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SSTN  # 15 - February 18, 2002

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1) Talkative Middle Schoolers   
-> Easter Story cards
2) Teacher Recruitment Skit?   
3) John 15 - True Vine?
-> FaithShapes Card Game
4) Easter Wonder Trail?   
5) Decorating Help?
6) Used VBS material?
7) Stinky Sneakers
8) 66 Books in one
9) Puppet ministry
-> FREE toy lamb
10) Creation science experiments
11) Butterflies For Easter
12) Easter Butterflies

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1) Talkative Middle Schoolers   

YES!  I feel your pain!  I have at times used the positive reinforcement (
have another adult or choose a student "monitor" for each session and have
them quietly but openly give a small prize to those who are listening)  or
have a point system going and DEDUCT points for those not "plugged in"
and give a prize at the end of the month to those who reached their goal.
You could even use the "plugged in" theme for a bulletin board to keep
points on.  Have a large electrical recepticle with a "plug" for each
student.  Let them earn points for attendance, memory work, bringing their
Bibles, etc. and deduct points for improper behavior.

We also had a large YES/NO meter that we simply moved to NO when things
got out of hand.  If it didn't move back to neutral or YES before the end
of class, there was no refreshment given.  Have a large platter or bowl of
something you know they will want and the kids will stop those
jeopardizing their treat.  Peer pressure for good can be the best pressure
there is!

Sometimes I just stop talking or start whispering to get their attention
and they "hear" that more than trying to talk louder.

I have found that those who are the most disruptive are usually those
those who are hurting the most. They are looking for recognition and
someone to pay attention to them.  If you can meet this need by making
them feel needed and valuable by asking  them to "help" hand out
materials, etc.  then they won't be so inclined to demand attention by
disrupting the class.   Occasionally there is the completely "untamable"
student that has exhausted your resources and patience and  made the class
a waste of time for everyone. At this point after consulting with the Lord
and the rest of the staff, it may be necessary to isolate them or forbid
them to come as a last resort.

HOWEVER, remember "This, too, shall pass" and the impression we make in
these kids will last forever.  The Lord  promises to "give the increase"
if we "sow the seed".  We may be the only "Jesus" these kids will ever

Yours in sharing JESUS with KIDS,
Candy HAll

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The Easter Story - Reproducible Cards 

10 Egg-shaped cards that tell the Easter Story - When the cards
are cut, colored and assembled, players can play Easter Egg Scramble and
learn the Easter Story! Reproducible so your whole class can make a set!

In the Curriculum section: 

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2) Teacher Recruitment Skit?   

We are hosting a Children's Service in the Spring and will mainly focus on
recruiting for the Fall.  Do you know of a skit that might be appropriate?
I would like to stay clear of poking fun at how desperate we are to get
teachers.  Instead, I would love to find a skit that is about the value of
a teacher, the rewards, etc.  Any ideas?

Melanie Mushaluk
Children's Ministry Director
Winnipeg, MB  CANADA

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3) John 15 - True Vine?

We will be doing a lesson on John 15 - True Vine and I desperately need
some help to do other an object lesson or something similiar. This is for
6 -7 years.

Thanks for a GREAT service.
In Christ

--from SSTN: grow a vine (beans sprout fast) and/or cut off part of an
existing vine to show what happens to the removed branch.

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FaithShapes -  "The Card Game of Christian Symbols"

A fun game for kids and adults, readers or nonreaders. The 64 cards are
beautifully illustrated with historical explanations and Scripture verses.
Use them at home, in class, or for personal enrichment. Shape Your Faith,
with FaithShapes!

In the Curriculum section: 

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4) Easter Wonder Trail?   

Dear Sarah:  I found a program called Easter Wonder Trail, which was very
much like the Bethlehem Walk.  It took in the symbols of Easter, such as
the Butterfly, Bread, Lilies, etc.  We are presenting this program in
March and I have lost my information.  Can you PLEASE help me to locate
another copy?  I'm desparate.  Thank you and God Bless you for all of your
work.   Barbara Bryant

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W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

There's something much worse than cooties...it's called sin!  Now kids can
make Gospel Catchers rather than Cootie Catchers! A fun and innovative way
for kids to learn to share their faith with their friends!  Includes 4
Gospel Catcher patterns to make: the Colors of Christ (Gospel Colors), the
Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Promises of God. Follow this
link to learn more:


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5) Decorating Help?

I need some ideas for safe ways to attach posters, banners and murals to
my Church's sanctuary.  We are having it painted and I'd like to decorate for
Easter and this summer, Vacation Bible School.  I don't want to staple or
use push pins, and I'm afraid tape will take off our new paint.  I need a
large scale idea, since during VBS every wall is coverd with fabric or

--from SSTN: for small items use sticky-tack. For larger areas I've used
screw-in eyelets at opposite ends of a wall then looped wire through the
eyelets. Then you can hang fabrics and such from the wire. When you're
done, either keep the small eyelets up or remove and cover the small holes
with spackle.

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6) Used VBS material?

I am looking for any used VBS material of any kind.
Our church is small and can't afford much, but I will
be willing to pay postage.  Thanks.

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7) Stinky Sneakers   

Regarding "I am Patty Hupp and I am hoping you will be able to help me
find a children's story about Stinky Sneakers." I found this story at
www.puppetproductions.com in the recruiting scripts section.
Eva Marie McCravy

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8) 66 Books in one   

Just an idea - rather than use pages or books, string 66 beeds to make one
necklace.  Or write the names of the bible books on sturdy cardstock cut
into small squares and thread those colorful bits of  card onto a necklace
of shoe string, or write the names on strips of paper and link them into a
chain to hang around the room.  I like the chain idea because it shows how
we are LINKed to God thru his word.

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9) Puppet ministry

Hello, I missed the question about puppets. My husband and I have been
doing puppets for quite awhile now. One of the best ways, we have found,
is to have all the Early Childhood classes come together at one point
during the story and always have the same character.
This puppet is some sort of 'child' like themselves. (Right now our's is
more of a character than a child, but either works.) Each week the child
comes up and has a problem that is totally life application for the lesson
that week. This week our story was Hannah and waiting for the Lord's
answers to our prayers. Along with that we also touched on all three of
God's answers to us, Yes, No, and Wait.
The puppet came up very sad and hurt that God didn't hear his prayer for a
sunny day, he wanted to go to the park. We will also have an adult
interacting with them. He told Elmer (our puppet) he had a great story for
him and proceeded into Hannah. At the end we tied it together with the
fact that God knows more than we do and He knew that the flowers needed
water, etc.
Elmer finally realizes that God did hear him, but knew that He needed to
take care of the flowers that Elmer loves so much.
You can end it with a prayer for the puppet also. In elementary we use a
"mad scientist" of sorts. He delivers our object lessons many days, etc.
Live interaction with an "interviewer" also helps keep the kids focus and
leaves a place open for lots of fun jokes, etc. Hope this helps... In His
We love this part of ministry, if there is any other way we can help feel
free to email me.

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10) Creation science experiments

Contact Does God Exist? 718 Donmoyer Ave. South Bend, IN 46614.  They have
children's curriculum teaching creation vs. evolution that has some visual
aid and experiment ideas in it.

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Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
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11) Butterflies For Easter

In response to the person who is wanting to raise butterflies . . . We got
a butterfly garden school kit from Insect Lore (805-746-6047).  It comes
with 33 Larvae, cups, food, a box, and instructions for raising the
butterflies. Another resource is Earth's Birthday Project (1-800-698-4438
or earthsbirthday.org) but I don't think they have a kit with that many

Stacey Kay
Pacific Beach Presbyterian Church

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12) Easter Butterflies

This is my first time responding, so I hope I'm doing this right.

For the person who asked about the butterfly release on Easter - I too am
doing this!  I think it will be so beautiful and will really help to
explain the story of Easter to my young children.  I am going to use a
company called Insect Lore - www.insectlore.com.  They have kits to grow
caterpillars to butterflies and then they can also just send you the
chrysalides and they will become butterflies 1-4 days before your release
date.  Check out the website (including the butterfly celebration) it was
very informative!  Good luck with it and I'd love to hear how things went!
YSIC - Kathleen

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