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SSTN # 15 - February 14, 2005

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1) Music Camp For VBS?
2) Song of the Books of the Bible
3) Balloon Animals?

THE LORD'S TABLE: A Biblical Approach To Weight Loss

4) Lesson ideas for musical?
5) African American Children's Church?
6) Home-schooling Help?
7) Soldier Helmets?

Chalk-It-Up Book...reduced!

8) Prodigal Son Activities?
9) Western theme music?
10) Easter "sensory" lesson

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1) Music Camp For VBS?

I am wondering if anyone has come across a VBS curriculum that is based on
a music camp idea?  Our church has done a music camp inconjunction with
several of the usual VBS things  but wea are looking for something that is
more coordinated this year.  Thanks 

--from SSTN: for those responding, send titles and ISBN info to:

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2) Song of the Books of the Bible

There's a cd/tape called "Wee Sing Bible Songs" that has what you're
looking for. I use it in my Children's Church, and the kids love it. First
you'll have "The B-I-B-L-E" song; immediately following it is the Old
Testament song, followed by the New Testament song. The tunes are easy to
follow, only I have a large poster of the books in order for them to read
while they are singing. Nancy

--from SSTN: you can find this in the Music section of our bookstore at:

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3) Balloon Animals?

>Hello, I have been using Gospel Clowning and Gospel Illusions for about 1
>1/2 years. I have had so much fun using these methods to teach.

We are going to play around making balloon animals, etc in Bible Club.  If
you have any easy ideas on balloons, or other things we would appreciate
the ideas. Thanks
S. Nodine

--from SSTN: "More Balloon Animals" is an easy-to-understand book. You can
find it in our bookstore by typing the title into the search box at:

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THE LORD'S TABLE: A Biblical Approach To Weight Loss

If you are hungering to learn the truth that will set you free from
overeating, The Lord's Table is a revolutionary new tool that can be the
key to unlock the door to lasting freedom in your life.

You will find "The Lord's Table" listed on the main page of our Bookstore


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4) Lesson ideas for musical?

I am looking for lesson ideas to go along with the songs in the children's
musical American Ideal.  I have taught lessons for "P-R-A-Y-E-R-S", and
"The Change", but I would like ideas for the rest of the songs.  Thank you
for your input! 

Mindi Bell
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5) African American Children's Church?

A few months ago I began a chlidren's ministry at a Black Baptist Church
where my husband is the assistant pastor.  Christian Fellowship, a
thirteen year old church had never had a children's ministry of any kind
before a few months ago.  I and two volunteers are teaching these inner
city black children ages 3-11 in the same room!  We usually have anywhere
from 10-20 kids at a time.  I need ideas for lessons and crafts that are
both inexpensive and effective for children of such varied ages.  Also if
anyone has resources that are inexpensive, but teach basic Christian
doctrine--not just the fun stories (David and Goliath, etc.)  One of my
most concerning challenges is teaching the concept of a loving Father when
so few of these children have father figures!
If anyone has encouragment or ideas my e-mail address is

Eva in St. Louis

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6) Home-schooling Help?
My son has ADHD/ODD he is 6 and my daugther is 4. I am trying to get info
on a good christian cirriculum. We are currently in the state of Ga. But
we are military and we be moving to SC soon. The doctors are saying that
my son needs something more challenging, but the school doesnt and will
not offer this to him and he has become bored with school and begun
getting in trouble. He is unable to return to public school because I
refuse to do what they want and over med. him and send him to a state
mental facility for a week to be evaluted. When 2 doctors including the
institute they want to send him to say that he is brillant and that it
would not be to his benefit. But without doing this they will not let him
return to school. Can anyone please help me.

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7) Soldier Helmets?

I'm doing an Easter play I wanted to knoe where I could buy some cheap
solider helmets or can you direct me to where I can make them myself need
to know by March. thanks so much for your help. May God bless you. ~ V~

--from SSTN: you could cut off the bottom of a one gallon milk jug. Paint
with silver paint and add feathers to the top, like roman guards wore. As
to looking for a place to purchase them, try a dollar store in your area
or use  google.com  to locate them online.

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Chalk-It-Up Book...reduced!

Have fellowship fun with 22 Awesome Outdoor Games Kids Draw With Chalk.
Fun and wholesome activities for parties, icebreakers, and friendship
building! Use them at church, school, youth groups or for family time
get-togethers! Comes with a pack of giant marble sidewalk chalk, a recipe
to make your own chalk and directions to make some unique game
accessories. Includes games for older and younger kids
(K-5th grade)!

Get two sample games and learn more at:

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8) Prodigal Son Activities?

I am working with school age children for a retreat whose theme is the
Prodigal son -  If anyone has any activities for this event - please send
them to me at funnylady3465@verizon.net 
thank you

--from SSTN: please remember, if you share off-network, the other teachers
will not benefit from your knowledge.
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9) Western theme music?

We are starting our children's choir and were looking for western
(country) themed music.  We are a cowboy church in Tyler, Texas.  Someone
had said there was a fishing song-were the kids had fishing poles and sang
about how to help God??  Any information would greatly be appreciated.

In His Name,

Kris Woodall
Children's Ministry Leader
Cross Brand Cowboy Church
Tyler, Texas

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10) Easter "sensory" lesson

> Children held nails, smelled vinegar,tasted salt(taste of blood),
> listened to a hammer pounding nails,

>>> I would love to know more detail about this lesson, if possible.

I simply gathered up all the props that I thought the kids could benefit
from and handed them out at appropriate times during the reading aloud of
the crucifixion story from the Bible. I just chose the version of the
story that I felt most appropriate, read it beforehand several times, practicing
what I'd like to do with the children, and then prayed for God to use the
lesson. I didn't have a lesson written down or anything. I just followed
the storyline and the props that I had prepared. I used this for older
kids (Elementary age) and then explained salvation. I had them trade their
nails at the end for a heart-shaped piece of candy. I told them that even though
we are the reason Jesus had to die, He loves us and is willing to forgive
us and to replace the ugly things in our lives with his goodness and his
sweet spirit. I then made sure they understood that being saved is an
individual decision and I prayed with them all. I suggested that if they
had never accepted Jesus and would like to do so, that they could repeat
the prayer I prayed quietly to God. Afterwards, I asked if any of the
children would like to raise their hands to show that they accepted Jesus
just now and several of them did! It was a great time of celebration! I
spoke with each parent afterwards and explained that the children needed
more guidance and may have questions and the parents were all very pleased
(even those who weren't Christians at the time). :o) I think allowing
children to experience things in a sensory way makes it more real for
them, don't you?


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