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SSTN - Number 165
March 12, 2001

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1) Teaching the Books of the Bible
2) Balloon Helicopters
3) Children's church-balloon helicopters
4) Easter Scavenger Hunt
5) Armor of God
6) Causing me some problems?
7) Problem Kids In Class
8) Problem kids
9) Short skits for palm sunday?
10) Beginning a class for 5/6th grade girls?
11) Teaching the Books of the Bible
12) Holy Ghost lesson?

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1) Teaching the Books of the Bible

> Please let me know of any creative ways to teach 4th graders the books of
> the Bible.

I teach grades third, fourth, and fifth grade SS. We played the Bible
Buster Relay game and it was a Big hit!!!!! Adult SS classes were going
on next door to us and underneath us. SS should be fun and not so quiet
all the time. The kids get enough of that at school during the week. The
adults came over after class and commented on how much fun we were having
and that they wished they had played games like that when they were in SS.
We are planning a championship relay between the grades in a few weeks.
Have Fun! In His Love, C .Fulbright

--from SSTN: there is also a new game in ChristianCrafters.Com called
Bible Name Scramble. Love the championship idea! --Sarah <><

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2) Balloon helicopters

You can order the balloon helicopters from Sunlight Ministries.
The address is as follows
Sunlight Ministries
13733 180th Ave SE
Renton, Wa 98059
The cost of the helicopters is $25.50 for a box of 24. This includes
p&h. You can also go to the web site which is: www.larrys.org it will give
you all the information as well. They are very prompt in responding, and
the little balloon helicopters are so cute. I can hardly wait to try them
out on the kids.
If you need any more help just ask. Your sister in Christ Rhonda.

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3) Children's church-balloon helicopters

Just a possible jumping off point - When filled with the God's Word we can
rise to great heights. But just like this helicopter needs us to blow air
into it we need to be refreshed with God's word. That's just an outline
you'd need to flesh it out.
Your sister in His service and love
Deb Halleck-HCBC -Austin, Texas

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4) Easter Scavenger Hunt

Are you familiar with the "Resurrection Eggs"? Seems to me that with
Easter coming a scavenger hunt could be "done up" using a similar theme.
Some items you may need to provide, like plastic horses/donkeys. But then
depending on how long a "hunt" you wanted to make it kids could be very
resourceful [Like looking in magazines to get pictures]
Here is a possible list.
Plastic donkey - Mt 26:1-9
30 pennies/30 cents Mt 27:1-5
Piece of Bread Mt 26:17-19, 26-28
A Flower/plant Mk 14:32-42 [This one is hard, I'd rather emphasize
Christ's praying than the Garden. So for me this might be one that I
supplied praying hands, hidden in strategic places - like the donkey]
Something leather Jn 19:1-15
Something sharp Mt 27:29
Nails Jn 19:16-22
Clothing Jn 19:23-25
Water Jn 19:32-34
Gauze Mt 27:57-61
Rock Mt 28:1-2
Empty Easter Egg Mt 28:5-8

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5) Armor of God

I don't know if you would call it a skit, because of the different age
range of my kids. What I do is to make a poster board of a man, then on
each piece of the armor I write what each piece is and what it is for.
The children each take turns taking a piece of the armor and telling what
it is, and what it is used for. Then they place that piece on the poster
board man. Mary.

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Do you wanna KIDZOO-SHUFFLE? Play a fun game of strategy and skill, for
children ages 5 and up. Kids will develop eye-hand coordination, category
placement, and depth perception skills while playing. For more info, go
to: www.todaysfitnessforkids.com
Click on "Products" when you get there!

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6) Causing me some problems?

I am a new subscriber, in fact this is my first newsletter! I have been
teaching Sunday School for many years but this year is causing me some
problems. I have only two Grade 7 students in my class, once they reach
this age, they seem to think they are too old for Sunday School. The are
one boy and one girl and the girl is my daughter. I find it hard to do
things that hold their attention and make them excited and want to come
back next week. They like games and are real keeners. Where can I find
good information on the net or from you that could benefit my class?
Thanks so much, I know I am going to love this newsletter.

--from SSTN: First, welcome to SSTN! It seems to me that this is a
priority problem with the parents of the children. Maybe they do not
understand the importance of instilling God's word in the hearts of their
children, and as a result they allow the kids to make choices that they
shouldn't be given. I would suggest making a bridge to the parents, as
well as the kids...and once they cross over, make sure creative programs
are in place to instill God's word into their hearts.
As to where to look: my site AND SSTN, of course :o) ...there are almost
3000 other Sunday School teachers to bounce ideas off of, and to glean
information from! ;o) AND...PRAY that God would give you wisdom so that he
can use you in crafting the hearts of these children to Jesus!
Sarah Keith-your moderator

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7) Problem Kids In Class

My husband and I do Children's Ministry from the ages of 5 and up. Our
method that we do during our class is buy a stack of fake dollar bills and
a bag of treats (candy, prizes from a 99 cents store, stickers, etc). The
children know that when we do class, the dollar is their discipline. They
will receive a dollar for participation, helping, or just good behavior
throughout out class. If they disrupt or talk in class, or just break any
of the class rules, they will be asked to come in front of the class and
hand one of us their dollars. They also get a dollar at the beginning of
each class for naming the class rules and introducing themselves to the
other classmates. At the end of each class they can purchase a candy or
treat with each dollar they have. The more dollars, the more treats.
This is an awesome way to have them memorize scripture or make sure they
understood the concept and participated in our questions about our lesson.
We are also trying to start our "Store" again where they collect dollars
throughout the whole month. At the end of the month they go to the store
and purchase things from candy, stuffed animals, board games, etc. The
more dollars, means the bigger the prize. Any severe or ongoing
disobedience results in not being able to attend "Store Day". Any
questions e-mail me @ jmekmj@yahoo.com . Elena Stafford

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8) Problem kids

I also struggle with a group of kids on Wed. evenings that range 1rst-6th
grade (about 26 of them) the majority of them only come on wed. evenings and
their family does not attend church. many are from at risk homes. i have
to purposed to keep allowing God to direct and help with this. my dear
husband who is a prayer warrior has been asking the adults who come on
Wed, to pray for our group. while we do have a store once a month (the
kids receive points for bringing a Bible, coming and points for bringing
a friend) we do not reward them with extra points anymore for good
behavior. I have prayed and worked very hard to let these kids know I love
them but it is not okay to act out. we began a new policy of taking the
kids aside who were causing trouble and being disrespectful and letting
them know if I have to get after them after 2 warnings they will have to
leave. Not only do they leave but they get sent home. This works for us bc
most walk from their homes around the church. They were absolutely shocked
the first time i told them they would be sent home if their behavior
continued. Because they like what we are doing, that is enough motive and I was
amazed how quickly their attitudes changed. After working with kids for
years i have found rewarding them is not always the answer
and I do not have time to keep up with who is earning what. Hope this
helps. Maybe all children's workers should pray for teacher's everywhere
on Wed.! Rene'

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9) Short skits for palm sunday?

do you know of any short skits for children for palm sunday? I need this
as soon as possible. thanks marcie

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10) Beginning a class for 5th and 6th grade girls?

We are praying towards beginning a class for 5th and 6th grade girls
during the Sunday School hour. I have always worked with younger kids, so
any help or suggestions you can give would be great! The majority of them
are unchurched kids.
Any good resources, Christian books, etc. or ideas would be welcomed!
Thanking you in advance! Montana teacher!

--from SSTN: so many of the free resources in ChristianCrafters.Com, ie.
crafts, games, sermons, are great for this age group. ALSO check out the
Bookstore and Gamestore for more great resources. Remember...ALL SALES
help support SSTN!

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11) Teaching the Books of the Bible

Wee Songs have a song for the old and new testament books that our kids
love. They request it almost every time we sing at church. When we ask
them to find some place in the bible they refer to those songs to find
their place.

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12) Holy Ghost lesson?

I need a lesson on the Holy Ghost can u help me? Thanks

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