completed revised our Children's Sunday School. We started
the workshop rotation model. It is great!! We also live in Texas and are a
Methodist Church. Our budget is small! We painted murals on the walls and
are writing our own lessons and using some from the rotation web site. It
has been great and the kids are really loving it. The best part is they
are learning while they have fun. We started with one child (mine). I am
34 and he is 6. We now have 5 children consistently, and are continuing to
grow. We have had as many as 16 or so. It has excited the kids and they
are inviting their friends. The rotation web site is www.rotation.org. It
is really a great ministry. If you have any more questions my email is
blessingsfromheaven@altavista.com I would be glad to answer any questions.
God Bless!

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4) Jesus As A Boy

Hi Tabetha: There is very little said in the Bible about His youth, but we
know that He was a carpenter like His father, so you could build on that
(sorry, not a pun on words). Also there is the story of Jesus in the
Temple when he was twelve. You could also talk about some of the games
that He did and play them, like the dreidel game.
I hope you will find teaching as fulfilling as I have the last 25 years.
Welcome aboard.
God bless, Joni

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5) Pre-K Fruit of the Spirit Lessons

Our 4-5 year old class is pulling together their own curriculum on Fruit
of the Spirit. We have a board game, fruit characters and are looking for
supplemental materials. Can anyone out there offer some suggestions for
crafts, games, bible lessons re the fruit of the spirit.Thanks much! Kate

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6) Fundraising idea

This is the first time I have tried to reply. I love your site. It has
such wonderful ideas. I would like to reply to the fund raising ideas:
Our church does a sub (hoagie) sale about 6 times a year. We get between
400 to 700 hundred orders and sell the subs for $3.00. This project
really helps to keep us afloat.

--from SSTN: glad to have you joining in! YSIC, Sarah Keith-moderator.

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7) Valentine Fundraising Ideas

An idea I came up with to help raise a little money for our youth group is
to sell carnations and Valentine's Day cards. I made the cards on my
computer and bought the envelopes at Wal-mart (60 card-size for 2.97). I
called a local florist and explained what I was doing and she offered us a
deal on the carnations. I am donating the time and gas for delivering,
although some will be delivered at church the Sunday before Valentine's

I created a heart on the front of the card that says "Jesus Loves You" and
on the inside the cards says "...and so do I!" and some say "...and so do
we!" and added the verse Philippians 1:3 at the bottom with plenty of room
for the purchaser to write sentiments. We have had parents buying them
for their children to send to grandparents; grandparents buying them for
grandchildren; spouses buying them for each other; children for parents;
etc. My hope is that everyone that comes to church the Sunday before
Valentine's Day will receive a card and carnation.

I know this is kind of late notice, but we actually only started selling
ours recently, so you still have time if you get started right away.
There is not too much preparation involved and little start up money...you
get the money up front so you can pay for the carnations and deposit the
profit. : )

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8) Jesus As A Boy

We just covered Luke 2:41-52 in our 2d grade Sunday School class, and, in
addition to discussing how Jesus was already doing his Father's business
at 12, we asked the children to share stories about being lost or
separated from their parents and how they felt and how their parents may
have felt. We compared (and contrasted) those stories to Jesus'
separation from Mary and Joseph when he went to the Temple and Mary and
Joseph did not find him for three days. Carol Trask

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9) Jesus as A Boy

Each summer I do a unit on life in Bible times. We look up books in the
church and public libraries about life in Judea during the time of Christ.
We list questions of things we want to know. What did Jesus eat? What
did he wear? What was school like? What was his home like? Did he have
toys? What did he do all day? We then make a paper mache model of his
home, noting things like kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, furniture... we
use clay to make pots and implements
and utensils. We make doll clothes in Bible fashions, talking about dyes
used, patterns (no zubaz or flowered percales!) We have carded wool, spun
wool,made simple looms to weave. We have a Bible times feast and talk
about holidays, Chanaka was celebrated in Jesus time, as well as Succoth
and Passover. We talk about the Sabbath, Bar mitzvah, and the laws Jesus
kept. We spend a good 8 weeks exploring life in Jesus'time. The kids
love it, andthe Bible really comes alive for them after this study. They
appreciate how Jesus was like them, and how his life was different too.
Wendy from Minnesota

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10) Free Printouts

Hi Wendy, http://www.edupatterns.com offers free Sunday School lesson
plans with take home papers that can be printed out, copied and sent home
with each child. The lessons are available at the Free Bible Lesson page.
Blessings as you minister to these kids. In Christ, Linda Lawler,
Pittsburgh, PA

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11) Craft for the story of Samuel?

I need help with a craft for the story of Samuel and how he was born, told
to be a prophet, etc., etc., thank you.

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12) Contest/Bible Challenge?

We put on a Bible Challenge 2000 contest last year. The children were
challenged to try and read through the bible in one year. The books of the
bible were given points and accumulating more points gave you chances for
either Honorable mention, bronze, silver, gold or platinum levels
(Platinum meaning you read the whole bible) The goal was to get the
children reading more scripture than they normally would have. I would
like to do something similar again this year. Does anyone have any
suggestions for a contest that will get the children reading and/or
studying the bible? Suggestions for prizes would be helpful also.
Thank-you. Maureen

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