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SSTN - Number 180
April 16, 2001

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1) Building attendance?
2) Ideas to motivate our people to invite others
3) F.R.O.G. Curriculum?
4) Native American Psalm 23
5) Agreeing to Pray?
6) Dare To Be A Daniel
7) Looking for a Book?
8) Heaven Program
9) Other Cultures-Point of reference?
10) Easter Cookies
11) Offering Collection Ideas
12) Bee games and crafts?

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1) Building attendance?

Hi everyone! I am looking for some original ideas to build attendance in
our Sunday School. We are a pretty small church in the Tulsa Metro area
(Sand Springs) and if any of you are from around here, you know there is
literally a church on every corner. We are "competing" with some HUGE
churches, and our finances are not nearly as abundant as theirs. I need
something that is effective, and cheap. There are scads of unchurched
kids (and adults for that matter) in our neighborhood, and we had limited
success at VBS last year, but we can't keep them coming for more than a
few weeks at a time. Our pastor has agreed to preach from the rooftop if
we hit 100 attendance, and that is our short term goal. I just want to
say, I really appreciate all the thought that goes into these replies,
and the fact that everyone cares enough to take the time to respond.
Blessings to all of you!
Sherri- Youth director, Church of God Remnant (COGR)

--from SSTN: I like that rooftop idea! ;o) Also, check the Archives List
at ChristianCrafters.Com for a gold-mine of ideas already submitted!
Your moderator, Sarah K.

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2) Ideas to motivate our people to invite others

>I want to have a big Sunday school day 4 weeks from now.
>I need some ideas that will motivate our people to invite others to
Sunday school...

One thing that might be good would be to have "Praise in the Park Days"
For the weeks preceding your Super Sunday School Sunday. If you have a
local Christian radio station ask if you can have some air time to tell
the community about it. Simple posters inviting guests, could be made by
your children. During the praise in the park you could have games and
praise music [a couple of guitars and some willing signers]. I would also
suggest a simple but inexpensive meal. Hot dogs, chips and tea or punch.
Many local merchants support efforts like this. If you have a Walmart in
the area I KNOW that they will support at least part of your effort.

Side note for the hot dog meal -- A slow cooker [the big kind that you can
cook a full sized turkey in] works very well. But if there is no power
available BBQ those pups. Also, don't pre cook A LOT especially the first
day. You may wind up with too much left over and waste both food and

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3) F.R.O.G. Curriculum?

I'm praying for you and I will be a prayer supporter for you too. I also
have some questions about an email I got from you last week. It was about
VBS and the F.R.O.G curricullum.Please send any info to me about where I
can find it. I am trying to get it for my church and I need the info. Any
help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!! Thank you for your Web Site and
Loving the Lord. Love in Christ, DAwn Wood

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4) Native American Psalm 23

This is from the Cheyenne Scripture, and found at website:
Lindsay Mattison

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Resurrection Theme

* NEW-LIFE PUPPET patterns, these puppets turn inside out to change from a
tadpole to frog, or a caterpillar to butterfly puppet. Easy to make and
children will learn about becoming new creatures in Christ! Get a free
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our Curriculum section.

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5) Agreeing to Pray?

> If they agree to pray, we send them a letter thanking them and then give

Hi Marcia, I'm interested in more specifics in how you do this. We too
encourage our "potential teachers" to pray about it, but sounds like you
have a consistent method. Would you be willing to share a sample of your
letter? My e-mail address is pderden@chartertn.net. Would love to hear
from you. Thanks! Jaymie Derden-Bristol, VA (I went to school in

--from SSTN: remember to copy to the network if you respond directly! ;o)

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6) Dare To Be A Daniel

I had multiple submissions on this, so rather than post them all, I will
post only a combination of them. Thank you to everyone that submitted! --
Sarah <><

The song is found on Wee Sing More Bible Songs. (I believe the bookstore
at ChristianCrafters.com carries this.) The cassette tape comes with a
book that contains the words and simple note music to all the songs.

Dare to be a Daniel,
dare to stand alone;
dare to have a purpose firm,-
dare to make it known.

1. Standing by a purpose true,
heeding God's command,
honor them the faithful few!
All hail to Daniel's band!

2. Many mighty men are lost,
daring not to stand,
who for God had been a host
by joining Daniel's band.

3. Many giants great and tall,
stalking through the land,
headlong to the earth would fall
If met by Daniel's band!

4. Hold the gospel banner high,
on to vict'ry grand;
Satan and his host defy,
and shout for Daniel's band!

(Note: Wee Sing More Bible Songs also contains a Ho-Ho-Ho-Hosanna song
with slightly different words--this could provide the tune for the song
mentioned in SSTN - Number 177.)

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7) Looking for a Book?

I am looking a book on discipling titled, "Tally Ho the Fox" by Herb
Hodges. Please let me know where I might buy a copy. Thank you, Casey

--from SSTN: If you know the ISB-Number I can look it up in my Bookstore,
I couldn't find it by title in my Bookstore. ~ Sarah.

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8) Heaven Program

When ever I start planning a project, I remember to ASK those who will be
involved. This can actually be the first, middle & last part of the
overall project. First, ask the children what they THINK heaven is like.
Each child could be sitting in a circle on the floor. Remember to build
on what they say. Each child gets a turn. Each child must listen to the
others. Then, when all has had a turn - let each one draw/color/paint
their idea. Use what they say & what their pictures look like to build the
discussion for the next week's lesson. Use THEIR art for the visual
incorporating the words of the bible and what adults think heaven is like.
Sing a song about heaven. The 3rd & last session could include a tour of
the church looking for "pieces of heaven". Have the children hold hands
"buddy style". End the adventure at the altar. Have a Minister instruct
the children on your faith's definition of heaven - help the minister by
providing a list of words that the children gave during part 1 to be
incorporated into the lesson.

This basic idea plan should work with any group & can be adapted to more
in-depth interaction as the age group gets older OR the older children can
be paired to work with the younger children. Elizabeth J. Peters

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9) Other Cultures-Point of reference?

My biggest problem is use of illustrations and materials from the Western
world because there is no point of reference in this culture so I would
welcome any assistance with illustrations from people who either are from
Africa or have worked in Africa so that the Bible truths can be better
understood. God bless. Yours in Christ, Nancy.

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10) Easter Cookies

Easter Cookies is another recipe that can be made for Easter.
Joyce, Georgia.
--from SSTN: Found in the Archives List-#15 at: ChristianCrafters.Com
Also, find in the Crafts section are YUMMY TREATS.

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11) Offering Collection Ideas

We have about 22 regulars in SS. We have about 45 min for SS, but we
spend the first 5-10 minutes in an opening with all the classes together.
We stand in a large circle and usually open/close with the Lord's Prayer,
Apostles' or Nicene Creed, Beatitudes, 23rd Psalm etc. We have a plastic
church bank that is used when a child has a birthday. they get to drop in
pennies in the amount of the age they are.
We use a regular collection plate (an older one) for the collection. I
pick one child (different each week) to go around the circle passing the
plate to each child while we sing a hymn or song from our liturgy (our
Lutheran Church sings the entire liturgy so we have many shorter type
songs). The kids like it and it is a nice way for them to learn about the
liturgy, too. Cindy in Dayton

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12) Bee games and crafts?

I am looking for some good games and crafts that have to do with bees. I
would also like some games and crafts to do with a Western Theme. Thank
you. Melissa

--from SSTN: Check out the Crafts AND the Kid's Sermons page at:

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