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SSTN - Number 186
May 2, 2001

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1) Respect for our Jewish brethren
2) Mother's Day ideas?
3) David and Goliath Talk Show?
4) Pentecost Sunday?
5) Teacher appreciation poster
6) Western ideas needed
7) Church bulletin boards?
8) Mother's Day crafts for SS?
9) Teacher Appreciation ideas
10) Sailboat craft
11) Noah's Ark activity
12) The day teacher's helper almost burned down the church...

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1) Respect for our Jewish brethren

My heart goes out to Shosona, and all Jewish children who have been
persecuted by unthinking Christians. Jesus was not a victim of ancient
Jerusalem politics. He was crucified willingly, because he loves us. He
died to bring us salvation and healing from sin. Like Passover, each must
think of redemption as personal.

In my Sunday School we are blending Hebrew and Christian. During opener
we look at a calendar which blends the Gregorian and Hebrew. The dates on
our timeline are in Hebrew. We will use Hebrew stamps to print key words
from our memory list. We will observe the festivals and feasts as they
come round on the calendar. I want the children to understand our roots
as Christians go back to Eden, before there was racial intolerance. When
we study the laws in Leviticus I will emphasize God had one law for both
the Hebrew and the stranger(Gentile).

Shalom, dear Hebrew friends in Christ.

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2) Mother's Day ideas?

Dear Sarah, Thank you for your sharing so many good ideas to everybody. I
thank God for leading me to find this web site and people like you who are
willing to help
God's kingdom grow through the children ministry.

I would like to ask some help for the coming mother's day. If someone has
any suggestion I would really appreciate. Thanks again and God bless all
Christian teachers in their hard work. Lydia

--from SSTN: Thank you, Lydia! Check out the "Spring Tea Magnet" in the
Free Featured Resource section this month at: ChristianCrafters.Com

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3) David and Goliath Talk Show?

We are using Stepping Out for Jesus from Cook Ministries for our VBS this
year. I am responsible for teaching the unit on David and Goliath. On
the last night during our closing assembly we are to do a presentation
(approx. 10 minutes) to review what we taught. Our director has mentioned using
some of the children (sort of audience participation) to show what they
learned. Some suggestions were skits or using puppets, but I want to do
something different; something sure to get their attention and leave a
lasting impression. I thought of maybe doing something in a talk show
format with me interviewing David and Goliath, but that is as far as I
have gotten. I would appreciate any ideas you may have. Thanks Lily

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4) Pentecost Sunday?

I would appreciate any ideas, children's sermons, and activities for
Pentecost Sunday. Thank you, Frieda Christener

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5) Teacher appreciation poster

Here is a poster that a DCE in our area used. I'll be
using it at the end of May when we have our monthly
Family Night Supper. The theme for May's supper is
"Teacher appreciation". I have a wonderful volunteer
who is planning everything. Some years back she
planned a "Golden Apple" award. All of the teachers
were listed on a piece of paper (adult, youth and
children's classes) and the congregation voted for
their favorite teacher. All teachers were recognized,
with a special award to the one voted as the most
favorite. We haven't done this in several years now,
and I think she is planning that for this year.

Anyway, here is the poster. There are words that are
the names of candy; instead of the word on the poster,
that particular candy is glued. It's really very

This year I was trying to come up with a
Whatchamacallit to tell you just how
special you are to the church. I went all the way to
Mars but nothing could compare. I thought of giving
you 100 Grand but you are worth more than
that to us. You make mounds of difference in the lives
of those you teach, sharing a little nugget of truth
that the Lord treasures. He is our lifesaver.
From Baby Ruth to the Milky Way, each student has a
special place in your heart, not letting them slip
through your butterfinger. You're the BEST and
that's nothing to Snicker about. You Skor Whoppers
over all the rest. Both Now and Laters you will
receive your Payday! Love and Kisses!

Yours, Jeannie Dixon/DCE/Fellowship Presbyterian/Tallahasee, FL

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6) Western ideas needed

Kari: Since you are from 1st UPC I assume you are using Kids POWer Hour?
I am one of the editors for WAP. Email me and I'll give you bunches of
ideas, and even pictures. IF you are doing Camp Harmony the pictures in
the book are from our church. Teresa-Faith Tabernacle UPC-La Marque, TX

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7) Church bulletin boards?

Hello, I am looking for any ideas on bulletin boards for our church
children's department. I have been doing them but have ran out of good
ideas. I would like to use the children's art work to do them if possible.
Thank you and God Bless. Judy

--from SSTN: To date, there is only one Bulletin Board idea posted at
ChristianCrafters.Com...come on everyone, get those cameras out and send
me some pictures so everyone can see your creativity!

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It's a BLAST to play KIDZOO-SHUFFLE! (Developed for kids, by Sarah Keith)

Children ages 5 and up can play a FUN game of strategy and skill to
develop eye-hand coordination, category placement, and depth perception
skills. For more info, go to: www.therapyzone.com

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8) Mother's Day crafts for SS?

Hi everyone! I am really enjoying this site. I need Mother's Day craft
ideas. We are a small church. I am looking for a tie in Bible story and
craft that does not require too many supplies. Thanks for everything,
Sarah.  Trusting Jesus, Julie Richardson

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9) Teacher Appreciation ideas

This is what we did this year for Teacher Appreciation, and my teachers
loved it! We featured one department each Sunday. For example, one week
was 1st and 2nd grades. We decorated the classroom areas with streamers,
posters, a nice table cloth, etc. The children had written notes to their
teachers (allow about a month for this process) which I bundled and tied
with ribbon. Parents provided cookies and the SS provided punch. We had
an in-class party the last 15 minutes of SS. The children sang a song,
basically, we love our teachers to the tune of For He's a Jolly Good
Fellow. About a month before we did appreciation, we took pictures of all
the classes with their teachers. We placed these in picture
frame cards, and then at the party, the children signed the picture
frames. Also, the teachers were recognized in our Sunday service
bulletin. They were also sent mail-o-grams that were signed by members of
the congregation. And finally, we gave each teacher a small flowering
plant. The teachers really enjoyed all that we did, and the cost was much
less than the traditional dinner we used to do that only 1/2 of the
teachers attended. Laura Carr

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10) Sailboat craft

I have used the plastic containers you get from the dairy queen when you
purchase a Banana Split from them. I gave each child their own container
and then we added a straw for the sail to hang from and any color paper
for the sail it self. They then taped the sail to the straw and added it
to the boat. It was a lot of fun and the children loved their boat they
took home. We did them for the fishermen story. Hope you can use this or
get an ideal from it. Because of Him: Joelene from Jackson, Michigan

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Have you visited the 'FREE FEATURED RESOURCES' section this month?

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11) Noah's Ark activity

Kid's Sunday School Place has a Noah's Ark activity that works well with
preschool age children. It's called Noah's Mixed Up Animals it can be
found at: http://www.kidssundayschool.com/preschool/preschool01.htm
The children love this activity. Mike Covell

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12) The day teacher's helper almost burned down the church...

I loved this story! Perhaps because misery loves company. Teaching 1st
grade, we try to do a craft every week. Of course, some crafts go better
than others! Recently, we made (should I say tried to make?) stained
glass fish by putting crayon shavings between two pieces of wax paper.
First of all, I imagined the kids would like to make the shavings
themselves but the reality was that little hands tire very quickly of this
chore. Once we finally got enough shavings for everyone, it was time to
iron. First the iron was TOO HOT and colored ooze ran all over the board.
Later the iron was TOO COLD and the shavings blobbed up and the wax
wouldn't adhere. Finally the iron was JUST RIGHT but by that time
everyone was tired of the whole mess. Usually on the way home, we discuss
class - what went right or wrong, how to improve things next year. All we
could think to say was ... let's not do that again!

Thanks again, Sarah, for all your hard work - you are a God-send!

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