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February 12, 2000
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** Another great thing to do for Easter is make some kind of bunny craft
and teach the children that "Bunnie jump for JOY because Jesus is
ALIVE!!!!!!" I made little bunnies out of old winter stretchty gloves
with my pre-school class and taught them that concept. One little boy
actually saw a rreal bunny outside on Easter and told all of his unsaved
reletives " That bunnies hopping for JOY because Jesus is ALIVE"!!!!!
What a great witness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

one stretchy glove (white, tan, or gray)
fiber fill
a recycled pop cap
a twist tie
some easter grass
a small pink cotton ball
small wiggle eyes
hot glue

fold thumb of glove backwards and glue
fold pinky and pointer finger foward (for arms) and glue only pinky down
(the pointer will be holding a basket)
STUFF rest of bunny with fiber fill
the ring finger and the one next to it are the ears, stuff those, too,
they should stand up straight
glue cuff of glove shut after filled
make face by putting on eyes, pink cotton nose, and frayed yarn for
glue white pom pom for tail on back
put cap upside down
glue twist tie for handle, in basket
add easter grass in basket
glue this basket to pointer finger and glue finger and basket to body

------ AbbaGail Hills, Eden Prairie, MN

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My name is Deb Bosco. I am a "Faith Guide" to 7th grade girls for our Jr High program called "Faith Inkubators". This program is used in many progressive churches across the country.

We take the opportunity to listen to many contemporary Christian singers. When I saw your request, I remembered some songs that our youth really like.

The first is "DIVE" from Steven Curtis Chapman. This song is on his new CD "SPEECHLESS". The song would be a wonderful tool. Once you hear it, the Holy Spirit will do the rest. I know that you will receive as much as you give from this experience.

The other song is from Michael W. Smith also from his new CD. The song is "This is your Time". He mentions a swim in the sea.
In His Service, Deb

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We are teaching a Sunday school lesson on Cain and Abel to 6th graders.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach this. Everything I've
found @ Cokesbury concerning Genesis doesn't even cover Cain & Abel. Do we
concentrate on jealousy, sibling rivalry? What? Suggested books?
Beth Garvin
Lilburn, Ga.

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I was interested in any information you might have on Bible games for physical education. Thanks Deb Grundahl

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>>Can you share with me any craft that can teach pre-schoolers about God
>>keeping his promises?

I have preschoolers and kindergarteners. Utilizing the Noah Ark Rainbow as
the symbol to remind us that God keeps ALL of his promises we did the
following. We painted slices of bread making pictures of the rainbow or the ark.

Materials used:
Milk, Paper cups, Food Color, White Bread sliced, Paintbrushes (cleaned),

For each group of four kids prepare four cups of milk (2 to 3 ozs.) and
color each with food coloring
Give each child a paint brush and a slice of bread and paper towel to wipe
brushes when using a different color.
When picture is completed place colored bread into the toaster oven, or
oven on a cookie sheet.
Place the toasted slices in front of the child who created it.
When all have finished, have them repeat the phrase together "GOD KEEPS ALL
They can now eat their creative toast.

Norma Smith
Cleveland, Ohio

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I would like to give thanks to God and Rosemary for the wonderful idea for the gift easter baskets. I decided to use that theme for a valentine's day idea, please read below.
I have been praying for something special to do with the kids this sunday.

Valentine Idea:
Basket of Hearts with candy tied to them.
Hearts made with construction paper. On each heart write
in big letters, Hope, peace, joy, forgiveness,
I am going to tell the story of when Jesus fed the multitude.

How he fills us up with all of the above hearts.
I am going to read all the hearts then ask the kids to
pick out a heart that goes with how they are feeling now.
Then I will ask them to sit in a circle and share what
the heart means to them.

The craft is going to be Valentine Cards to give to Jesus. For them to write kind words to show their love for Jesus.

Still trying to find some cute song to sing. Thanks again for all the inspiration!!!
Be blessed.

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