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SSTN - Number 182
April 23, 2001

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1) Icebreaker games
2) End of the year teacher recognition
3) Bible stories with sound effects?
4) Building Attendance
5) Bee games and crafts
6) Making a 'Bible'?
7) Bee Craft
8) Bee Crafts, Game, & Object Lessons
9) Building attendance
10) Bird Life in Wingdom?
11) Beach Themed VBS
12) Thanks

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1) Icebreaker games

The best book of ideas for icebreakers, games, affirmation activities,
etc. that I have ever seen is the Serendipity Encyclopedia by Lyman
Coleman. It is published by Serendipity House and they have a website
where you could order a copy (if Sarah doesn't have it in the SSTN
Bookstore). Enjoy!! Kathleen from DeWitt, Michigan

--from SSTN: if you type the title into the Bookstore search box at
ChristianCrafters.Com ...it comes right up. Also, there is a brand new
FREE 'Ice Breaker' section on the Bible Games page! ` YSIC, Sarah <><

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2) End of the year teacher recognition

Hi! Have enjoyed your newsletter and your website and found many useful
ideas. Thank you! I would like to submit a poem to share that I used last
year at the close of our year. I am a coordinator for our faith formation
program. We are always looking for small ways to recognize and reward our
volunteer catechists. Here is what I did with this poem: I typed it and
added some colorful spring looking clip art for a corner design. Then I
ran it off on parchment paper. I clipped it to a package of flower seeds
and put it in each of my teacher's mailboxes at church. You could give a
name bookmark, a pin, etc.

In the beginning,
God knew your name.
He called you forth
to light the flame,
to guide our youth
with values and more,
so they would know their faith
from outside to core.
Each week that you taught
The ways of the Lord
Took much of your time
So hard to afford.
Yes, God knows your name
He whispered it in my ear.
It was He who called you to teach
At the beginning of the year.
Remember, God will reward you
In His way and Manner
Because He knows your name,
It's in His date planner!
I have some other little poems I've used for "thank-you's, holidays, or
recognition with my teachers. I would be glad to share them if you think
others are interested.
Keep up your good work!
~ Patty Fritz

--from SSTN: Dear Patty, Thank you for sharing your talent with us! ~
Sarah <><

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3) Bible stories with sound effects?

I need some help and maybe you can help or direct me elsewhere. I need
Bible stories that have sound effects. I want the children to be a part of
story telling and where they can make sounds to certain words when
mentioned. Do you know where I can find anything like this? I hope this
makes sense. I use Gospel Light SS material and sometimes they will have
this but not very often. Can you help? Thanks! Patty Dogan- Community
Advent Christian, Roanoke, VA

--from SSTN:
Hi Patty: Thank you for your encouraging words. Currently we are using the
Kids Time: God's People Celebrate Kit during our midweek program. All the
stories include signing that the kids do during the story, a kind of
'silent sound effects' ;o)) All the lessons include games, crafts and
songs to accompany them. It is available in the Christian Education
section of the Bookstore at: ChristianCrafters.Com
Your webservant, Sarah Keith <><

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4) Building Attendance

Church growth can only come from God. So, first the ENTIRE church must be
in prayer for it. Second, it would be about relationships. If it is your
neighborhood that you are after than go to them, don't make them come to
you. Get creative, even if it is only picking up garbage along the
sidewalks and curbs. We have handed out lightbulbs door to door with
cards attached saying something to the effect that "Jesus is the Light of
the World and we just wanted to help share some of Him with you". I don't
remember the exact wording but it was something like that. We have stood
on street corners giving away free COKE. (Conspiracy Of Kindness
Evangelism). WE had cards attached explaining our church and mission
statement. We do it a couple of times a year and have been doing it for a
few years. Don't do VBS inside of the building, get it outside.

Do they have needs that you can meet? Rides to the grocery store?
Babysitting? lawn care? Prayer concerns? Meeting their needs speaks
LOUDLY!! The other thing is to sell your enthusiasm to the rest of the
church. Get them ALL as excited as you are about reaching the
neighborhood. Get ideas from them. Start with just one person at a time.
(Hey, everyone together would be great but you need to start somewhere.)
Set a goal and get your kids in on it too. Maybe your goal will be to
double your size within a year. Sell the idea to adults, youth, and
children. The invitations to come to church will need to come from them

If the motive behind it is to have a bigger church, it probably won't
work. If the motive behind it is obedience to the great commission, then
you will have success. If it is from God, you won't be able to stop it. I
admit that not all of these ideas would work in all areas. Our
community's population is 30,000 and fairly conservative and safe. You
would have to decide for yourself what would work for you. Mary Beth

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5) Bee games and crafts

I am looking for some good games and crafts that have to do with bees
This following site has some great "bee" ideas.
This site actually inspired me to create a game for our Fall Festival last
year. I cut 4 hives out of yellow construction paper and wrote a
different verse on each hive (cover with clear contact paper for stability). (I used
the "Be" verses from the above website) I then taped the hives to the
inside of 4 gallon ice cream buckets. (we save them from our church
birthday celebrations) The person in charge of this game would put a
different prize in each bucket, and the children would stand behind a
masking tape line and try to toss a small stuffed bee (a beanie bee) into
a bucket. They win the prize from whichever bucket they toss their bee
into. We always let them play until they win, but they do not get their prize
until the recite the verse written on the hive. Of course we always help
the younger ones that cannot read yet. Lily in Jackson, KY

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6) Making a 'Bible'?

Do you have a craft idea on making a Bible? Someone posted a request that
I read in the archives about making one from soap? Do you know if anyone
ever responded to that or do you have any other ideas? Thanks. mary-
Jacksonville, Alabama

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7) Bee Craft

>>I am looking for some good games and crafts that have to do with bees<<

We made pipe cleaner bees for my class out of a book from the library, but
I forgot it's name. Anyway, you twist one yellow and one black pipe
cleaner together and then twist it around a pencil, each loop on top of
the other. Then slide it off. Next, use 1/3 of a black pipe cleaner...nail
clippers are great for clipping them...and fold it evenly in half, making
a sharp point at the end. Then tweak the other ends to make antennae and
stick it through the body of the bee. Kari - 1st UPC- Trinidad, CO

--from SSTN: this sounds like one of my crafts from the site. You can get
the FREE illustrations to make it in the crafts section at

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8) Bee Crafts, Game, & Object Lessons

> I am looking for some good games and crafts that have to do with bees. I

If you get a chance, try going to
Sarah has a wonderful page with the finger print bee's.

--from SSTN: thank you for mentioning my site. You'll also find other BEE
ideas in the Sermons, Crafts, and Game pages of the site! ~

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9) Building attendance

> Hi everyone! I am looking for some original ideas to build attendance in
> our Sunday School. We are a pretty small church in the Tulsa Metro area

Hi Sherry, Your pastor has a great idea. I started attending a small
church of about
20 people ( the most loving people i have ever met) and the pastor had a
goal of 100. He said he would eat a chicken dinner on the roof. We had a
pot luck for Feb. 11 and the whole church got excited and invited people.
We had 157 people in church that sunday. The pastor ate his chicken
dinner on the roof and it was raining!! Every since then we have grown and
have a regular attendance of 60 to 80 people. Easter Sunday the goal was
for 220 people in church. we colored 1'000 eggs to hunt and the preacher
would shave his head after church in front of the congregation. He
advertised in the paper and sent out flyers and we all new how much he
liked his hair so we wanted it shaved. We all prayed for over 220 he
prayed for 214, ( i think he prayed more then us ) We had 195 people in
church Easter Sunday! Praise God! It may seem silly but do what you have
to do to get them there to hear the word. Stay excited and pray and
invite. I hope this fire that is in our church never dies. We now have a
need for a van and children's church and we are very close to these goals.
Tell your Pastor to preach from the roof. I think its a very good idea.
Eighteen people in my family have been saved and more are
coming to church. I thank God for leading us to this Church.
God Bless you Sherry! Doris... Porterville Freewill Baptist Church

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10) Bird Life in Wingdom?

I would like to know where I can get a copy (I am hoping it is back in
print, maybe) of a book called Bird Life in Wingdom. Every child I have
ever read this book has loved it. It is also a neat way to remind children
of how to sit quietly in church (because Ms. Crow and another bird didn't
), have a loving heart, and not follow the wild crowd. I have lost my book
and need to replace it.

Also, I asked you all many months ago for suggestions in how to deal with
the situation of parents coming drunk to pick up their children from
choir. I thank you for your suggestions at the time. I have seen G-d work
in ways I never dreamed. Several of these children have now accepted The
L-rd and their parents are coming to church with them.

--from SSTN: this is what SSTN is ALL about! Changing lives...ours, and
the people we minister too! Praise the LORD for answered prayers, and for
the sweet 'fellowship' of believers here! Your sister in Christ, Sarah.

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********* FEATURED ITEMS at ChristianCrafters.Com

* VBS Resources:
In the Curriculum section at ChristianCrafters.Com , as well as the
Christian Education and Craft sections of the Bookstore, are many great
resources to choose from for VBS-2001. Also, don't forget to use the free
patterns in the site to accompany your VBS programs!

* Praise-Amations!
Children color and assemble the flip cards to watch their mini-movie.
Great for a lesson on Praise and Worship! In the Curriculum section at:

* NEW-LIFE PUPPET patterns:
Once assembled, these puppets turn inside out to change from a tadpole to
frog, or a caterpillar to butterfly. Easy to make and children will learn
about becoming new creatures in Christ! Get a free puppet skit to go with
the puppets at: www.ChristianCrafters.Com In our Curriculum section

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11) Beach Themed VBS

To the lady look for ideas for a beach theme VBS you can get big stacker
of sealife at craft stores. We use this to decorate our room for a ocean
life theme VBS last summer. Also we hang blue crepe paper from the
ceiling you might want to use brown. Another group of ladies had a small
wading pool full with water in their room , again you might want to use
sand. Hope this helps/

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12) Thanks

I Just wanted to send a note and say that I am very thankful to this site.
I have found a lot of neat ideas for Sunday school and Youth group. I made
my own resurrection eggs and the Pastor used them at all services on
Easter. Thanks again, Kim

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