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SSTN - Number 167
March 16, 2001

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1) Having trouble with friend
2) VBS theme: Jesus to the Rescue
3) Stained Glass Sun Catchers
4) Bulletin Board Ideas
5) Teach Respect?
6) ASL-expressive?
7) Disciple Song/Mulberry Bush
8) Clashing w/a teacher/friend
9) Clashing with a friend
10) Signing suggestions-question?
11) Clashing with a Teacher?
12) Books of the Bible Song

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1) Having trouble with friend

I can somewhat relate to this problem, even though it wasn't through
teaching a Sunday School Class. Do you have a person who is in charge of
the Sunday School? A Sunday School Supt. of in the Church of the
Nazarene, we call them, :Christaian Education Chairman or some just call
them the Sunday School Supt. It would be good to talk to such a person,
or if none existists, call a meeting of all the teachers in your group.
It soulds as though your friend is a little jealous of what you are
doing, or maybe doesn't agree on something that is happening in the
class. If the Lord has called you to do this, pray and ask Him what He
wants you to do next. Talk to your friend and see what the problem is.
If is isn't confliting with your church doctrine, or Biblical
teachings,stick in there. If jealous is the problem, it's her problem.
Take a stand and say " This is what I'm doing. You can do it your way.
Make sure you do it in Christian Love and I will pray it will workout for
the Glory of Jesus Christ and the best interst of the children
Sandy Doak, Bayonet Pt. Fl

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2) VBS theme: Jesus to the Rescue?

Our church has decided to go with the VBS theme "Jesus to the Rescue" What
I need help with is finding resources to make each classroom a particular
theme. We have decided to make each age group a "rescue theme" one will be
doctors/nurses, paramedics, fireman, policeman etc, and we will be getting
our local "rescuers" to be attending each night of VBS, with our Pastor
being the "rescuer" at our closing service....Any ideas and suggestions
would be greatly appreciated, as this year I am directing for the first
time, have been a teacher for the past 5 years, and I embarking on a new
experience this year. In Christian faith....Debbie

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: one thing that comes to mind is a Survival
Kit, you can find this info in the Archives List...or should I say, the
GOLDMINE! YSIC, Sarah Keith.

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3) Stained Glass Sun Catchers

You will need wax paper, old crayons, an iron, a pencil sharpener, a
christian coloring book, and a pencil. Have the children trace a picture
out of the book onto a piece of wax paper. Fold the wax paper in have.
That way when you cut out the picture you will have two sides, for a front
and a back. Then have the children sharpen the crayons into shavings, and
sprinkle the shavings on one sheet of the wax paper. Leave one inch from
the crayons to the end of the wax paper. This wax will make a seal so the
crayons will not fall out. Then place the second piece of wax paper on
top and iron on low to med heat (enough to melt the crayons and wax). Let
sun catchers cool and you can then punch a hole in the top to put a piece
of yarn to hang on the window.

When Jesus lives in us he changes us and his light will shine through us.
Each sun catcher will be different, just as we are different and unique in
the eyes of our Lord. This craft is a good way to use broken crayons.

I hope you can use this idea. Thank you for your website. I have just
started teaching Children's Church, and was scared because I did not have
the resources to be an effective teacher. Your website has given me so
many ideas, that I am not afraid to teach, because I know that it will be
an hour of learning fun in which the Lord gets Glory! Thank you again,
Stacy Laws

--from SSTN: Thank you, Stacy, for your encouraging comments and for
sharing this craft idea. By the way, the Chrismon-Kids patterns in
ChristianCrafters.Com would make great patterns for this craft. By using a
black permanent marker, you would trace over the pattern onto the wax
paper and the lines would like the leading in a stained glass window!
There's even a free Bell pattern in the craft section to get you going!
Blessings, Sarah Keith. <><

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4) Bulletin Board Ideas

I have just started working on 2 bulletin board in the Sunday School of
our church. The lovely young lady who did them before is off to college!!!
One bulletin board is the "Birthday Board". There was already a laminated
tree with leaves on the board. I bought simple pictures of apples from the
teacher supply store and laminated them. I added some leaves and stapled
the apples to the tree. Each month, I write the children whose birthdays
are in that month on an apple with a dry erase marker. The next month,
just erase those names and add the new ones. The other bulletin board I
also change once a month. I bought a laminated, blank calendar (also from
the teacher supply store) and stapled it in the middle of the bulletin
board. I found an "obscure" list of holidays on the Blue Mountain Arts
website (Dentists Day, Nat'l Social Worker Month, etc.). Then my 6 year
old daughter and I find corresponding pictures for those holidays on
Microsoft's Picture It! program. (I'm sure Print Shop, etc. has basically
the same pictures). I include text on the pictures of what the holiday is,
print them, cut them out, and staple them to the calendar. Each month I
find obscure facts about the "big" holiday for that month (St. Valentine,
St. Patrick, etc.), type the story/facts on a sheet of paper and staple it
to the bulletin board also. I change the color of the border to correspond
w/ the holiday. I also try to find ways to incorporate a few words by
using 3 inch lettering. For example in March I spelled out "Lucky to Know
Jesus!!" in green letters. After thinking about it for a while, it is very
easy to tie every holiday in to going to Sunday School, the Golden Rule,
etc. Good luck with your endeavors. It is a fun and creative way to

--from ChristianCrafters.Com : if anyone has pictures of YOUR bulletin
board ideas, send them in, and I'll create an entire link just for them.
;o)) YSIC, Sarah K.

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5) Teach Respect?

I need some ideas for teaching "respect others and respect yourself " to a
group of 5 year olds. Any ideas for games, songs, or stories will be
gratefully appreciated.

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6) ASL-expressive?

I would like to hear more from Sherri Simons on expressive American Sign
Language. Did your daughters go to workshops to learn this? I have seen
an interpreter do signing to a song and someone who seemed to be more of
possibly what you are explaining. This second way was more moving and
expressive and really touched people.

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7) Disciple Song/Mulberry Bush

I taught my 6-8 year old class the names of the disciples by using the
tune of the "Mulberry Bush". Sing in this order: Peter, Andrew,
James and John, Phillip and Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, Thaddeus,
Simon, James and Judas.
God Bless, Andee

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8) Clashing w/a teacher/friend

I wanted to try and encourage the woman who is "clashing with a
teacher/friend". As I first read the posting, the thought immediately
came to me that the devil wants to destroy Christians, especially those
who are actively involved in spreading the Gospel of Christ. This can take
the shape of covert actions like causing disunity and strife among the
closest of friends. Take heart, dear sister in Christ, and PRAY, PRAY,
PRAY... ask God to bring about healing in this situation rather than you
separating yourself from the ministry. Don't let Satan win the battle. As
I read down through the newletter, Marian from the UK and Karen in Canton,
Ohio spoke of the same thing, in different scenarios, but still all under
the same heading, really. You and your friend have a marvelous opportunity
and priviledge to impact youth for Jesus and He will see you through any
obstacle or problem you come across - remember, NOTHING is too big for our

I want to share with you a familiar scripture, my absolute favorite that
has comforted me countless times and I pray it comforts you too.
Philippians 4:6-7 Be anxious for NOTHING, but in everything by prayer
and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
And the PEACE of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your
hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. (caps mine of course, but the whole
passage could be in caps, as it is so very powerful) :-)

I was going to sign off just now, but another scripture popped into my
head, so I don't want to ignore it..... Isaiah 40:31 Yet those who wait
for the Lord Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like
eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become
weary. God bless you in your ministry!
Sherrie - Marysville, Ohio

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9) Clashing with a friend

I feel led to remind you we war not against flesh and blood --- you know
the rest.Have you thought maybe this new teaching program is going to
effect the children there in powerful ways for God and that the enemy is
trying to bring division and strife to take away from the glory God is
going to get from this. You seemed to be good friends before this
started.Pray and ask God what you can do to make the situation better, and
do alittle spiritual warfare with the enemy on your friends behalf.I have
experienced this myself very recently. At first I thought there was a
problem between my friend and I . I soon realized somewhat of that was
true.The enemy was what was trying to come between us and instead of me
having my mind on our play I was constantly thinking about the problems I
seemed to be having with my friend.Once I made my mind up that I was going
to endure and the enemy was not going to stop our play the strife
stopped.We put on a wonderful play and had a great turn out.Alot of those
that were there experienced the power of God for the first time.There was
very few dry eyes in the church.So fight the good fight of faith my friend
and watch God do the rest. Your sister in Christ, kim mebane nc

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10) Signing suggestions-question?

Where do I find the material that will show me common signs to use to do
some of these songs. I was thinking about teaching this to my childrens
church class. I have found the abc's but I would like to find more info on
this. I think it is a beautiful way to add to a song.Kim mebane nc

--from SSTN: There is a book on signing in the Christian Education
section of the Bookstore at: www.ChristianCrafters.Com

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11) Clashing with a Teacher

In response to the person who wrote in about clashing with a friend. The
first thing I would recommend is prayer. Second, reading Matthew 18 - its
all about conflict. So many times we see conflict as being about anger
and hurting others. Conflict also enters the ministry -- simply because
of the diverse talents the Lord has given us. We often have expectations
about how something will go, such as team teaching, and we don't know how
to respond when our expectations aren't met. In the case of teaching with
a friend, this can result in us "clamming up" and ultimately in a damaged
relationship. Pray - read - pray - and openly confess your heart. It may
hurt in the short run, but is right in the long run.
Sincerely, Shandelle Grosbach, Children's Ministry Overseer,
Calvary Chapel of Aurora, CO

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12) Books of the Bible Song

We use the Bible Break tape when we teach the books of the Bible in Awana.
The kids love to dance and be crazy because it's upbeat and fun!! Our
daughter even learned them when she was about 4 because we used the tape
at home. We laugh now because we even find ourselves singing thru it to
prompt our memories as to where to find a book in the O.T. Don't know if
it's available thru the book store on this website but I think we found it
in CBD. Kelly in Gillette, WY

--from SSTN: it is available in the music section of the bookstore at:

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