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SSTN - Number 156
February 16, 2001

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1) Cooking Session
2) Play for youth department?
3) Easter - Lent Author Submissions?
4) Easter Vigil services?
5) Recycling curriculum, used books and Bibles, etc.
6) Hard to control - Grades 4-6
7) Used Curriculum
8) Disruptive class
9) Hard to control class
10) Hard To Control Class
11) Heifer Project-Another viewpoint
12) All day children's crusade?

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1) Cooking Session

Lauren S. of Hudson Ma, wrote in to SSTN to say that she uses a wonderful
book named, Teachable Moments Cookbooks For Kids, by Word Publishing. When
I tried to locate it I discovered that the book has been renamed, to
Holidays & Special Days - Vol. #2, (according to it's ISBN: 0849936721.)
However, it might go under either name depending on the catalog. If you
are interested, I located it under the new title and it is available in
the ChristianCrafters.Com Bookstore-Craft Section. Lauren also wrote back
to say that Word publishes 4 Teachable Moments books.

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2) Play for youth department?

I am seeking to find a play for my youth department ranging from the ages
of 10-17. If you can be of any assistance please E-mail ASAP. Thank you
and God Bless. Kim

--from SSTN: remember to check the free Christian Skit section, as well as
the Bookstore at: www.christiancrafters.com

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3) Easter - Lent Author Submissions?

If anyone wants to share an Easter-Lent craft, game, sermon, or skit,
they've written, and have it showcased in the website, let me know. It's
a great way for unpublished authors to exhibit their talent! AND, if any
of you have authored books of this nature, I will gladly present your book
along with a sample idea from it. Author's name & email contact/website
will be listed with all submissions, if desired. Craft projects need to be
accompanied with a photo. If you're interested in showcasing your work,
email me, your moderator, Sarah Keith, for details at: Sakeith@aol.com

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4) Easter Vigil services?

Does anyone know of any really good, yet fairly easy Easter Vigil
services?? I'm the youth director at my church and will be in charge of
presenting the Easter Vigil with my middle and high school youth groups
participating. Please let me know ASAP: kristankeith@yahoo.com Also the
Sunday School Coordinator was thinking of putting together a play/skit for
Palm Sunday with 3yr olds-3rd grade. Any ideas there would
also be appreciated! Thank you! Our Savior's Lutheran in Eau Claire, WI

--remember, if you email directly, copy to the network so EVERYONE can
benefit from your knowledge. Thanks! Sarah K. - SSTN

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5) Recycling curriculum, used books and Bibles, etc

These are sent to English speaking third world countries free of charge,
they also accept donations of other languages too. I have donated even
filmstrips, projectors that are outdated for our churches but greatly
needed for new ones!

Send materials to:
Hands for Christ
5720 Williamson Road, Suite 111
Roanoke, VA 24012 USA

They have a website for any info you need www.handsforchrist.org you will
also receive a tax deduction receipt if you ask for one, and estimate the
value of the items. Have a Great Day! Mary Goemaat

--thanks, Mary, for sharing that important info! YSIC, Sarah K- SSTN

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Do you wanna KIDZOO-SHUFFLE? Play a fun game of strategy and skill, for
children ages 5 and up. Kids will develop eye-hand coordination, category
placement, and depth perception skills while playing. For more info, go
to: www.todaysfitnessforkids.com Click on "Products" when you get there!

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6) Hard to control - Grades 4-6

I have found that this age is one of the most difficult to keep their
attention and focus. They are distracted easily, they no longer wish to
cut and paste, and they are old enough to know how to get what they want
even by negative behavior. I have also found that at this age they really
have a desire to serve and to be a part of "big" church. Perhaps you
could have a program where they get to help out in the many functions of
the church - door greeter, sound system, ushering, etc. You could use
this as an opportunity to teach appropriate behavior. The boys that fight
should have consequences for their actions - perhaps you need to involve
the parents and if the boys fight and cannot be controlled they must go
sit with their parents up in church. If their parents do not attend then
a time out. Is there a way that one of the boys can be helping out with a
younger age class that will separate the boys? This could be a
part of a service project and you could schedule each of the children as a
helper on a different week? It is hard to find a teacher who will really
hang in there with the kids sometimes - but at this age the kids need
someone they can look up to and trust to stay with them through the long
haul. Every time a new teacher comes then they will "test" that adult to
see just how far they can go and unfortunately some teachers just can't
make it through the "test"ing part. Each time they get a new teacher they
feel like they have been deserted by the other teacher and as children
they don't understand why. I hope this helps you out and I will pray that
a teacher will come for this class who will understand their needs, make a
connection with the children, and have the stamina to hang in there
through the trial time.

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7) Used Curriculum

Our church sends all of our left over curriculum to our missionaries.
They use it for the children they are teaching and say that the children
really look forward to getting our shipments three times a year. Shelly

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8) Disruptive class

Hi- for the question of the ss class that was disruptive, this is my
suggestion, I would start a Bible Trivia first off, divide the class in
half, and start some competition, and a bell to ring for the kids to ring
with the first answer. Then I would have a snack, popcorn works well, and
get the conversation rolling about the week, prayers answered etc.
Then I would stock a closet with some Bible times props, old men's robes
turbans, and things of that nature, and have the kids act out the Bible
stories they will get more out of it, keep the disruptive behavior under
control, and then at the end, I would hug the kids and say thank you for
coming, and making the ss so interesting. I would certainly not let the
kids get the upper hand, go in with the attitude, that boy, are we going
to have a good time, and ignore the fighting, I think it will get lost in
the activity. Hope this helps. Vicky Scott

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9) Hard to control class

> The boys are rowdy and hard to control. One of them will even get up
> and walk out of class. The boys have a personality conflict with one
> We have talked to the pastor, parents to no prevail. This behavior is
> running other children away. Any suggestions?

One question I have. Is this a Special Needs class? Or is it just a
class of students in grades 4-6? Teaching grade 6 & then grade 7, we have
had some of the same challenges. You mentioned that you had tried talking
with the parents. Did you talk over the phone, or in person? First of
all, remember, "Suffer the little children to come unto me." Keep
reminding yourself that these are God's children & God has brought them
into contact with you for a reason. Don't try to control them, try to
make a difference in their lives. SUGGESTIONS:
1. Try talking to the parents in person, with the students present.
Ideally you would have both parents of each student in the conference.
You'll have to find a time to do this when you're not rushed & can talk at
length. When you begin talking, be sure to start with something positive
about the student. The parents might be on the defensive. They might be
getting complaints from school already & figure that this is just,
"another complaint" about their child. Tell the student to his/her face
that you love them (you love everything God made) & are glad that they are
in your class. Every child has at least one positive trait. Be sure to
tell the student what his/her positive trait is. Do this in front of the
student and the student's parents.
2. Are any of the children on any kind of medication during the week
that they don't take on the weekends? This might be the reason they act
up in Sunday School.
3. Talk to some of the parents of children you know should be in the
class. Ask them why their children don't come. Tell them that you'd love
to have their children in the class. If they say it's because of the
other children, tell them that you're working on some ideas & you'd like
to have their children participate in the class. If the children who
aren't coming hear that YOU want them there, it could be just the spark
you need to get some positive role models in the class.
4. You might also try electing class officers. This teaches them to
be leaders & they will see how hard it is to do anything when someone else
is being disruptive.
President----Makes announcements
Vice Pres.---Reads 'Prayer concern" cards, & says prayer at end or
beginning of class.
Secretary--(Not necessarily a girl). Calls roll
Treasurer--Takes up offering & keeps record of class monies. You can
later donate some of this money to a church mission.
5. Ask the parents to come to class with their children.
Please feel free to contact me regarding any of these suggestions. We're
still struggling with some of our "Class Clowns", but the disruptions are
fewer. We will pray for you.
Grace and Peace, Beth- bethgarvin@mindspring.com

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10) Hard To Control Class

This may help the teacher of the 4-6th grade class who is having trouble
controlling the boys. I help teach the 5-6 grade class and we tell them
that they will be escorted to their parents immediately if any trouble
starts that we cannot control. Having more than one teacher is extremely
helpful,especially if one is a male. If you have a child in the class who
parents do not come then find a male or female in the church who would be
willing to help deal with that child, or simply call the parent to come
get the child. This is after everything else has been done to try to
control or understand the behavior. Maybe the kids are bored. Do you
have more than one activity, are you prepared ahead of time, do the kids
respect you, are you kind, or do you find yourself yelling, are you a fair
teacher? Definitely the key is to let them know ahead of time what
behavior is acceptable and what is not, and what the consequences of bad
behavior is. show them in the bible where God disciplined people because
of their behavior.

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11) Heifer Project-Another viewpoint

I teach a grade 3-5 Sunday school class. I have three children of various
ages in our Sunday school. Our family is vegetarian and I'd just like
teachers to be aware that some families may not consider buying farm
animals a good idea. Raising animals for food can involve more time and
expense than benefit for needy families. Read about the vegetarian point
of view of The Heifer Project at:
There is a ministry that provides inexpensive irrigation systems to
families in Third World countries so they can grow more food. Raising
money for this kind of project may be more beneficial to the Third World
recipients and not objectionable to any of the families in your church.
Read about these irrigation systems here:
Thanks for considering another point of view. Christine Palouse, WA

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12) All day children's crusade?

Like many churches it is often a challenge to enlist sufficient workers
for a week long bible school. We are considering the idea of a one day
all day children's crusade. Has anyone ever tried this? If you could
provide me with any ideas, themes, crafts, games...that were successful
for you it would be much appreciated. Thanks for a great resource center.
God Bless. Pam

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