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SSTN - Number 160
February 28, 2001

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1) Scavenger Hunt
2) Youth Sunday Song/Signing Suggestions?
3) Blackline master Bible maps
4) Contests for children
5) Contests for children
6) Games For 4 and 5 yr olds
7) Heiffer Project idea
8) Encouraging special needs children?
9) Vegetarian Option in Heifer Project
10) Easter activity
11) J-O-Y song
12) A Spring Program-Play

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NEW...... NEW....... NEW......!!

I've posted some new Children's Sermons:

* Attitude Check - A Food Devotional -by Veronica Wilson,
* Mardi Gras & Lent by Joan R. Abbott, and
* Centered In Christ -Active Lesson! by Joseph Mathews

And a new craft idea: Celebration Shakers

at www.ChristianCrafters.Com Check it out!!

Thank you to all the new contributors for sharing their talents with SSTN
and the world!! Blessings to you! Sarah Keith <><

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1) Scavenger Hunt

I intend to have a scavenger hunt for our Grade 3 to 6 sleepover next
month. Here are some things we'll be hunting for: three things with a
cross on it (we have so many pictures, wall hangings with crosses etc.),
something with the colour purple, something with the words God, Father
and Jesus (from a stained glass window perhaps), a bible verse with the
word 'faith' or 'hope', a Christian symbol (dove, cross, burning bush
etc.), something with the church's name on it, something that shows how
our church helps others (our community bulletin board, mission board
etc.) You can easily give the younger ones hints. Hope this helps. Janis
in Ontario.

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Have A Family Game Night At Home Or Church!
Purchase Christian games such as "Bibleopoly", "Bible Scattergories",
or "Bible Blurt", in The Bible Game Store! Have some FUN!

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2) Youth Sunday Song/Signing Suggestions?

Hello, I am an Sr Hi youth director and would like to know if anyone has
any good suggestions of Christian songs to do for youth Sunday that we
could learn to do the signing to also? I am open for suggestions. If you
have the artists name that would be helpful also. I thank you and praise
God for this ministry that we are all blessed to have online. I am so
glad I found you! Thank you.

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3) Blackline master Bible maps

There is a book titled "Reproducible Maps"  ISBN
0687026156 that has black and white maps if that is what you are looking
for. Sherry, Indiana

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4) Contests for children

> Does anyone have any ideas on contests for children ages 9-11.
> thanks a lot. char from cleveland, tn

I have just recently handed out a sheet with all the Books of the Bible
(66 in total) on it for a Spelling Test. This is a fundraiser that the
Sunday School classes are participating in. Included with this sheet is a
pledge form that asks for a donation, or cents per correct word or prayer
if the person is unable to donate. I am hoping some funds will be
generated and that the children will feel helpful in helping out our
Mexico Mission Team! Leslie from very cold Calgary, Alberta Canada

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5) Contests for children

We are having a contest right now. I give points to the children for;
attendance, Bible verse, offering and visitors. If they earn a certain
number of points within the time I've given I will treat them to lunch at
McDonalds. I made sure the goal was obtainable and I made the stipulation
that they have to participate at least 10 Sundays during the contest, so
no one shows up once and expects lunch after the others try hard to get
the points. Besides encouraging the obvious I am teaching them that it is
a team effort. Tammy from Adrian, MI

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KIDZOO-SHUFFLE, a fun game of strategy and skill, for children ages 5 and
up. Kids will develop eye-hand coordination, category placement, and depth
perception skills while playing. For more info, go to:


Click on "Products" when you get there!

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6) Games For 4 and 5 yr olds

> My husband and I currently teach the 4 and 5 years old in our church....
> We would like to do a game,

I have taught 4 year-olds and now have 5. Everything doesn't have to be
spiritual -- the important thing is to get the lesson in. What I've done
in the past is let the children play hot potato, red light, green light;
indoor snowball fight (separate children in two groups, give each child a
sheet of white paper, let them ball it up and you have a snowball, on the
count of three they have to toss across the room to the other team, when I
say stop, whichever team has the least amount of snowballs on their side
wins); Greg & Steve have wonderful action CDs for children--my kids love
them -- they get to move around. My Sunday goes like this, praise &
worship (2 songs), review of memory verse (a memory verse game is good),
Sunday school lesson, activity/craft, snack and if time permits a movie
(Barney, Prayer Bears, Veggie Tales --it doesn't matter if they don't see
the whole thing). I hope this helps. God Bless you. Cassida Razor,
Salem Baptist Church of Chicago.

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7) Heiffer Project idea

Just want you to know that I took the Heiffer Project idea and contacted
our missionaries to see if that is something they would be interested in,
helpful, etc. We heard from one that it would not be anything they would
value from. However we heard from one who is very excited. They minister
in New Guinea. They said chickens are precious and eggs are very hard to
get. They had thought of buying some and giving them to villagers but had
not done so yet. They had them before themselves....but with the traveling
and with furlough...it is not the best arrangement. The eggs themselves
have potential for GREATLY increasing the income for families and the
missionaries would benefit by being able to purchase eggs nearby. They
also have a source to purchase healthy chicks and know where to buy feed
and can themselves teach the people how to care for them if they need
instruction. THEY WERE EXCITED AT THE IDEA. So at the C.E. Board meeting
this week we decided to buy quarter folders for each sunday school class.
Each folder holds ten dollars. The missionary said it will cost ten
dollars per chicken. So soon this "chicken project" will start in our
Sunday School department. We think it will be fun to see how many chickens
we can buy! Thanks for starting this project with your info about the
heiffer project. Sincerely, Bonnie.

"But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today,
so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness."
Hebrews 3:13

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8) Encouraging special needs children?

I can understand about the disruptive class. I am the superintendent of
our s.s. We just recently met with a parent whose child is very
disruptive, she explained about special needs children. Do you have any
ideas on how we can help and encourage them. I wasn't too keen about
having a separate class for children with special needs. What do you
think? Alba

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* PRAISE-AMATIONS! (TM) is a fun and unique way for children
to praise the LORD. Click on 'Curriculum' from the home page of

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9) Vegetarian Option in Heifer Project

To those people who are vegetarian - The Heifer Project organization
also sells trees which gives families who are vegetarian an alternative

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10) Easter activity

Here's an Easter activity I tried a couple years ago with my group of
Children's Church kids ages 4-6th grade.

I bought the pastel colored plastic Easter eggs that normally are filled
with candy. Then I found toy items that relate to the Easter story from
Scripture small enough to fit in the egg (some I bought, some I had at
home in my Barbie doll stuff, some I borrowed). For instance, a small
cross, a piece of washcloth (for washing disciples feet), a small toy
sword (when Peter cut off an ear), small coins (for Judas' 30 pieces of
silver), a piece of leather (for the whip used on Jesus), etc. I used as
many eggs as I could find things to fit the story. Then I put the items
in the eggs and hid them in the room and let the kids find them. I listed
the items on the blackboard, along with the scripture reference that
matched the item. After finding the eggs and opening them, then we spent
time looking up and reading the scripture passage to see what the item in
the egg had to do with the Easter story. I left one plastic egg empty to
see if any of the kids would catch on that the empty egg symbolized the
empty tomb. It was lots of fun.

I appreciate getting this helpful newsletter. It's really come in handy
many a Sunday when I've needed lesson or activity or craft ideas. Thanks.
Cathy Bodell, Frankfort, MI

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11) J-O-Y song

I really enjoyed words to the song that was posted; I only wish I knew
what tune it was so I could sing it. I also wanted to share a song that I
know about Joy. It is sung to the tune of Jingle Bells:

J-O-Y, J-O-Y, This is what it means:
Jesus first, yourself last, and others in between.
Thanks, Rebecca

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12) A Spring Program

I'm a new member of the SSTN, and just finished looking through some
archived newsletters. Wow! So many good ideas. I wanted to contribute a
little spring play I wrote. It was a part of a large spring program we
had last spring, and it's written for children ages 3-5. I hope you will
find it useful. Ljiljana from Yugoslavia

Spring in the Green Woods:

This play is designed for kindergarten children. All children should
have costumes representing the animal they play.

Child: Everything is passing by,
No matter is it bad or nice.
Winter came and now itís gone,
Again itís time for spring to come!

Teacher: In the heart of the forest, from the command tower Jumpy Bunny
is reporting:

Bunny (looking through binoculars):
Sky is beautiful, sunny and blue,
Not one single cloudy spot!
Just a minute! Is what I see true?
Look! The spring is coming from the east!
Everybody, get ready for the first spring feast!

Teacher: In mister Bearís cave the phone is ringing and ringingÖ

Bear: What? Whoís there?
Who is daring to wake up a bear?

Child: Take it easy, mister Bear,
Just hear what I have to say:
You ordered waking up service
In the very first spring day!

Bear (yawning): What? Is it already springtime?
Canít I sleep a little longer?
Just this morning I turned to the other side!

Near the lazy bearís cave, in the beehive, all the little bees
impatiently wait in line.

Queen bee: Did you polish your little wings?

Little bees: Yes, mommy!

Queen bee: Are you ready for your first spring flight?

Little bees: Yes, mommy!

Queen bee: Donít drink honey from cold flowers, you might catch a cold!

Little bees: Yes, mommy!

Queen bee: Ok, off you go!
If the wind gets stronger, fly right home.
Remember: Mommy is waiting for you
And making a honey cake with the first spring dew!

Teacher: On the fragrant field little birds gather for a flying class.
Some are learning fast; already they are high up in the sky!
But the younger ones are having trouble -
They tripped over a dandelion flower!
The instructor is encouraging them:

Instructor: Patience! Patience! Just be brave!
This is only your first lesson!
Just remember:
Left wing is for braking; right wing is for speeding up!

Birds: Left wing is for braking, right wing is for speeding up!

The animals from Green Woods are having a great time!
They want to send a message to all children!

All participants: Come on, children, come on here!
The beautiful spring is near!
Come to Green Woods, visit with us,
Weíll tell you all about Gods love!

--from SSTN: thank you, Ljiljana, for sharing your talents with us!!

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