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SSTN - Number 155
February 14, 2001

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1) Cooking With the Ancients
2) Christian Scavenger hunt for preschoolers?
3) Class room design and decoration
4) Cooking Session
5) Looking for music for children?
6) Mentally challenged children
7) The J.O.Y. Principle
8) Mentally challenged adults
9) Mentally challenged
10) February Ideas
11) Blackline master Bible maps?
12) Craft & Snack for Fruit of the Spirit

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1) Cooking With the Ancients

I have a book called Cooking With the Ancients by Arlene Stadd. See takes
bible food like dates and creates recipes for them. She also has much
information about the bible food. Then she created cute recipes like
Jacob and Esau--what a Pear. I took it a step further and created a bible
study to go with the people in her book.

--you can get this book in the Bookstore at www.ChristianCrafters.Com -
type the title and author into the Bookstore search box -- Remember, the
purchase of products from the site helps support SSTN.
Thank you for ALL your ministry support, Sarah Keith <><

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2) Christian Scavenger hunt for preschoolers?

Hi! I love the ideas that are given on your sight! I'm trying to come up
with a good christian scavenger hunt for preschoolers. I tried a search on
the web, and it just gives me a bunch of vitual scavenger hunts. I just
would like ideas on the old fashioned kind for indoors. Something that
could teach them about the bible. Thank you and God Bless! Lisha

--from SSTN: make sure you check the Archives List, there have been some
great ideas already shared. Blessings, Sarah Keith-you moderator

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3) Class room design and decoration

I've been a Sunday school teacher for ten years. I had one class room that
was actually a partitionedsection of a basement. I let the kids put
christian posters up and write their names (fancy like) on paper and put
them on the walls. You could also use butcher's paper to do a group design
like a border. I currently teach 0-4 and this summer I painted the room
blue, red and yellow. There are also Christmas lights strung up around the
ceiling. I am also planning on getting the kid's handprints and framing
them in cheap black frames. Have fun, and if their old enough, get their
input. You might just be surprised! Michele

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4) Cooking Session

To: Mim Oliver, UK -- Have I got a cooking session for you! You can have
your students make these and then even present this to the younger
children in your Sunday School class. It is based on the story of Jesus
Feeds 5000.
Ingredients: Bread Dough that you find frozen in your freezer section or
if you make your own dough. Make sure your own dough only needs to rise
one more time before you make this.); 1/2 cup of margarine or butter;
cinnamon and sugar mixture; bread loaf pan that is oiled or buttered.
Directions: Cut the bread dough into very small pieces (I used my sissors
that I had washed and sterilized). Dip the pieces into the melted butter
or margarine and then into the mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Put each
piece into the bread pan. Cover with a damp towel; let rise about 1 1/2
hours in a warm place. Bake at 350 degrees F or until bread is browned.
Check often. When done, turn the bread over on a plate.

I did it with my all the Sunday School students. We placed the bread into
a basket and we had each child pull off one piece and then pass it on to
the next child. While they were all taking some and eating, we told them
the story of how Jesus miraculously made the bread multiply for the many
hungry people (Jesus feeds 5000). We then showed them how much was left
in the basket even after everyone had eaten. We passed the basket around
again asking if there was someone who was still hungry. We continued to
do this until everyone was full and no one wanted anymore. There was still
bread in the basket! God bless you in your work with the children!!!
Tuula from Kaministiquia

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5) Looking for music for children?

Our church is in need of a music leader for our elementary children's
choir. This group usually sings to open the morning worship service. What
are some good songs that children like, ages 7-12? This is a small group
of 6-8 children.

--from SSTN: I have used Group's Singable Songs and it is perfect for this
age group! You can get it in the Music section of the Bookstore.
Sarah Keith-your moderator -- www.ChristianCrafters.Com

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Do you wanna KIDZOO-SHUFFLE? Play a fun game of strategy and skill, for
children ages 5 and up. Kids will develop eye-hand coordination, category
placement, and depth perception skills while playing. For more info, go
to: www.todaysfitnessforkids.com Click on "Products" when you get there!

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6) Mentally challenged children

Dear tracy, my friend and I do a Kids Krusade at the Salvation Army and we
have included mentally challenged children ages 8-18yrs.. My daughter
teaches them and she started with very basic elementary teaching and it
has worked well so far. We have other classes age5yrs.-18yrs. I have truly
been blessed with this program and pray that yours will prosper. Nina

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7) The J.O.Y. Principle

Thanks so much for the wonderful work you do in helping so many find ideas
for teaching children and giving so much encouragement along the way. You
have been given a very helpful job for us out here.

The J.O.Y. Principle in todays posting made me remember a song I learned
in VBS some 40 years ago. I wish I could share the melody, but computer
newsletters haven't developed to that stage yet. The words are:

Jesus and Others and You
What a wonderful way to spell JOY
Jesus and Others and You
In the life of each girl and each boy.

J is for Jesus for He has first place,
O is for Others we meet face to face,
Y is for You and what ever you do.
Put yourself third and spell JOY.

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8) Mentally challenged adults

In reply to Tracy, We have a group of about 10 young mentally challenged
adults each Sunday in our Special Needs Class. We have found Lifeway.com
to be an excellent source of material for this class. The Sunday School
literature has a Leader's Guide, a Resource Kit, and a Learner's Guide for
each pupil I think this will be appropriate for your class. May God Bless
your efforts as He leads you with this group of Special Needs young
adults. Cathi

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Teach your children about new life in Christ by using the EASY-TO-MAKE,
NO-SEWING, puppet patterns. Once assembled, the puppets turn inside out
changing from a tadpole to a frog, and caterpillar to butterfly puppet.
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9) Mentally challenged

Just let them understand you love them, they'll do the rest. you will
get blessed beyond belief!

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10) February Ideas

For the month of February, I needed something in our Sunday School
department that was colorful for the young people to see. I cut
valentines (red & pink in different sizes) out of shiny wrapping paper and
placed them on the walls. The young people were amazed where I could find
such large hearts. Also, I brought back in our 5' alpine tree with
lights and hung hearts made out of cinnamon/applesauce (for the fragrance)
and Bible verses on "love" printed on red card stock and hung them on the
tree. I let a child pick a verse each Sunday of Feb. as part of our
opening. It is a treat for them and gets them involved. Also, I
challenged the teachers to make the month a "giving" month. Adopting
maybe a senior adult in our church or shut-in and focus on sending them
home made cards from their class. Patty Dogan, Superintendent of
Christian Education
Community Advent Christian Church-Roanoke, VA

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11) Blackline master Bible maps?

Greetings from snowy MN! I'm looking for blackline master bible maps for
my 4-5 grade ss class. Can you help? Blessings from the little farm, Jenny

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12) Craft & Snack for Fruit of the Spirit

I teach Children's Church each Sunday, at a small church. About 5 to 8
children, age 4 to 8 years old. I really appreciate your site, and have
learned so much, Thank You.

Craft for Fruit of the Spirit. I took pictures of fruit from a coloring
book, copied on construction paper. The children colored them, then hung
them by thin rope onto a small piece of wood, to make a mobile. (make
holes in wood to tie string onto) Snack: the children helped make fruit
salad, we placed the fruit salad in ice cream cones. They really enjoyed.

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: There's a FREE Fruit of the Spirit game
in the Bible Games section of the site.

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