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February 14, 2000
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Greetings Network Friends! Happy Valentine's Day!! I just wanted to give you an update on the Network. You can now search the archives and the rest of the pages within ChristianCrafters.Com! YEAH!! I've finished programming the FreeFind search tool. I just tried it out and typed in the keywords: "God's promises". It took me right to three of the archive's pages! So, when you want to know something specific, give the archives search tool a try. (To access the search tool, click on the Sunday School teacher's page at ChristianCrafters.Com, then click on Archives List.)

Also, you've probably noticed the digest is coming out more frequently. We are adding to our numbers each and everyday and I'm amazed at the response!! (It reminds me of the early church in the book of Acts!) As you know, the network was launched Jan.10, 2000. At first I was actually concerned there wouldn't be enough input and content! But now, please pray that I can keep up with the demand, and continue to respond to all your wonderful ideas and input in a timely manner. I am being blessed by the willingness of so many of you who contribute your ideas. THANK YOU! My theme verse for our network is Matthew 18:20, and it is really great to know that Jesus is here amongst us as we seek to serve him more effectively!

Blessings to all,
Sarah Keith <><
Your Moderator

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Re: I have just started a children's ministry...

Be encouraged! Cover your ministry in prayer. Ask God for guidance and "listen" for the answers. Many lessons or themes for my ministry have been revealed during my own personal prayer and study times. We play lots of games that the children are already familiar with...Bible Basketball--2 teams 2pts for correct answer, 1 pt. for making the shot. (I bring a small ball from home and use the garbage can) Bible Tic Tac Toe--You have to answer the question correctly for your team to be able to place their X or O on the board. The children love the Bible Drills--they're excited to be able to use their Bibles. Have the children close their Bibles and call out a scripture reference and watch them work! I usually use memory verses for repetition. For crafts--get some basic materials and make up crafts using these basics. Every so often purchase extras for something more special. For example, it was very important for the children to know the four spiritual laws and have a tangible way to witness to friends so we made Gospel Bead bracelets. These were very inexpensive by the way and I believe that Christian Crafters has a version on the website. If you have not already, spend time getting to know your staff. It will make it much easier down the road to get input for ideas, discuss situations that arise etc. Also, you need to know where they are spiritually to know where to place them, with the Lord's guidance of course. I'll let someone else jump in now...

Be Blessed!
Ages 4-11
Roseville, MI

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In response to:

I host a web site that offers a free weekly Bible lesson. There is a game, a Bible story, and a take home paper in each lesson. The lessons were written for 5 and 6 year olds but could easily be adapted upward to include 10 year old kids. There were times when I ended up with both preschoolers and 3'rd graders in my class and the 3'rd graders seemed to get the most out of the lessons. So you may want to check out my site at http://www.edupatterns.com
Linda Lawler

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Maybe others have used this but it is a good one.

Attach this note to a bag of jellybeans.


RED is for the blood He gave;
GREEN is for the grass He made;
YELLOW is for His sun so bright;
ORANGE is for the edge of night;
BLACK is for the sins we made;
WHITE is for the grace He gave;
PURPLE is for His hours of sorrow;
PINK is for our new tomorrow.
A bag of jellybeans
colorful and sweet,
is a prayer!
is a promise!
is a special treat!

Hope others enjoy this. Thank you. God Bless. Jane

(From ChristianCrafters.Com- Thanks for the poem, Jane. It's great! For pre-k to 1st graders, you might want to have the kids place a small amount of Easter grass into baby food jars and fill with 2-3 of each color of jelly beans as you read the poem. Then, glue the poem to the outside of the jar. The poem would need to be changed to "...a jar of jelly beans...")

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I found this craft for Easter about 6 years ago. When I did it with my class the kids loved it and the mom's loved it as much! The kids get to create their own Garden of Gethsemane, tomb and all! First I went to a "dollar" type store and bought tin foil pans, large enough for a good size garden. Then I went into my woods and backyard and collected small twigs (for trees), pebbles, mosses, and anything else that caught my eye. Then, shortly before the Sunday planned for the craft, purchase some marigolds ( or anything you like but keep it a low-growing plant). Also purchase enought potting soil for each child to fill their tinfoil pan. Collect toiletpaper tubes and round flat stones such as you see by a lake or river. I got most of my supplies from my woods or nearby streams.

1. After a lesson about Jesus in the garden, instruct the kids to fill their tins with dirt. You may need asistance for this, it could get messy, but that's the fun part!

2. Give each child a toiletpaper tube and have them bury it in the dirt, but leave the end exposed and create a path to it with the dirt. This should form a hill once you cover the whole tube. This is your tomb. You could even give each child a tiny piece of white cloth to put inside the tube to symbolize the burial clothes. You may have to cut the tubes in half. After the tube is buried, have them place a flat, round stone at the entrance of the tube (tomb).

5. Then tell the kids to create a beautiful garden with the twigs, moss, pebbles, white stones, etc...and give each two or three marigolds to incorporate into their garden. Encourage them to be creative.

Let them give it to Mom or Dad. I received many positive comments on this craft. The moms planted the marigolds in their gardens later. Don't forget to water it!

5-9 year olds N. Georgia

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Valentine Songs

Tune: Jesus Loves Me

Jesus is my Valentine,
For He loves me all the time,
I will stay close by his side,
In his love I will abide.

Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
His heart is true, I know.

by Mrs. R. D. Banksdale

Tune: Jesus Loves Me

I love Jesus this I know,
For He saved me even thougb
I was lost and out in sin,
Without hope and peace within,

Yes, I love Jesus
Yes, I love Jesus
Yes, I love Jesus
My Savior and my Lord.

by Jennifer S. Deans

I have found this to be a great source for ideas:
Teacher's Swap Shop
Box 777
Taylors, SC 29687

This is a newspaper that comes out comes out bi-monthly. They will send
a free sample but you have to let them know that you want to subscribe.
Basically it is free but if you can they would like to donate to the
newspaper at least once a year. I have found it to be very helpful. It
has stories, object lessons, crafts, and songs. Actually the above songs
came from back issues.
I put the issues according to months for example all the Jan./Feb.
issues are together. Then I have file cards with various words on them
for example object lessons or games. Then I go through each issue and
found all the object lessons or games and list them on the card
Jan./Feb. 1999 plus title of game or lesson, Jan./Feb. 1986. If I need
a game then I can look at that card and then go to the appropriate
folder. Holidays I might have one card for each holiday as it seems that
I use the Holidays cards more.

Hope these ideas will help.

Rosemary Lare

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