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SSTN # 16 - March 5, 2004

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Egg-Shaped Easter Cards

1) Bringing Toys To Class
2) Toys in classroom
3) Bringing Toys to Class

Buggie For Jesus - I'm A BEE-liever!

4) Quitting Teaching
5) Puppet Ministry
6) Puppet Ministry

Jesus Ascending Mini-Movie

7) Unsure Teacher
8) Seventeen Year Old
9) Paul Harvey's Comments on "The Passion"

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Egg-Shaped Easter Cards

When the cards are cut, colored and assembled, players can play Easter Egg
Scramble and discover a secret Easter message! Now with two black and
white "cross" and "resurrection" drawings to color! Reproducible so your
whole class can make a set!

Find them in the Curriculum section at: 

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1) Bringing Toys To Class

I have also had issues with kids bringing their toys to class.  I teach
K-5 aged children.  I have a standing policy that when the kids come into
class the toys are put in one specific spot and the kids are not allowed
to play with their personal toys during class.  At the end of Sunday
School the kids are allowed to go to the "toy rack" one at the time to
pick up their toys.  This has eliminated the problem of broken and missing
toys.  Hope this helps. 

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2) Toys in Classroom

I'm a mom of preschool kids and have been a Sunday School teacher for this
age group.    I had a counter in the classroom where all home things
went-  bags, toys, etc. The only problem I had was with a little girl that
was very attached to a little stuffed dog.  If I made sure the dog was
"watching us" from his perch on the counter, she had no problem.   Maybe
you could set up a home toy drop off place outside the classroom at sign
in.  Then parents don't have to tote toys and you don't have them in the
classroom.  It could be a laundry basket or box or just line up the stuff
neatly in the hallway.  Make sure everyone gets the information of the
change ahead of time so parents can explain that home toys have their on
special spot at Sunday School and hopefully, keep the fussing at bay. 
Amy, TX

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3) Bringing Toys to Class

I just started as the coordinator and (most months the teacher) of our
preschool church and children's church.  I've noticed a problem with our
children bringing toys to class.  My husband is teaching the older
childrend (grades 1-3).  He has insisted that they be in their pocket, but
if he sees them, he takes them and then gives them back to the parent when
they pick up the child.  I have let the children hold on to their treasure
during our opening play time, but then during clean-up all the toys that
do not belong on the shelf go on top of the piano (which is high enough
that the children can't reach and next to the door so they see it as they
are leaving and don't forget them).  I've explained to the children that
it is the only way I can be sure that their treasures will be safe.  So
for it is working.

Another idea:  the Bible study program that my sons and I attend give out
a policy statement at the beginning of the year.  It states that it is
prefered that your child's toys do not come to class.  It follows with
reasons (it could be lost, broken, a distraction from what the child is
learning).  Then it also follows with the disclaimer that if the child is
having a difficult time and needs a comfort object that week, that's fine
as long as it is clearly marked with your child's name.

I'm sure this is basic information, as I've just started.  But it is a
question that has been on my mind as well.  I've also thought about having
a check in treasure box where all of the toys can be deposited.  I don't
have the option though of sending the toys with the parents as they are
released from church and go to children's church with the other workers
and I.

HOpe something I said was helpful.


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Buggie For Jesus - I'm A BEE-liever!

Reproducible buggie crafts, games, lessons, and yummy devotions
to coordinate with your summertime programs or midweek classes.

In the Curriculum section: 

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4) Quitting Teaching

I too am in agreement with Sarah.  This is serious and the superintendant
and even the pastor needs to know what is going on.  I am sorry that you
are having a roigh time.  I don't know what age you have but with my kids,
one thing I use to get them to listen is tell them that I am going to send
them back to the nursery to visit with the babies.  They don't like that. 
Games are a way for them to learn but maybe you can tell them that if they
listan to the Bible story then you will play a Bible game with them. 
Also, and some people does not like this, I show them the snack or candy
and if they are called down then I don't give it to them and I tell them
why.  I will be praying for you as you continue to serve the Lord.

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5) Puppet Ministry

A good suggestion which I did with our puppet ministry was ordering
puppets through Oriental Trading. I got 12 hand puppets (religious!) and I
think it cost me around 10 dollars!

Nancy Fidler
Sunday Kids Club Director

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6) Puppet Ministry

> I have search my local Christian shops and have found the people
> puppets to be very expensive and I working with a very, very limited budget.

I would suggest the book "Puppets, Kids, and Christian Education" by Kurt
Hunter published by Augsburg Fortress Publishers; (August 2001)  ISBN:
(perhaps it is already in your bookstore?)
In the book there are instructions for making handle bag puppets which are
easy for all ages to manipulate. He talks about making them out of wood.
We have made puppets out of wood and some out of foam core, with equally
good results.

--from SSTN: you can find the book in our Bookstore. Just type the title
into the search box on this page:

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Jesus Ascending Mini-Movie

A unique flip-card pattern that children color and assemble, then watch
the resurrected Jesus ascend into the clouds. Kids make it and take it
home!  Print out as many patterns as you need for a onetime fee. To see a
picture and to learn more, follow this link:

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7) Unsure teacher

I would like to send a message to the 17 year old who wants to quit
teaching but I don't know how to get in touch with her so here goes. I
think she should be able to talk to the parents after class. I also feel
that maybe there should be another teacher with her in the room. She must
be able to get support from her church go talk to the minister. She should
stand her ground. She needs to show the kids that she is in control and
she won't stand for any disrespect what so ever. I run a program for kids
that range from ages of 3 to 13 years old in one room. I have one helper
we have rules in the classroom which are posted in the room. We go over
them every week. If you show the kids respect they will respect you. If I
have a problem I try to take care of it within the classroom with the
child if not I speak to the parent right after class which always works
for me and in rare cases I have to talk to the minister. Teaching Sunday
school is very hard if you must give up then you must but remember if you
do then the little ones would have won they pushed your buttons and they
must learn to respect their elders be it if you are 17 or 37 years old.
Remember also you are doing God's work.
Good Luck,
Karen Haugen
This is in response to #4 of SSTN# 14- Feb 27.2004 Thank You

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8) Seventeen Year Old

The only trouble I have had in all the yerars I have been Coordinating SCS
was the first term when I as told the high school kids would teach for the
first four months. I did not have a voice in that, and believe me I found
my voice very quickly during this period. The youth leader did not provide
these HSers with anything other than the manual!

I am a [in June} retiring SS Coordinator [I did not like "superintendent"
and changed it]. I am also a retired public school teacher and had university
students "practice teaching" with me.

I would support her in stepping aside [not using the would quit] because
she is not getting the support from her supervisor. I would not put a 17
year old in a classroom because I feel that they are still on their own
Faith journey at that age, and should be supported in that. And, this
young lady has been in there for two years, since she was 15!! Where is
the Youth program in this church? [I have spent many years in my church
also working with the youth, and their own Bible Stdy program.] I would
encourage her to take a break, then help with another class with a
seasoned teacher if she would like.

Over the years, when a teacher has come to me with a problem of any kind,
I first visit the classroom several times, talking after with the teacher
each time. Identifying whether there is a specific problem, or a variety is the
first job. Making sure that she has a well planned lesson, with different
activities, and not keeping the children in a chair for the entire time [I
have seen this]. I would provide an opportunity for this person to visit
other classrooms, even at another church. I would bring in a retired SS
teacher to be with the class while this young woman takes her break, and
visits other classes. I would provide an opportunity for her to talk with
someone who has previously taught SS, has taught these children in particular. I would
help her set up a schedule where a parent sits in on and helps the class
for a time [not necessarily a parent of a child in that class.]

Sarah, you are right in that other people need to be brought into this
situation if  the SS Super/Coordinator is not doing her job. Go to the
Education Committee. Work up the ladder.

I touch base with each of my teachers weekly, they know they can email me
which during the week is sometimes quicker than playing telephone tag, and
we meet monthly.

The question of discipline is a tough one, as we are not a public school
with the rules and regulations they have in place, yet we know they are
not always the safest and happiest places to be. I once told a youngster
that though perhaps her behavior was acceptable in her home, neighborhood
or school, it wasn't acceptable at church; that everyone of any any age,
race or what have you, should be able to walk through the doors and be
accepted and treated [as Jesus treated] with respect. This means respect
to the 17 year old who is sharing her time and talents when she could be
home sleeping as most of her peers are. This refers to the other children
in the class who must be able to listen to the other children as well as
the teacher, and also share THEIR thoughts.

I have always found that a parent wants to know if their child is causing
a problem [has a problem.] Keeping the parent in the dark is not wise.

However, make certain that the teacher is doing all she should before
talking with the parent. A well planned lesson with a variety of
activities, and back up activities for when the lesson does not go as
planned is essential. Rewards may be used, but I wouldn't START there.

I wish I could hug that young lady, and be right there to support her.

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9) Paul Harvey's Comments on "The Passion"

This text is falsely attributed to radio commentator Paul Harvey. It was
actually written by Keith A. Fournier, founder of the Catholic Way Website
where it was originally published. The full article can be found here; 

Looking forward to seeing the Passion,

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