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SSTN # 15 - February 5, 2003

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--> Egg-shaped Easter Story Cards

1) Upbeat Children's songs
2) Upbeat Children's songs
3) New Upbeat Songs
4) Mixed Ages

--> FaithShapes! ® Card Game

5) Better organization...   
6) Story of Anna & Simeon   
7) The Presentation Of Jesus for K-1
8) 10 Commandments lessons

--> The Armor of God Playing Cube

9) Youth Service
10) Upbeat Kid's Music   
11) Upbeat Kid's Music   
12) Better Organization...

--> Gospel Catchers

13) Leaders in Training
14) Vacation Bible Cruise?
15) Adopting Twins   
16) Musical Bells (Colored/8 note)

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Egg-shaped Easter Story Cards

Ten Egg-shaped cards that tell the Easter Story - When the cards
are cut, colored and assembled, players can play Easter Egg Scramble and
learn the Easter Story! Reproducible so your whole class can make a set!

In the Curriculum section: 

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1) Upbeat Children's songs

I have found in the van ministry that the kids love the CD's by Cedarmont
Kids Classics.  Their two favorites are:
ACTION BIBLE SONGS which has a lot of the old favorites.  They especially
like "I'm in the Lord's Army" and "If You're Happy" and "Father Abraham";
and SUNDAY SCHOOL SONGS with their very favorite "I Am A

In Christ's Love,

--from SSTN: you can purchase these in our Bookstore-Music section:

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2) Upbeat Children's songs

Hi! We use the CD "Great Big God" by Vineyard music.  It has really upbeat
music which we have put actions to and the kids love it.  It is has two
CD's one with the music on the other with the resources i.e. words, chords
and acetate masters.

Another one we use is Family Worship which can be found on the internet:
www.familyworship.org.uk  and downloaded and all they ask is that you
record what you use on your Christian Church Music licence.

Hope this helps you.
Vanessa - Durban, SA

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3) New Upbeat Songs

> I was wondering if you have any resources for new children
> songs that are up beat and the kids would

Our Sunday School did "The Butterfly Song" last Easter.
They had a good time with this song.  We had two guitars accompany it.
Also, the kids did the stick puppets to go with the song, and when each
childs animal was sang, they held up their animal.  Hope this helps. Karen

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4) Mixed Ages

>Do you have a way ( or a suggestion) for combining the classes and
>teaching them a sunday school lesson and a craft class

Dear Myrtle:  I think it is great that you are working with the children.
It is hard to find volunteers to help with this work.  I am the Sunday
School Superintendent at our church.  I have put messages in the bulletin
on various occasions that there is more help needed with our growing
numbers.  But the best results came from personally asking some of the
young couples to help. For the nursery level children, although I only
have three, their happiness and safety is important.  I finally have
worked out a system with the parents that they will take one Sunday a
month, maybe two, to spend with the kids four and under.
Also I have asked high school students to come and help.  In our area, in
order to graduate, students must have 40 hours of community service work.
It is a good experience for the students and they often enjoy it and
decide to stay beyond their required hours. It is worth looking into at
the local high schools, as it is a great resource. I hope this helps you
get some more help, and children.  Karen

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FaithShapes! ® Card Game

FaithShapes! ®  is a fun, must-have game for your Sunday School class!
The 64 cards are beautifully illustrated with historical explanations and
Scripture verses. Use them for family game night, during Sunday School, or
for personal enrichment. Shape your faith playing FaithShapes ®.

In the Curriculum section: 

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5) Better organization...   

I have been involved in vacation Bible schools where all the teachers had
to do was teach. All the crafts were prepacked so that the children were
handed a baggie with all the necessary elements. Most things were precut,
all that needed to be done was any gluing, coloring and assembling that
was necessary. Snacks were done by another group of people who brought
them to the classroom at the appropriate time. It worked really well
because people who don't really feel equipped to work with children, but
have organizational talents, could be involved with the children's
ministry. As long as you have a curriculum with designated crafts all
packing and sorting can be done ahead of the class time. It relieved a lot
of the organizational woes of busy mothers who just wanted to teach and
may have otherwise avoided volunteering.  Hope this helps.  Dorie WI

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6) Story of Anna & Simeon   

The Presentation Of Jesus for K-1
I have been using the MSSS Crafters site to help me find a lot of material
for different age groups.  The section with links to Calvary Chapel
usually has lesson ideas for a variety of age levels.  Their lesson on
Simeon and Anna may be of help for you -www.mssscrafts.com
God bless - Karla

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7) The Presentation Of Jesus for K-1

> have found so far is much to complicated for K-1. It's Luke's Gospel
> 2:22-40 Mary And Joseph bringing Jesus to the temple. Or the Story of >Anna and Simeon.

I just did this story last week. I went through the story and found words
that were repeated (Simeon, Mary and Joseph, Jesus, Jerusalem, Holy
temple, etc.) and some words that would be easy to draw or find clip art
for, and then found some coloring pages of characters or places, maps, off
the web (or you could get them from coloring books) colored them and
mounted them on foam board. I taped two large craft sticks on the bottom
so the pictures could be held up. I think I had 9 picture boards.

When the children came in, I gave them a picture board and told them who
or what the picture represented. I asked them to listen closely to the story
and when their word was said, to stand up and show the class and then sit
back down. This worked so well, they wanted to repeat the story several

You could have all the pictures ready and have them color them and help
with mounting before you tell the story.

For an art piece, you could also use a picture of a man (Simeon) and have
them look through magazines and find babies, cut them out and glue the
child into his hands.  You can also make babies by using peanuts (draw the
face on with a fine tip marker) and cover with material. Then glue the
baby into the hands of the character.

Sabrina Evans

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8) 10 commandments lessons

In response to the 10 commandants lessons, how about teaching them in a
very simple format. Our Children's pastor has taught all our kids this!
Using the fingers hold up one- say "1 God",
Hold out two fingers sideways like scissors cutting- say "Don't make
Hold up 3 fingers making the letter w- say "watch your words",
Four fingers straight up marching- say"go to church",
five fingers, one hand make a salute, say "honor your mother & father",
6 fingers, one pointer pointing a five, like a gun, "Don't kill",
2 fingers on one hand are separated from 5 fingers- "don't commit
hold up 8- "Don't steal",
hold up 9-"don't lie,
wiggle like greedy fingers all 10- "Don't covet"
My grandson could say this holding up the fingers as reminders at 3 years
old, now at six he can repeat them quickly without the finger reminders.
Great teaching fun, enjoy!

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The Armor of God Playing Cube

Kids can make it and take it home. A great memory tool!
Only $3.00 to print out as many as you need! Go to the following
webpage to get the free lesson and to learn more: 


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9) Youth Service

>I am a CE Director, and leader of our middle school youth group. My kids
>are participating in the 30 Hour Famine in February and will be having 
>youth service the Sunday after. Does any one know a good resource for

Our kids are having a break-fast ( breaking their fast) hosted by the all
the adults on Sunday morning instead of having sunday school and everyone
in church is invited. Then during the service they will be presenting a
banner to the church that has their hand prints on it representing all the
kids lives that were helped/saved because they participated, and they are
presenting a picture they will have made during the 30-hr famine titled
"Not about Me" and then the kids will hopefully give testimonies about
what they learned. The youth pastor has a praise and worship group coming
during the 30-hr and hopefully they will stay as well.


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10) Upbeat Kid's Music   

We have the same problem of trying to find music the kids like.
Unfortunately, most of the cds we have only has one or two songs on it
that the kids like, so we're in the process of combining the ones we like
onto one cd & making a songbook up for all the kids. If you're interested,
I can send you a copy when we get it finished. Check out the music cds
from all of the VBS programs, they’re usually pretty upbeat & catchy.
Cedarmont Kids, Heaven’s Sake Kids each have several cds that are good.

As for specific titles, these are some of the ones we use often:
Fruit of the Spirit and Great Big God by Vineyard Music;
Sing & Shout Songs Vol. 1 – 4 by Group Publishing;
Revival in Belfast by Robin Mark;Songs from the Loft;
Hip Hop Hymns and Scripture Rock by Troy & Genie Nilsson
Faith Mountain cd from the Faith Mountain VBS program last summer

--from SSTN: you can find these items in our Bookstore music section:
You can also use the search box in the Bookstore to locate them.

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11) Upbeat Kid's Music   

> I was wondering if you have any resources for new children
> songs that are up beat and the kids would

Have you tried the family worship website (www.familyworship.org.uk)?
A fantastic site, offering ideas for all age worship, and allowing you to
download songs for free, There are some really great songs on the site, and they offer you the
opportunity to buy the family worship CDs at very competitive prices.
Being English, I don't know the details, but I do know they are available in the
US too.

Graham Ransom.

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12) Better Organization...

Most teachers and leaders are young moms and they don't have much time to
organize everything . . .

You might try having a get together once a quarter to review the lessons
and gather materials.  Perhaps a couple of teens could do childcare while
the lessons are planned and then one or two teachers could be provided
childcare for a day when they purchase any supplies that are needed.
Getting together could also allow a time for prayer and support among the

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Gospel Catchers

There's something much worse than cooties...it's called sin!  Now kids can
make WWJS Gospel Catchers rather than Cootie Catchers! A fun and
innovative way for kids to learn to share their faith with their friends!
Includes 4 Gospel Catcher patterns to make: the Colors of Christ (Gospel
Colors), the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Promises of God.
Follow this link to learn more:


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13) Leaders in Training

>Is anyone aware of resources to train teenagers to be leaders in
>children's ministry?

We will soon being do this at our church (our new church is almost
finished), but it won't be so "booky".  I mean there's nothing like
hands on training for kids.  I would suggest you modify a spiritual
gifts questionair for the kids and have them take one.  If they are
working in their God given talents, then service becomes mush easier.
Example:  you don't want a shy kid helping at the welcome/information
table.  I think a short class on what to do and what is expected is
prudent but I'd stay away from any school type training with lots of
books and writing.  What's the fun in that?  Church and service
should be exciting for young people!  Church On The Move has
wonderful ideas for kids.  The pastor is Willie George.  You can do a
search on his name or COTM on Google.  Remember KISS - Keep It Simple

Stephanie R.

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14) Vacation Bible Cruise?

Hi, I need some ideas for Vacation Bible Cruise?

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15) Adopting Twins   

We had a super party shower for the family of our Youth Director and his
new family where the church families came and brought gifts.  A list of
needed items had been posted and checked off as cjosen on the bulleten
board and kids brought toys for the children which they were allowed to
open with their Grandparents while the parents opened the big stuff.
Punch and a varity of goodies were served.  The entertainment was watching
the children open the gifts. We had this after church on a Sunday Evening
and the youth were Host. Hope this helps.    Bobbie

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16) Musical Bells (Colored/8 note)

I will find out Sunday where the music teacher got them from.  They are
great.  Each bell is colored and a note marked on it.  We make our own
music up.  One of the teachers, plays a piano, so she knows her notes.  At
Christmas, "We Three Kings" and a couple Sunday's ago "Jesus Loves Me"
(the kids sang one verse and then the bell choir played the second verse.
The bell choir is grades 1-5.  On the Jesus Loves Me song, they practiced
for the first time for about 10 minutes and was ready for Youth Sunday in
Church to play it the same day.  I couldn't believe the kids picked it up
that fast.  The congregation loves seeing the little kids play them.  The
way the music is made up is they cut a strips of poster board and make egg
shape colored notes.  The music teacher points to the note for the child
to play.  It is really working out Great.  But I'll find out where she got
Follow up:

This is a reply for someone who wanted to know where our Sunday School got
the Musical Bells.  First these bells are 8 note colored bells.  8 bells
to a box.  It has the note on each bell.  For music - we make our own.  If
you have someone who knows there notes. Cut strips of white poster board
into strips (approximately 4"x24").  The notes are egg shape, colored in.
The poster board is scotched tape (1"), from the top strip to the last
strip. It works good, you can fold them over for storage or when the
children gets one line done, fold it back.  They are been using only 4
strips of poster board. The children watches the music teachers fingers (on
the colored notes) and play when it is there time. The children pick up
playing a song in 10 minutes.  Very easy. Our bell choir is grades 1-6.

We purchased them from another church.  They bought a starter kit
($245.00) with 4 sets of bells (8 bells per set), and we bought 2 sets
($100.00) from them.  The started kit also you get 2 songs.  We just
bought only the bells from the other church.  They purchased them from
Kristal Bell Method, Company at 1-800-574-7825.  I don't have a internet
address for them.

Another place I have a catalog of them was from the Interstate Educators'
Edition at 1-800-982-2263 or www.interstatemusic.com.  The bells are
$44.95 a set of  8. Also, I looked on the internet under Colored Hand
Bells and there was some other places.

I encourage any Sunday School to get some.  We have a very small Sunday
School (12 children) and the kids loves playing them and have heard very
good comments from the Congreation Members.  They play every Sunday for
Youth Sunday.  This was the best investment the Sunday School has

The songs the music teacher made up was "We Three Kings", "Jesus Loves Me"
and "Amazing Grace" that the Bell Choir has played.

RS,. Dillsboro, Indiana

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