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SSTN - Number 154
February 12, 2001

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1) Kids involved in missions
2) Contests for children
3) Kids & Missions
4) Contests For Kids
5) Games For 4 and 5 yr olds?
6) Lenten/Easter Ideas?
7) Teaching Books of the Bible?
8) I feel like quitting...any suggestions?
9) Cooking Session
10) Cooking session: Easter Rolls & Lenten Pretzels
11) Special education adults?
12) Classroom design

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1) Kids involved in missions

This is a wonderful way to get kids involved in missions. We used the
Heifer Project as a theme for our vacations Bible School last summer. Our
kids made enough money to buy a sheep and I think some chickens or rabbits
(I can't remember.). The kids had a great time. We got game ideas, songs,
even snack ideas as well from Heifer Project. We took the kids on a field
trip to visit a llama farm adn we also had a lady who breeds rabbits come
in and talk to the kids about rabbits. It was a very simple bible school,
yet one of the best I have participated in.You can probably find info on
doing a vacation bible school from the heifer project website. I hope this
gives you some great ideas! ~Maggie

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2) Contests for children

> Does anyone have any ideas on contests for children ages 9-11.
> thanks a lot. char from cleveland, tn

Here is an Idea that my sunday school teacher did when I was a teenager
(many many many moons ago!!!!!!!!) they typed out a list of Bible verses
for us to learn,then they told us that when the contest was over that the
ones that said all the verses would be honored at a party and would be
given a small trophy with their name on it and the the reason the trophy
was awarded. We also got to stand in front of the church and recite our
favorite verse. Robbie jo Charleston, tn

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3) Kids & Missions

Each year, in March, our church has a Missions Emphasis Sunday, with a
theme for that year, such as "Lord of the Harvest". All classes K-12, make
large banners to hang in the church to depict the theme. All classes from
Pre-K to Adult will have a missionary visit their class and tell about
their work. Usually the missionaries that visit are local. All classes are
assigned a missionary family to pray for and to support, throughout the
year. A few years ago Mark & Becky Brian, missionaries to Austria, visited
our class and spoke. This year they are coming to the states again and
will get to speak to another one of my classes!

You can learn more about Mark & Becky's ministry in the Craft Showcase
section, and get a free craft idea too! See: "Computer Bugs".
Sarah Keith-Your SSTN Moderator
5/6th grade Sunday School, and K-4 Kingdom Kids

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4) Contests For Kids


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Are a great way to teach about becoming new creatures in Christ. Kids can
make a 'tadpole to frog', and a 'caterpillar to butterfly' puppet, with
the puppet patterns. ALSO...Get a free Puppet skit in the 'Curriculum'
section at www.ChristianCrafters.Com

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5) Games For 4 and 5 yr olds?

My husband and I currently teach the 4 and 5 years old in our church. The
only problem is we usually have 10 to 15 minutes at the end after hearing
the bible story, praying, and doing our craft. We would like to do a game,
but really have not been able to come up with anything for this age group.
Can anyone please help us. We usually have about 25 to 30 kids each
Sunday. Thanks, Joni Meyer - Ohio

--from SSTN: make sure you check out the free Games section in the site,
as well as the Bookstore and Gamestore sections. Blessings, Sarah Keith -
your moderator. www.christiancrafters.com

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6) Lenten/Easter Ideas?

We are looking for some type of idea that we could do as a whole Church
during the Lenten season leading up to Easter. One year we passed out
sheets of paper and had people draw a symbol of Easter and put their
name on it. On Easter we put them on a tree and then passed them out in
the service so people could pray for the people plus we had some extra
ones to give to guests which had our Church picture on them. Last year
we had a tree during Lent which was bare and ugly except for red crosses
which people were supposed to put their sins on the red cross. The
children during Sunday School made crosses out of popsicle sticks and
then decorated them with a butterfly symbolizing that their sins were
forgiven. After Palm Sunday, the ugly tree was replaced with a tree
painted yellow and beautiful with the crosses. The crosses were then
handed out to all those in attendance on Easter Sunday.
We are looking for some new ideas for this year. Does anyone have any
ideas? Thanks for your help. Rosemary Lare

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7) Teaching Books of the Bible?

Hi all,Looking for ideas in teaching the Books of the Bible to ages 6-12.
Any ideas for lessons, crafts, review games, etc? Kate

--from SSTN: make sure you check the Archives List and the Bible Games
section of the site, there are a few free game ideas on Bible books!
Blessings, Sarah, your moderator...

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8) I feel like quitting...any suggestions?

Hi, I was wondering if someone would have any suggestions for me. I teach
K-6 grade, 10-12 children, half of which are related to each other.
Attention spans and focus on any subject are minimal. I have been
for about 15 years and have never faced challenges like I seem to be now.
Sometimes I feel like quitting but there is no one else willing to take my
place. One boy continually interrupts stories to tell me things not
related. Some are verbally mean to each other. I have had the children
make up their own classroom rules but that didn't help. Hopefully someone
will have some creative suggestions for me so I will not lose my mind,
patience and sight of my goal. Thanks for your help.

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9) Cooking Session

>Hi! I'm a Sunday school teacher of 11-15 yr olds. My students have been
>begging me to do some cooking with them and I've been prolonging the day

Our kids have lots of fun doing cooking workshops. We have done "Our
Daily Bread" and used whole grain recipes in a bread machine. If you can
find an old fashioned grinder or even a food processor you can make whole
wheat into flour to use in the recipes. Kathy - Port Orchard WA UMC

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10) Cooking session: Easter Rolls & Lenten Pretzels

Easter cinnamon rolls:
Ingredients: refrigerated crescent dough, a bag of large marshmallows,
cinnamon, melted butter
Give each child a triangle of dough. Brush the dough with butter. Place
a marshmallow in the center of the dough triangle. (The white
marshmallow represents Jesus.) You can sprinkle cinnamon on the
marshmallow. (Perhaps representing how Jesus took on our sin on the
cross...) Wrap the dough around the marshmallow. Make sure you leave no
holes. (You are wrapping Jesus in a dough tomb.) Bake the rolls.
(About 10 minutes at 350 degrees?) When the children eat their rolls,
they'll discover an Easter surprise: The tomb is empty! (The
marshmallow melts and sweetens the cinnamon on the inside of the roll.)

Another cooking idea: Bring bread dough and let the kids twist it into
pretzel shapes. (If you bring kosher salt, even better.) Explain to
your kids that pretzels were designed to be a Lenten specialty by monks
who shaped the bread to look like arms folded in prayer. Let them shape
the dough into other shapes that remind them to focus on God (crosses,
doves, icthus fish, etc.). Also: bring cookie dough and cookie cutters
with the shapes mentioned. You can also bring the cookies already baked
and supply frosting and decorating supplies. Older kids would enjoy
using cake decorating tubes for fancy frosting application.
Dana in St. Clair Shores, MI- jdgagnon@juno.com

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11) Special education adults?

Hi my name is Kim and I am wanting to know how I can find ideas to go
along with my lesson for a sunday school my husband and I do together.....
We have leader books but still i think that might be kinda hard for them
to do... We teach the special education adults they are smart but I was
hoping that you would have maybe some ideas for me.... Thanks... Kim

--from SSTN: make sure you check the 'Archives List' for previously shared
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12) Classroom design

Tiny rooms need decor to look larger. First get a full size wall mural
(www.stumps.com has great picture-window like murals). You can add
molding around the edges to give the impression of an actual window.
Remember you can decorate your ceiling as well. Consider sky and clouds
with birds, etc (cut apart self-stick borders and add to the ceiling)
Lauren S. Hudson Ma

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