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SSTN - Number 184
April 27, 2001

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1) Bible stories with sound effects
2) Soap Bible & Archives List
3) Teacher Appreciation Poem & MORE Ideas
4) Offering
5) Bible stories with sound effects
6) The day teacher's helper almost burned down the church...
7) Noah's Ark?
8) Bee craft
9) Lesson on Psalm 19:14?
10) Western ideas needed?
11) Sail boats?
12) BEE Ideas

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1) Bible stories with sound effects

>Bible stories that have sound effects. I want the children to be a part
>story telling and where they can make sounds to certain words when

I'm from the UK, so the books I'm about to suggest may not be available in
the States. CPAS (the Church Pastoral Aid Society) have published a series
of three books, each of which has about 40 Bible stories (Old and New
Testaments) with sound effects and actions. They are designed for the
leader to read and the children to participate.

The are called: Telling Tales, Telling More Tales (ISBN 1-8976-6097-9),
and Telling Even More Tales. They are all written by Dave and Lynn
Athena Drive
Tachbrook Park
CV34 6NG
I hope this helps. Mary Hawes

--from SSTN: I did try to find these books for placement in the bookstore
at ChristianCrafters.Com, but I was unable to locate them. Sorry! :o((
Sarah <><

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Limited budgets?

Try our ALL-PURPOSE Curriculum:'Kid's Time Kit/God's People Celebrate! It
is for limited budgets, and for ANY number of kids or teachers! (Grades
1-6). It includes a YEAR's worth of crafts, games, lesson plans, cassette
songs and book, and so much more!! Check it out under Curriculum at:

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2) Soap Bible & Archives List

I did post how to make a soap bible here last year, if you can't find it,
let me know and I will submit again. Brenda

--from SSTN: Thanks Brenda for bringing up a good point: ARCHIVES,
ARCHIVES, ARCHIVES! Have I mentioned the Archives List lately? It's a gold
mine of ideas. ;o)) Find the 'Soap Bibles' and many other great ideas from
previous SSTN articles in the Archives List at: ChristianCrafters.Com

PS- Many other teachers have sent the Soap Bibles idea in this week and
rather than post multiple submissions, please get it in the Archives List.
Thank you!!

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3) Teacher Appreciation Poem & MORE Ideas

This is in regards to the poems etc. Patty Fritz shared; I would like to
hear (or see) more of what you do for your teachers. My Co-Director and I
are not talented in that way and have been searching for weeks for
different things to do for our teachers. If you could share more, we too
would be blessed by your ministry gifts! Thanks! And Thanks for the one
you shared already! Donna Lewis.

--from SSTN: I have invited Patty to share, as she has time, a poem each
month. Again, this is only if Patty can make the time to do it. ALSO,
regarding other appreciation ideas...you can purchase the idea book,
"Treat EM Right: Tasty Ideas for Encouraging Volunteers" in the Christian
Education section of my bookstore at: ChristianCrafters.Com Also, for
more GREAT ideas, type in "teacher appreciation ideas" into the Archives
List at: ChristianCrafters.Com Your webservant, Sarah Keith <><

-PS: Patty, MANY of the other teachers have written to say,
please share your poems! (no pressure! ;o)) ~ Sarah ;o)))

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Similar to Monopoly, but you build churches and HELP other players
instead! Ages 8 and up. 2 to 6 players. Get it in the Game-Store at:

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4) Offering

Hi! We have only just begun our mid-week Children's Program and the
offering has been a hit already. I follow a theme for all the paper
projects, our's are primary colors so I spattered a bunch of butcher paper
with red, blue, green and yellow. I then covered a Pringle's can with the
butcher paper, cut out "Offering" and pasted it to the can and added a
ribbon. I then covered a shoe box with the same paper and pasted "Bank"
on it, which holds the offering until the group decides what to do with
it. I purchased a ledger which is also covered in the spattered paper,
and "Ledger" pasted on the cover. Every week the amount collected is
recorded and a treasurer's report is given the next week. Each month we
will figure out our tithe amount and give it to the church. The kid's are
also on the look out for needy families, etc. We are also trying to save
for a great trip. The Lord impressed upon me when starting this group to
base it on a "Mini-Church", giving life applications that will last into
adulthood. I hope this helps. Aren't the kids just the greatest?
Becky, CA

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5) Bible stories with sound effects

Patti: you can tailor any curriculum to do this. We use Word Aflame
Publications (S) and Kids POWer Hour for Children's church. There are
suggestions there, but we always add more. Here is something that we
started doing several years ago that might help. We have a teachers
meeting and brainstorm about how each teacher can use the 5 senses in each
lesson. Studies show a child retains 85-90% of what he learns if all 5
senses are involved.

Example - Jonah and the fish. We built a whale large enough for the
children to get inside(sight). We opened cans of sardines (smell) and
sprayed the kids with water bottles (its wet in a whale). We discussed
what Jonah might have had to eat (we tasted and felt sardines, edible
seaweed and goldfish crackers) or whether he fasted for 3 days. This is
just a short part of what we did but maybe it will help. Email me if you
need more.

I will be teaching at the Christian Education Convention in Roanoke April
20, 2002. Hope to meet you! Teresa - Faith Tabernacle UPC -
La Marque, TX

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NEW-LIFE PUPPET patterns (Only $6.50 AND includes U.S. shipping!)

Once assembled, these puppets turn inside out to change from a tadpole to
frog, or a caterpillar to butterfly. Easy to make and children will learn
about becoming new creatures in Christ! Get a free puppet skit to go with
the puppets at: www.ChristianCrafters.Com In our Curriculum section

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6) The day teacher's helper almost burned down the church...

Our third Sunday using the station based curriculum, the lesson is about
the first Passover. The first activity was to make our own matzah,
traditional Hebrew unleaven bread. Children ground the wheat, added the
water. Then rolled out the dough between layers of wax paper and pierced
it with forks. While Marilee, who is a wonderful storyteller, told the
story of the plagues and exodus, I (the SS coordinator) cleaned up and
baked the matzah. I didn't think to remove the waxpaper, after all, what
is the difference between wax paper and baking parchment? (answer: LOTS!)
After a bit I smelled smoke. Flew to the oven. The wax paper was glowing
orange and smoking. Turned off the oven, whisked the pan out. Peeled the
half baked matzah from the charred wax paper and finished baking just as
Marilee finished the story. Kids loved the treat and Marilee and I had a
good laugh about my cooking skills. Apparently wax paper cannot be
substituted for baking parchement!

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7) Noah's Ark?

Dear Sarah! Over the next month, I would like to introduce Noah's Ark to
the children. Each Sunday I would like them to work on their ark (a little
each week). Just as if they were building it. I am with the three year
olds.... Any suggestions. One thought I had was to get a good picture of
the ark (I'm still looking for one), enlarge it, cut it into pieces and
have them color a piece or two each week and put the pieces together. I
have a lot of pictures of all kinds of animals that I have cut out of old
magazines. The children can look thru the pictures and pick out animals
to put in their ark. I would appreciate any ideas you might have.
Thank you! God Bless You!!!

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It's a BLAST to play!

KIDZOO-SHUFFLE is for children ages 5 and up. Play a FUN game of strategy
and skill while developing eye-hand coordination, category placement, and
depth perception skills. Even adults have fun playing it! For more info,
go to: www.therapyzone.com
Click on "Products" when you get there!
(The Kidzoo-Shuffle game was created by yours truly, Sarah Keith.)

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8) Bee craft

Here is a easy craft we did one year for vbs and the kids loved it. First
you take soup cans and spray paint them yellow. Then you take electric
tape (black) and wrap around to make stripe on the bees . Put eyes (we
used large buttons) or what ever you have fun foam works great. Then took
tule (netting) and made a bow tied it with string and tied it to the can.
For antennas i used pipe cleaners we curled the end and taped inside the
cans. There's your bee. Still use mine to keep pens and pencils in.
Hope this helps, Kellie Cunningham

--from SSTN: if you have a picture, I'll place it in the crafts
section of the site. ~ Sarah ;o)

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Praise-Amations! (Only $8.25 AND includes U.S. shipping!)

Great for Praise and Worship lessons! Children color and assemble the flip
cards to watch their mini-movie. Includes 27 unique reproducible flip
cards. In the Curriculum section at: ChristianCrafters.Com

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9) Lesson on Psalm 19:14?

Hi! I have really enjoyed your website! I would like to ask if anyone
has any ideas of how to teach a lesson on Psalm 19:14. I will be teaching
this to unchurched children at a multi-housing ministry in our town. (We
have VBS there 1 Saturday a month.) Thanks for any help. Lisa McClure
Hepsibah Baptist Seneca SC

--from SSTN: Here's the verse:
Psalm 19:14 "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer." (NIV)

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10) Western ideas needed?

I go in for my quarter to teach Sunday School in June. I am doing a
Western theme and my kids ages are from 5-9, all boys unless we have
visitors and they are sometimes younger. I have a terific children's
church lesson book that has games and such in it. However, it isn't always
long enough to last and sometimes I can't do some of the stuff because I
am the only teacher and we have a small group.I checked the archives, but
couldn't really find anything. So, if you have any ideas on decorating,
games, and crafts, I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Kari - 1st UPC
Trinidad, CO

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11) Sail boats?

I was wondering if you would have any craft ideas on how to make a sail
boat? I use your site all the time for craft ideas with my Sunday School
class of 3-5 yr. olds. I am also on the steering committee of MOPS
(mothers of preschoolers) and am in need of a sail boat craft for our
banquet. Any help you have would be helpful. Thank you.

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12) BEE Ideas

>>I am looking for some good games and crafts that have to do with bees.

Play "Follow the Bee to the Flower" - Cut out different shapes of flowers
a beehive shape and a large flower. On the back of each flower write one
word of the memory verse (you don't have to use the whole memory verse).
Make a bunch of extra flowers with no words on the back. Place the large
flower at one end of the table or blackboard and the beehive at the other.
Place the flowers with the memory verse in a zig zag row leading to the
big flower so that they are in the order of the verse. Place the extra
flowers in between the memory verse flowers. Have the children take turns
being the bee. Starting at the beehive have a child turn over a flower
near the beehive looking for the first word of the memory verse. If he
finds the first word, he can then turn over another flower nearby looking
for the second word of the verse. If he doesn't pick the right word he has
to go back to the beehive and wait for his next turn to try again. You can
turn over all the flowers again so that none of the words show or you can
have the next child continue where the first child left off. The first
child to reach the big flower at the end wins. Or keep playing until all
the children can get to the big flower by remembering the sequence of
flowers. This game can also be played on a larger scale on the floor.

Carry nectar back to the hive relay game - Talk about how bees and other
insects have a special mouth called a proboscis that is very long and
helps them to get down into the cup of the flower and suck out the sweet
nectar. Demonstrate how this is done by using a straw and a pitcher of
Kool-aid. Set the children up into teams with a pitcher of Kool-aid for
each team. Give each child a straw. When you blow a whistle the first
person on each teams runs up to the pitcher and drinks as much as he can
until you blow the whistle again. When the child tabs the next person in
line he runs up to the pitcher and starts to drink until the whistle is
blown again. Continue until every child has had a turn or one pitcher is

"Bee line" game - You will need different kinds of flowers cut from
paper (use clip art) or artificial silk flowers. You can use more than one
of each kind of flower. Before the game review with the children what
each type of flower is called. Place the flowers all over the room. Have
the children buzz around the room acting like bees. When you call out a
type of flower like a rose the bees look for that type of flower, grab it
up, and make a bee line to the hive (finish line). The first child to
make it to the hive wins.

Carolyn Warvel--from The Resource Room, a site owned by Danielle's Place

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