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SSTN - Number 157
February 20, 2001

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1) Fruit of the Spirit for 4-5 yr olds
2) Hard to control class
3) The Ten Commandments
4) Give me direction!
5) Used materials-curriculum
6) Hard to control class
7) Fruit of the Spirit
8) Children involved in Missions
9) Ideas for preconfirmation class?
10) Hard to control class
11) I feel like quitting
12) I feel like quitting

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1) Fruit of the Spirit for 4-5 yr olds

This is in response to Kate's posting about the Fruit of the Spirit for
4-5 yr olds. Last summer our VBS was based on the Fruit of the Spirit & we
used the banana for Faith & the teacher drew & cut out a giant bunch of
bananas & put a face on it. Then the little ones played Pin the Banana in
the Mouth! They loved it! I think she used the story of the bleeding
woman, the mustard seed & the fig tree for her stories. Patience made up a
story about how a caterpillar wanted to grow up sooo fast, but his mom
told him he needed to have patience & that "He has made everything
beautiful in it's time" Eccl. 3:11. Then they colored pictures of
butterflies & had stickers & such to take home. As an overall craft, they
made mini fruit baskets made with plastic fruit that was cut off of a pick
& glued into a mini basket (hobby lobby) Also, we had our theme song was
the Fruit song. I don't know if that's the title of it, or where you could
find it, but it went like, "He's a peach of a Savior, He's the apple of my
eye, I go stomping through the vineyards, where the grapes are growing
high. He's so plum wonderful, & that's the raisin why, I just go bananas
for my Lord!!" The kids loved it!!!!! Good luck! Heidi

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2) Hard to control class

I hope I am doing this right. I haven't ever replied to the SSTN!
My suggestion is one I have used in the past, and believe me, IT WORKS!
Before class, I informed everyone that anyone misbehaving would be given
ONE warning. If they continued to misbehave, I would escort them out to
the sanctuary to sit with their parents for the remainder of class. Well,
they didn't believe me; but after I took two boys out, they believed me.
I never had the problem again. It embarrasses the kids, AND the parents
enough that they decide to get control over the situation.

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3) The Ten Commandments

If you go to a site www.fishersofkids.com which has a free curriculum they
have a series of lessons on the Ten Commandments with skits, stories etc.
which you can download. I found it very useful. Blessings, Laurie

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4) Give me direction!

Hello, I teach ages 12-18, Sunday School Class but my class has gone from
8 students to 3 and all are boys; we have great time we learn, do plays,
skits but I am looking for more. I want to go to the top with them and the
Lord. We can't have many fundraisers but if we don't raise any funds I
believe we will begin loose the interest in our youth. I am desperate for
extra activities and fundraisers. I had a great Valentine idea but they
chose someone else and it fell thru. Give me direction. Sis. g.
Shreveport, la.

--from SSTN: sounds like you need parental AND Staff support. Also, there
have been MANY GREAT ideas on fundraising recently shared in SSTN. You can
read them in the Archives List at: www.ChristianCrafters.Com
YSIC, Sarah Keith. <><

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5) Used materials-curriculum

I have started a kids krusade each Thursday night at the Salvation army,
which is a community out reach. We could use some material but don't know
what the cost would be to ship. We are in New Castle, In. could you e-mail
me and we could talk about it or you could check with the salvation army
there to see if they have a program.
thanks, Nina

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6) Hard to control class

> We have talked to the pastor, parents to no prevail. This behavior is
> running other children away. Any suggestions?

We have had the parents of the unruly youngsters sit right next to them
during class. This way, they can see the behavior (or the child behaves)
and knows that we are serious about courteous behavior. We call it the
Three Strikes You're Out method. 1st strike: A short description of
what they are doing wrong is related to the child and a verbal warning.
2nd strike: Time out is given-- (we have classroom aides or we have used
one of the ushers to sit with the child out in the hall. No talking is
allowed between the child and the usher.) 3rd strike: They are removed
from the class and taken directly to their parent/guardian. If it
continues (as it appears in situation, then the parent is told they must
sit in the class or the child is not allowed back in.) The parents don't
like to sit in and miss their class or worship service and so they usually
handle it ASAP. There is always the possibility of a child going from
one strike to strike three with no middle action--if the infraction is
serious enough. And of course, most important of all, the teachers in
the Sunday School as well as the pastor & support staff pray for the
child/parents all week long and during the class.
Hope this is of some help to you. It can be very frustrating, I know.
Kathleen from DeWitt, MI

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7) Fruit of the Spirit

I teach 1st & 2nd graders at a Baptist church. Last summer I taught the
creation story over a period of weeks. When we got to the creation of
plants, I let the kids dig seeds out of various fruits & vegetables
(melons, apples, peppers, lemons) and make a seed collage. An appropriate
Bible verse was also pasted onto each collage. The kids had a good time
and their parents also had positive comments. Perhaps you can modify this
idea to fit your "fruit of the spirit" theme.
Good luck! ----Ro Haycox, Indianapolis

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8) Children involved in Missions

We have a craft class offered as 1 part of our Wednesday programing.
I often try to plan craft projects that could also be a gift/service to
the "shut ins" of our church family. For example/
**this week we made valentine's that will go out with next weeks "meals on
**at Christmas time our jr. high class decorated 5 wreaths & sent them
with a group that went caroling to our members in a near-by nursing home.

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9) Ideas for preconfirmation class?

Thanks for a great newsletter. I save each one and look forward to
receiving them. I would like to know if anyone has any ideas for our
preconfirmation class of 8th graders. They will be in worship probably
two times a month and then in class 2 times a month. What curriculums are
people using? We are also thinking of asking the kids to submit sermon
notes to earn credit. does anyone have a form or suggested questions we
can ask them to listen for the answers. We want the kids to get something
out of the worship service. Thanks, Renee Lines- DCE at Wyoming
Presbyterian Church
Millburn, NJ

--from SSTN: Just in case you didn't already know, all the newsletters
are archived in the Archives List at www.ChristianCrafters.Com

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10) Hard to control class

> This behavior is running other children away. Any suggestions?

We too have a similar situation ..."our class" is larger & just the 5th &
6th graders. We've watched this class grow over the last few years & it
hasn't gotten to the point of "running others off" but there are other
consequences (broken windows, concerned adults...). The 1st meeting of
this school year the students arrived to a classroom with NO CHAIRS or
tables---thus from the beginning the teachers had the upper hand & the
students were "caught off guard". This class has 2 large area rugs which
are used during their class time. We've had to be very creative with this
group & often allow them to choose which rug they'd like to sit on by
offering them choices..."would you rather eat locust & honey ?(blk
rug)...or do your sister's laundry? (blue rug). There have also been some
"rituals" used...we have a closing thing that we do each week ...light a
candle, sing a song, pray-blow the candle out,
leave. We also have a couple of "comment--response" things that we use at
anytime during class...teacher-Who's in charge here?"-students "the Lord
and we won't forget it"----OR teacher-What's the Golden Rule (we call it
"a good rule")? students-- "do unto others..." Just a couple ideas, hope
these help to get you thinkin' creatively- PAX

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11) I feel like quitting

One suggestion for the fellow who likes to interrupt: try limiting his
comments to 3 per day. You'll have to remind him each time he interrupts
that he has only 2 or 1 more time left for the day. When he has used up
all his times, sternly remind him that he has no more comment moments
left for today and move on. It will take a while but he will eventually
get the point. You might be doing his family and school teacher a favor
by trying this. One other thought to keep in mind when you fell like
quitting: I recently read that 80% of all people who accept Jesus do so
as a child. That's a huge responsibility, but think of how many children
will thank you in heaven!

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12) I feel like quitting

Wow, your comments touched my heart - what a sweet servant spirit you
have, to continue giving yourself away to these children for God over 15
years! Your situation sounds like a real challenge! Have you tried
asking parents to come in and help? With such a small group, you could
even call the parents to discuss the problem and ask for help. We have a
sign-up sheet for parent helpers in our younger classes, and when the
parents drop their children off, we ask them to sign up for one Sunday a
month. They know they will not have to prepare a lesson, just come in
and help maintain order and distribute supplies. The sign-up sheet just
has: First Sunday, Second Sunday, Third Sunday, Fourth Sunday, and Fifth
Sunday, with several blanks beside each for the names and phone numbers.
They sign up for the school year. If you have someone you could ask to
stand at the door and help get parents to sign up, that helps. Another
idea is to ask your pastor to announce the need for helpers. If you can
get another person in the room to help, you might try meeting with the
older kids (2nd or 3rd through 6th grade) and asking for their help in
solving this problem. Maybe have them set some rules for kind and
respectful behaviors in class. Their ownership of acceptable behaviors
will make a big difference. They may also come up with some good ideas
about class activities that will get them more involved. I will be
praying for you and your ministry!
Kit MacLeod, Dir. of Children's Ministries, North Palm Beach, FL

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