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SSTN - Number 179
April 13, 2001

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1) X-tra Large Resurrection Eggs
2) Mold of Ten Commandments?
3) Passion week eggs
4) Fund Raising Idea
5) Children's Sunday Theme
6) Bubbles with preschoolers
7) Mansion, Harp and Crown if We 'Live Right'
8) Age Appropriate Expectations
9) Sunday School Picnic?
10) Thank you
11) Get to know you ideas?
12) Polar Expedition ideas?

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1) X-tra Large Resurrection Eggs

(I am using this so that people in the back of the church can see the
symbols too)
*Large egg pattern
*12 large pieces of construction paper
*Markers or paint
*12 brass fasteners
*Pictures of the symbols that go along with the Resurrection Eggs (I used
mixture of my computer's clipart and pictures
from various coloring books)
*The verses that go along with the Resurrection Eggs
*12 pieces of 8 1/2" x 11" copy paper

Trace a large egg pattern onto 12 large pieces of construction paper (12
different colors if you want). On each egg put one letter each to spell
out "Resurrection". Cut a zigzag pattern across the middle of each egg.
Using one brass fastener for each egg, put the cracked egg back together.
(it will be a hinged egg now that opens and shuts) Find pictures/clipart
to correspond with each of 11 symbols (one egg will be empty) from the
Resurrection Eggs (check the archives if you do have the Resurrection
Eggs). Copy the pictures/clipart onto the top half of each sheet of 8 1/2"
x 11" copy paper. Glue the bottom half of the paper onto the inside of
the bottom half of the egg, so that when the egg is opened you can see the
symbol. The corresponding verses may be written on the back of each egg
for the child to read or let the younger children hold the eggs and older
children read the verses or have members of the congregation read the
verses. Lily in Jackson, KY

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These puppets turn inside out to change from a tadpole to frog, or a
caterpillar to butterfly puppet. Easy to make and children will learn
about becoming new creatures in Christ! Get a free puppet skit to go with
the puppets at: www.ChristianCrafters.Com

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2) Mold of Ten Commandments?

Hi, I'm searching for a mold of the Ten Commandments to use during our
Vacation Bible School. Do you have any idea where I can get one or more?
Thanks, Lisa Jones

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3) Passion week eggs

HI, I was reading your new game on Easter eggs. I had used a similar idea
of your site.It was to include different symbols of the passion week
(Thorns , nail, whip thread, scarlet cloth and empty egg) to represent
different moments of the week.But we as youth group were trying to break
the ice with the little kids so they could start talking to us and feel
free to approach us .So I gave the eggs to the youth and got the little
kids to go egg hunting.The rule was that the eggs were only with the
youth.The kids had to go to each adult and ask him his name and ask if he
had the egg.If that adult had the egg he would probably give the kid a hug
and give the egg, otherwise he would say, I dont have the egg why dont you
ask so and so.It really helped break the ice between youth and the little
ones.and I felt that once the kids had a pleasant experience with youth
they would feel free to approach us anytime. Joseph Mathews

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4) Fund Raising Idea

Our church youth do a similar fund raising project to the flamingos, but
we use reindeer at Christmas. The kids love sneaking around to "reindeer"
folks and those in our church have a great time with it also!

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5) Children's Sunday Theme?

Dear SSTN- I am leading a Children's Sunday worship on May,13 Mother's
Day. Our theme is "Build A Better World" the children will be bringing
in items that we will use to put together Health Kits & School Kits that
will be distributed by Children's World Services. I would like to have
each class participate in worship by doing a Christian worship
tradition/prayer from another country. Also, I would like some songs to
go with the theme. If you could direct me to some resources,or share any
ideas, I'd appreciate it. Thank you. Karen Moulton

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6) Bubbles with preschoolers

I teach the preschool Sunday School class. The curriculum (Exploring
Faith by Cokesbury) called for kids to blow bubbles. The suggestion was
to put the bubble mixture (1/4 cup liquid dish detergent, 1/2 cup water, 1
teaspoon sugar) in a plastic dishpan. Then you tear the bottom out of
paper cups, have the kids dip the cups in the solution and blow through
the cups. It worked beautifully!!! Small children often have trouble
directing the flow of the air into those small rings that come with bubble
sets, but this took care of the problem.

The book said the kids should dip the rims and blow through the torn-out
end but my kids did it the other way around and it still worked. Since my
room has no water I mixed the bubble stuff at home and put it in small
margarine containers and gave them each their own. Then there was no
crowding around the same dishpan.

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7) Mansion, Harp and Crown if We 'Live Right'

>I have a problem with this statement as we are ALL sinners and cannot
>possibly 'live right' in order to go to heaven. What we can do is believe

Sorry, but I find in my Bible that there is more to being saved. The
Bible instructs us to live a separated live from the world. If we don't
have to live right then why is there a hell? Also, when you are saved you
are not a sinner (unless you return to sin).

There are a lot of different beliefs and churches represented on this
forum. I do not agree with a lot of what is said here, but I do not reply
every time I have a disagreement, (for instance, my church teaches the
plan of salvation is more than just accepting and believing). I think the
purpose of this forum is to share ideas, not disagree on theological
issues. Teresa

--PS from SSTN: The original point that is getting lost in this
denominational disagreement is whether to reward our students or not. The
Bible DOES say that WHEN WE ARE IN Christ, we are promised Heavenly
rewards. The greatest one being the very salvation of our souls! May our
hearts and minds be enlightened with the knowledge of God's love for us
this Easter! Your moderator, Sarah Keith <><

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Family Game Night At Home Or Church!

Get "Bibleopoly", "Bible Scattergories", or "Bible Blurt",
in The Bible Game Store at ChristianCrafters.Com.
Have some FUN!

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8) Age Appropriate Expectations

>As new Christian Ed director of a SS with average attendance of 45, my SS
>teachers have expressed the desire for a schedule of what each age group
>should know by the time they move to the next class. I found a

Deb, If you will send me your address I will be happy to send you a set of
expectations by age level that we use with our kids. We have them
in a Workers' Manual that is given to all of our staff as a guideline to
what children should learn at each age level.
Bill Caughlin- caughlin@open-door.org

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9) Sunday School Picnic?

Hi! We need some fresh ideas for our Sunday School picnic, to be held
outdoors in a city park in early June. Our Sunday School has about 65
kids, ages 2 -18. We encourage the families to come, and bring friends.
Usually we have one of those inflatable jumping toys, races & relay games,
hot dogs, and wrap up with a water balloon toss. Our church family has had
a difficult year with tragedies and discouragement, so we really need to
have some fresh input, and a well-planned event to remind us of the joyful
times we can have together as Jesus' family. Thanks so much for this great
site! Garry & Liane

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10) Thank you

Please let whoever sent the version of this Psalm to you it was the one I
Needed I appreciate it. Please thank them for me. Gladys Walton

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I developed Kidzoo-Shuffle, a fun game of strategy and skill. Kids ages 5
and up, will develop eye-hand coordination, category placement, and depth
perception skills while playing. For more info, go to:
Click on "Products" when you get there! I hope you enjoy it!
Your webservant, Sarah Keith <><

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11) Get to know you ideas?

Our church is combining with a bigger church this year for the first time
for VBS. I want to plan an event two weeks before VBS for all of the
adult volunteers from both churches to get to know each other. I am
looking for some game ideas or other "get to know each other" ideas. Our
goal is to break down any walls between the churches and have one mind and
one focus. Thanks for your help!! Mary Beth Konvalin

--from SSTN: I'd be happy to start a new page just for "Ice Breakers"
activities. Send them in to be posted in the site! ~ Sarah K.

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12) Polar Expedition ideas?

Dear Sarah, this is Beth from a small Southern Baptist church in Ca. We
are doing a vbs this June, The Polar Expedition. The problem is we cannot
afford all the craft lessons and I was wondering if you or anyone else has
done this particular vbs and have done your own crafts along with the
bible lessons. Any ideas would be appreciated.

--from SSTN: the Polar Expedition is brand new for 2001. The starter kit
is available in my Curriculum section at ChristianCrafters.Com. MANY of
the ideas are easy to reproduce without buying the individual craft items
from the publisher. By the way, our church is doing it this summer too.
;o). Sarah Keith <><

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