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SSTN - Number 175
April 4, 2001

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1) F.R.O.G. VBS
2) Easter music for children
3) Easter Recipe?
4) Easter Candy?
5) Adult VBS-Truth Trackers
6) Ideas to bring children to church
7) Easter for Pre School Ages
8) Easter Songs
9) F.R.O.G.S. VBS
10) Outback theme Decorations
11) Samson and Delilah story
12) Samson and Delilah

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1) F.R.O.G. VBS

Call 800-228-2269 and ask for the "Inspirations" catalogue #20201A. This
is a division of Oriental Trading Company, they have inexpensive prizes,
premade, crafts, gifts, and supplies. The shipping is pricey but if you
wait they periodically offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more. I
accumulate all the seasonal catalogues, and combine all the items from all
the catalogues on to the order form with the free shipping offer.

This is a good catalogue for all types of children's ministry- I order
from them at least twice a year. On pages 20 & 21 they have all F.R.O.G.
things, bubbles, bracelets, stickers, you yo's, pinwheels, puzzles and two
cute crafts. . . bead key chains, $9.60 for 12 kits, and windsocks $9.60
for 12 also. You can see how to make these things from the pictures
should you decide not to order. www.craftsforkids.com also has cute ideas,
it is national frog month in April- so they have ideas of crafts, songs,
and games too! Enjoy! In Him, Mary Goemaat

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********* FEATURED ITEMS at ChristianCrafters.Com

* In our Curriculum section you will find:

* NEW-LIFE PUPPET patterns, these puppets turn inside out to change from a
tadpole to frog, or a caterpillar to butterfly puppet. Easy to make and
children will learn about becoming new creatures in Christ! Get a free
puppet skit to go with the puppets at: www.ChristianCrafters.Com

* Do you need an ALL-PURPOSE curriculum at your church? 'Kid's Time Kit:
God's People Celebrate!' is for any number of kids, any number of
teachers, and for limited budgets! (Grades 1-6). It includes crafts,
games, lesson plans, songs, and so much more!! Check it out under
Curriculum at: www.ChristianCrafters.Com

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2) Easter music for children

It is called "The Easter Miracle Through the Eyes of Children" published
by Cedarmont Kids who publishes various children/gospel music, videos,
etc. It contains some older songs (Alive, Alive; Tell Me the Story of
Jesus; He is Lord; Praise Him, Praise Him; Christ the Lord is Risen Today,
as well as 3 or 4 new songs I wasn't familiar with. These songs are
incorporated into an Easter skit. The skit dialogue and words to all the
songs are provided as well. I purchased mine at a Christian bookstore in
Jacksonville, FL but I am sure it's readily available. Good luck and God

PS from SSTN: you can get the music for $3.99 at ChristianCrafters.com in
the Bookstore, it's listed as 'Classics-Easter Miracle K+' (type the name
into the search box.)

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3) Easter Recipe?

I am looking an Easter Recipe with the theme of the Resurrection that I
could make with my Sunday School kids ages 6 to 8. Something that would
take 1/2 hour or less.

P.S. from ChristianCrafters.Com: Check the Archives List for 'Easter
Cookies' in Archive #15 and in Archive #154, Easter Rolls and Pretzels
...also look in 'Yummy Devotions' in the Christian Craft section.

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4) Easter Candy?


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5) Adult VBS-Truth Trackers

I will be teaching Adult VBS. Our theme is Truth Trackers in Search of the
Stone Tablets. This theme is a search for the ten commandments and how
Jesus is the true treasure. John 14:6 is our theme verse. I want ideas of
things to use for these adults. Respond to wcarter@npoint.net Cathi

--from SSTN: If you respond directly to Cathi, please copy to SSTN--otherwise our network will not benefit from your knowledge. Thanks! sarah

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6) Ideas to bring children to church

One thing that I think could work for any Church no matter the size is a
variation of what my Church family calls "Back Yard Bible Clubs." You can
use VBS materials but instead of holding them at the church go into the
neighborhood. Initially it may mean that the BYBC's are held at one
member's home. In our Church family we train our older teens [16 and up -
mentored by adults] to lead the Clubs. The clubs are held by "host" homes
in the neighborhoods surrounding the Church. After a week of BYBC's we
invite the ENTIRE family to the church for a "Street Festival" but smaller
Churches could use "Pot Luck" Suppers or a BBQ. This is a wonderful way to
draw not JUST children but adults in to the Church family as well. Your
sister in His service and Love Deb Halleck Hill Country Bible Church,
Austin TX

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7) Easter for Pre School Ages

This will be our second year of having a resurrection celebration. Our
main objective is for children to learn the true meaning of Easter. We do
this through songs, videos, crafts, stories, and snacks. Last year we
used the resurrection eggs with the Benjamin's Box storybook, we made
resurrection story cookies, colored eggs, made jelly bean prayer bags,
read The Legend of the Easter Egg and had an egg hunt.

This year we will reuse the resurrection eggs along with the Legend of the
Easter Egg to go along with our egg hunt. But we have decided to focus on
different symbols each year. This year we will be doing butterflies to
represent new life and change and the Easter Lily. We are also going to
make resurrection rolls which I got the recipe from the Women of Faith
newsletter last year. You give each child a marshmallow and tell them it
represents Jesus who died on the cross for us. Then you have them dip it
in melted butter to represent the oils they anointed Jesus with. Then
they roll it in sugar and cinnamon to represent the spices they used. Then you
wrap Him in a crescent roll just like they used the fine linen cloths.
Next, you put the wrapped Jesus in the tomb (oven at 375 degrees) for 3
days (12-15 minutes). When the rolls are cool enough, the children can
look inside and see that Jesus is not there. My three year old had to
check each of the trial ones we made and was so excited that Jesus was
ALIVE!!! The rolls puff up and the marshmallow melts all over the place.
You can make the roll sweeter if you drizzle the melted stuff over the
tops of the rolls but are still tasty without it. Do not undercook, as
they will sink and not be hollow.

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8) Easter Songs

Celebrate Jesus, Lord, I Lift Your Name On High are in the Red Book
(Integrity). The Donut Man Resurrection Celebration has wonderful songs:
Run, Peter, Run, Hosanna, Shout Hosanna. Our Faithweaver curriculum has a
new one this quarter called: He Is Alive. Hope this helps.

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9) F.R.O.G.S. VBS

Oriental Trading Co. has a few crafts such as a frog note holder and a F.R.O.G. keychain. They also have tons of frog trinkets you could use as incentives.

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10) Outback theme Decorations

Message from Kim Smith regarding leftover decorations your church has.
Our church is planning on this theme this year, we would be interested in
your decorations. You can e-mail me at BargnsRus@aol.com Thank you.

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11) Samson and Delilah story

>looking for any good ideas--craft ideas and storytelling ideas for the
>Samson and Delilah story, suitable for 4 and 5 year-olds.

A simple and inexpensive craft that my class of 2 to 4 year-olds loved was
making paper Samson hair. We used a legal size pad of off-white paper so
the hair would be long, but regular construction paper may work as well.
Measure the paper around each child's head and secure it with tape. Then,
your kids can use safety scissors to make vertical cuts all the way around
resembling strands of hair. A short horizontal cut in the middle will
make bangs. Once the hair is cut, they will wear them on their heads
with the hair stands pointing down and the bangs in front of their face.
(They may try to put them on pointing up like a crown.) The scripture we
used was Isaiah 41:9-11 "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be
dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will
uphold you with my righteous right hand."

Since our kids are young and many had never used scissors before, my
husband and I cheated on cutting the hair strips, but it worked great.
One by one, each child took the paper to a shredder station operated by my
husband. He inserted the paper, but stopped an inch or so before going
all the way through, then reversed it to get the paper out. Next, the child
brought the shredded hair to me where I helped them cut bangs over a trash
can. We played a simple memory verse game while wearing our hair and each
child repeated "I will strengthen you and help you." We talked about ways
we can all be "strong" for God and I was amazed at some of their answers!
Kim Abraham, Springfield, TN

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12) Samson and Delilah

There is a section in a book by Group Publishing - Forget-me-not Bible
Story Activities (they might have it in the book section at Christian
Crafters- Sarah could help out here) which focuses on Samson and Delilah
and has a great short story skit which you use cardboard faces pasted on
mops to demonstrate the story. It went very well for our childrens church
which has children from 3 years up. If you can't find the book (it also
has lots of other activities for other bible stories - a great resource)
let me know and I'll send you a general description of the skit -
. Blessings, Laurie Nash - North West Community Church, Australia.

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: thanks for the plug, Laurie. It IS in the
Bookstore under Christian Education. --Sarah ;o)

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