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SSTN - Number 153
February 9, 2001

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1) Used Curriculum
2) Fun Teacher Dilemma
3) Ten Commandments?
4) Creative fun raisers
5) How To Control Class?
6) Mission Fiesta
7) Fund raising ideas
8) Funeral Fan
9) Memory verse
10) Children involved in missions
11) Making Egyptian Paper Beads
12) Coloring Macaroni

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1) Recycling curriculum

I am Sunday School superintendent for a Methodist Church. Several adult
classes use the Adult Bible Studies series which comes out quarterly.
While some of the material is dated (around Christmas and Easter) most of
it can be used year round. We are looking for a church who would like the
literature when we are done. We usually have 20 or more student books and
several teacher books (some of which have teacher's notes in them).
Occasionally we have 1 or 2 leaflets left over from the children's
literature as well. I don't like to just recycle the literature as I do
other paper. Our church would much rather give it to a church who could
use it. If you are interested, or know someone who is, let me know.
Thank you. Pam

You may email directly at: phamilton53@hotmail.com

--from SSTN: this is something I would like to know for our church as
well. I hate throwing away curriculum that is partially used. If anyone
knows about a mission that can use English speaking materials, please let
me know. Thanks! sarah keith - SSTN moderator <><

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2) Fun Teacher Dilemma

I, too, have had the similar experience of being the "fun one" which was
interpreted as "no rules". So I implemented several changes (stating that
we need to be sure to get all our things done that we are required to):

1. WHEN all our tasks are done, THEN the fun stuff comes (so I would say,
this is what we have left to do x,y,z then we can play if we have time).
They also were told, they were not permitted to rush through things just
to get to the fun (because we're learning about Jesus and He is too
important for us to skim through).
2. Review Relay: We do Relay Races (sort of) Kids get in two lines.
One child from each line runs up to the teacher to answer a question.
Whoever answers it first runs and gets a piece of candy. Then another
child joins the first one and they both get asked a new question. Winner
gets candy (sometimes you may repeat the question so the first child who's
still there "wins") So it reviews the lesson in a fun way.
3. Make your lesson fun. monthly we do Messy Snack Day. A food that
ties in with the lesson that is not Goldfish and apple juice. San Cups
with candy bugs for John the Baptist, The Easter Story Cookies on Palm
Sunday (don't do Easter - the kids are all decked out) Basically,
emphasize that God is fun but He is disciplined as well. It is important
to learn about Him but it doesn't have to be through lectures.
Lauren S, Hudson MA

To: Christine, Stoneham, MA I am in Hudson MA. If you want to email
me privately, we can discuss this further. LaurenSurp @aol.com

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3) Ten Commandments?

I teach 3, 4 and 5 year olds in my church. I am looking for lessons on
the Ten Commandments for this age level. I am trying to make up my own
lessons, one for each commandment right now. If anyone know where I can
get any resource materials I would appreciate the information. Thanks!!!

--from SSTN: remember to check the 'Archives List' at

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4) Creative fun raisers

Our Youth put on a Sweet Heart Cafe on Valentines Day. It is only
desserts and coffee. They decorate up the hall with Valentine decor and
lots of mini-lights. They set up small tables - to seat up to 4 people
(because some like to come in groups) and decorate with candles and such.
The youth and other adults donate and make the desserts. When people
arrive, the lights are on low with nice music on. Some of the youth with
serve the customers and others will work in the kitchen and other needed
jobs. They sell advance tickets $6.00/couple or at the door price 6.50.
They each receive a dessert of their choice and a bottomless cup of
coffee. (The church loves this because some get to visit with others that
they normally can not get together with). Now other years some of the
youth have babysat in the nursery for a $1.00/child to help out will the
adults enjoy themselves. This year they are publishing that they will be
selling sweetheart roses and taking pictures that evening. The picture
will cost $5.00. The roses I am not sure of - depends on where you get
them and how much you can add to the cost. But this has been a big hit
and it is getting bigger every year. It ends up being a fun and money
earning funraiser. There is 13 days until then, if that is not too rushed
to plan it.

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5) Hard to control

I have a question. At our church we have one class of students grades 4-6
that has run off many teachers. This class is made up of 5 boys and one
girl. The boys are rowdy and hard to control. One of them will even get up
and walk out of class. The boys have a personality conflict with one
another and the girl fights with her brother. We have talked to the
pastor, parents to no prevail. This behavior is running other children
away. Any suggestions?

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6) Mission Fiesta

We have also used the Heifer.org Project with hugh success! Each class
makes a see through bank (like a small plastic coke bottle...we put a nose
of an animal on it) and the children get excited seeing their money grow.
After 3 or four weeks we take them down to the Hall and they decided
together what animals they will purchase. (it's usually rabbits, chickens
and parts of a cow) They have little cards of the animals you buy so we
put them on the bulletin board so the parents can see when they come to
pick them up. One other thing we have done is Mission Fiesta. Each class
makes a project and after church sells their wares. We decorate the
tables so it looks like a fiesta. Everything goes to a specific mission.
God Bless, Joni

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Do you wanna KIDZOO-SHUFFLE?

Play a fun game of strategy and skill, for children ages 5 and up. Kids
will develop eye-hand coordination, category placement, and depth
perception skills while playing. For more info, go to:


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7) Fund raising idea

Our youth like to put on dessert theaters in the style of a dinner
theater. This year we are going to do our own version of "The Newlywed
Game". We will be using the elders of the church as our first group of
couples and the next group will be selected at random from the audience.
We will serve coffee, cokes and cheesecake. We charge an admission price
and the kids love to write the questions and serve as waiters and
clean--up crew. We also offer a desireable prize for the winning couple
like gift certificates to a restaurant. People don't mind paying for an
evening of fun entertainment. Shirley, N. Georgia

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8) Funeral Fan

> We are trying to think of something we could give to everyone. We have
> been looking for someplace that does the old "funeral fans".

Make your own by printing whatever you want on card stock. Staple the card
stock to tongue depressors. I saw some that said "I am a fan of
__________Church." Teresa, Faith Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church,
La Marque, TX

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9) Memory verse

There is a new book out (sorry I don't know the name - I think Group
published it) that takes Bibles verses and puts them in jingles to jump
rope to. You know kids will love that! Teresa, Faith Tabernacle United
Pentecostal Church, La Marque, TX

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10) Children involved in missions

My Sunday school kids age 6-11 are also raising money for the Heifer
Project. They want to buy a cow for a family for Valentine's Day..it will
truly be a loving gift :-) We have had incredible success with a
church-wide penny drive. And we have currently reached our goal of $500
and are going for another cow by Valentine's Day. The kids love it. Praise
God! Kimberly Eberhardt - Middle Collegiate Church, New York City

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11) Making Egyptian Paper Beads

Save wrapping/wallpaper scraps and cut into graduated (wedge) strips (1/2"
or narrower x aprox.10 "). Using a round toothpick, begin with the wider
end of the strip and wrap it around the toothpick (over itself). Use white
glue to stick end down, being careful to NOT glue bead to the toothpick
(also do not wrap too tightly or bead will not want to come off!) You may
"glaze" with thinned glue. Theresa-Otisville, Michigan

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12) Coloring macaroni

--from SSTN: I had a plethora of replies to this...so, rather than tie up
SSTN with everyone's postings for the next two SSTNs, I will post the ones
that are different. Thank you to everyone else that posted!! You are

* Use a couple of drops of food coloring and a few drops of rubbing
in a plastic bag. Add the macaroni. Shake. It's simple and works great.

* Another easy way for kids to color pasta is to use large, non-washable
markers (but not permanent ones). The neat thing about this is that you
can make the pasta look more like real beads with designs and solids.
Just use table coverings and paint shirts to protect clothing and
surfaces. The colors are not as vibrant as the food coloring method, but
you do have instant gratification, with no drying time. This works better
for me, because the children take their projects home at the end of class.
Several of my students are from blended families, and I only see them
when Dad or Grandma has a visitation weekend.--Kim, Alliance,Ohio

* Pasta pins- http://www.makingfriends.com/scoutpastapins.htm
Lily---Jackson, KY

* In addition to being a Sunday School teacher, I am a girl scout leader
(have come across MANY craft ideas). We colored pasta for maracas (clear
soda bottles) by using about 1 cup rubbing alchohol and food coloring
mixed together and stirred in pasta. You need enough liquid to coat the
pasta. Dry on newspaper or paper towels.
Theresa-Otisville, Michigan

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