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SSTN - Number 188
May 7, 2001

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1) Snow-globe idea
2) VBS: The Living Bible
3) Pastor Appreciation Day/Week?
4) Snow-globe ideas
5) Summer Sunday School
6) Children's Ministry Curriculum
7) Pastor's Appreciation Day
8) Children's Ministry Curriculum
9) Summer Sunday School
10) Biblical literacy?
11) Snow globes
12) Borax Crystal Snowflake

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1) Snow-globe idea *

I was able to secure some "shrinky-dink" material that I am having the
kids draw and color their own pictures with then I will shrink them down
and hot glue them to the lids of the baby food jars.  I will try the baby
oil as opposed to the water. But that would be a lot of baby oil for the
whole group. The pictures will be related to the bible point and story for
that day.  I was planning to use the colored electrical tape to secure the

* SSTN Tip: by using a small drop of glycerin in the water it will keep
items from clumping in the water. This idea was shared by Teresa Bohanon
in the SSTN #187.

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VBS 2001 Resources

In the Curriculum section at ChristianCrafters.Com , also in the
Christian Education and Craft sections of the Bookstore, are many great
resources to choose from for VBS-2001. Also, don't forget to use the free
patterns in the site to accompany your VBS programs!

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2) VBS: The Living Bible

I really appreciate your website. We are developing our own VBS this
year. The title of our VBS is the Living Bible. Each night we plan to
bring alive some aspect of the Bible from Creation in Genesis on Monday to
the death and resurrection of Christ on Friday night. Children will be
visiting sites such as the empty tomb, share in the Last Supper, and
"walk" through the Garden of Eden. The children's crafts will include
making fishing nets, weaving baskets, and making oil lamps from olive
oil.(I could go on about this for a while you see.) Your website has
provided lots of ideas which can be incorporated into our VBS. I thank
God for people like you who provide this ministry. I am sure God will
richly bless!!:))Kim Hackworth-Campbell Chapel Freewill Baptist; Ironton,

--from SSTN: Kim, we look forward to hearing some of the details!
Thanks for sharing, Sarah K. <><

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3) Pastor Appreciation Day/Week?

When is Pastor Appreciation Day/Week?
I was thinking it was in Sept.

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Play Bibleopoly!

Similar to Monopoly, but you build churches and HELP other players
instead! Ages 8 and up. 2 to 6 players. Get it in the Game-Store at:

Or play..."Bible Scattergories" and "Bible Blurt". Find them in The Bible
Game Store at: ChristianCrafters.Com Have a Bible Game Night!

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4) Snow globe ideas

I made snow globes with my grandchildren a few years ago. I got the
instructions from Martha Stewart's magazine. (Which she still has on her
website!) She used clear-drying epoxy for adhering the objects to the
lid. Another source (Carol Duvall) used aquarium sealant. I also used
distilled water, glitter and a very small amount of glycerin. It all worked very
well. For permanently sealing the lids, use the same epoxy or the aquarium
sealant. Hope this helps.

P.S. I would also like info on the borax crystals! Love this newsletter
and have used many of the ideas. I am new at SS teaching this year, and
teach PreK - K at an Episcopal church in So. California. Donna Dice

--from SSTN: read on! ;o))

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5) Summer Sunday School

We are a small church and during the summer months, we try to give the
teachers and break. We combine all ages (3 - 99 years old) together.
Could you please give us any ideas you have on things to do. Thanks for
all you do, I have found some great things. In Christ Love, Gail Porch

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NEW-LIFE PUPPET patterns (Only $6.50 AND includes U.S. shipping!)

Once assembled, these puppets turn inside out to change from a tadpole to
frog, or a caterpillar to butterfly. Easy to make and children will learn
about becoming new creatures in Christ! Get a free puppet skit to go with
the puppets at: www.ChristianCrafters.Com In our Curriculum section!

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6) Children's Ministry Curriculum

I attend a small church and we began a children's ministry about 4 years
ago. We use several different resources but there are two that I have
found to be very helpful. There are numerous books on object lessons.
These lessons teach the children biblical lessons with hands-on everyday
items. I have found that children of all ages enjoy these lessons. Another
book that I have found to be helpful are books which include reproducible
Children's Bulletins. These are great. They have a short story and
scripture, mazes, puzzles, dot-to-dot and they are in a bulletin format.
Some of the older children enjoy taking these home.

Just a tip: Our children's ministry includes children ages 3-9. We take
turns letting the older children assist with children's church. We also
keep the children in the service until the pastor begins his sermon. When
the pastor and children know the routine, this works very smoothly.

I hope these ideas help. I love this newsletter and thanks to everyone who
writes in. Donna-Pamplico, SC

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7) Pastor's Appreciation Day

I also am in need of some new ideas for pastor and wife appreciation day,
but I would like to share an idea with others on part of what we did last
year. We did a memory book with pictures of each member and also let
those who wanted to write notes, cards, poems also be included in this.
It turned out very well as with the pictures we put in cute phrases that
someone had said. I used the print shop program on my computer to add cute
sayings on stock paper and then added the pictures. Hope this helps and
if anyone has any ideas please share with me.

Also one other idea is to get a small real tree and spray it gold and
attach dollar bills to it to present on the special day. God Bless

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Children ages 5 and up can play a FUN game of strategy and skill to
develop eye-hand coordination, category placement, and depth perception
skills. For more info, go to: www.therapyzone.com
Click on "Products" when you get there!
~ Kidzoo-Shuffle was created by yours truly, Sarah Keith. ;o)

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8) Children's Ministry Curriculum

>Our very small church will soon be starting a Sunday morning Children's
>Ministry program. With so few children we are looking for a curriculum
>that will cover all ages at the same time. Any suggestions?

Curriculum is SOOOOO expensive. Here is an idea you can use IF you have
dedicated teachers who have the time to really prepare a lesson. Several
years ago I purchased a book called "Nelson's Complete Book of Bible Maps
and Charts" It is probably my most used reference book when preparing a
lesson for my kids.

Nelson's contains an outline of each book as well as information on the
author, date, themes general overview of each book and Scriptural
principals. Using this book to decide where to teach from and the message
you wish to teach you can then go to a Christian Book store [OR SSTN!] to
get ideas for crafts and activities.

For one quarter, three years ago, my fourth grade worship class and I went
through the book of Ephesians. We studied the Privileges of the Christian
and the Responsibilities of the Christian. It does take time and planning
to do a lesson this way. But some of the best I have ever taught I have
done using my Bible, and reference books.

Just a side note. When teaching to a group with wide age ranges keep the
lesson short, 15 mins then plan activities or games that pertain to the
lesson. Much older children [5th through Middle School] can be taken into
a discussion group with activities geared towards their needs and
spiritual growth. Deb Halleck - HCBC - Austin, Tx

--from SSTN: thanks Deb, for reminding everyone about the Christian
bookstore at: christiancrafters.com

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Praise-Amations! (Only $8.25 AND includes U.S. shipping!)

Great for VBS and lessons on Praise and Worship! Children color and
assemble the flip cards to watch their mini-movie. Includes 27
reproducible flip cards. In the Curriculum section at:

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9) Summer Sunday School

Dear SSTN subscribers: I am the Sunday School Superintendent for a small
rural church. During the summer months we combine our Sunday School
classes to give regular teachers a break. Also because attendance tends to
decline during the summer. It is my job is to fill the Sunday School hour.
My problem is that I have a wide age, 4 to about 13, for the summer
months. I am finding it hard to find lessons, crafts, games, projects,
anything to teach this wide range of kids. Any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated. I have already gone over the archives for this
newsletter and have found many great ideas but need more. Thanks for your
help, Barb Richard

--from SSTN: glad your using those Archives!!! ~sarah ;o))

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10) Biblical literacy?

I have seen a listing of the Bible stories children should know at
specific ages. It seems like it included ages 4 through high school. I
cannot find that list now (and of course I need it!). Does anyone have
such a list, or know where I can find
it online? Many thanks. Jeannie Dixon/DCE/Fellowship
Presbyterian/Tallahassee, FL

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Have you visited the 'FREE FEATURED RESOURCES' section this month?

It's only some of the new stuff...so check out all the other new ideas!

Find it on the home page of: www.ChristianCrafters.Com

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11) Snow globes

We made snow globes for VBS several years ago and used glitter, the pretty
metal confetti you can find in craft stores (angels, stars, etc.). Instead
of water, we filled them up with light corn syrup and hot-glued the lids.
We had no problems with leaking. -- Lillie

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12) Borax Crystal Snowflake

Grow a snowflake in a jar! You will need: * string
* wide mouth jar
* white pipe cleaners
* blue food coloring (optional)
* boiling water (with adult help)
* borax (available at grocery stores in the laundry
soap section)
* pencil Directions: With a little kitchen science you can create long
lasting snowflakes as sparkly as the real ones.
Cut a white pipe cleaner into 3 equal sections. Twist the sections
together in the center so that you
have a "six-sided" star shape. If your points are not even, trim the
pipe-cleaner sections to the same
length. Now attach string along the outer edges to form a snowflake
pattern. Attach a piece of string
to the top of one of the pipe cleaners and tie the other end to a pencil
(this is to hang it from). Fill a
widemouth jar with boiling water. Mix borax into the water one tablespoon
at a time. Use 3 tablespoons
of borax per cup of water. Stir until dissolved, (don't worry if there is
powder settling on the bottom of the jar).
If you want you can add a little blue food coloring now to give the
snowflake a bluish hue. Insert your pipe
cleaner snowflake into the jar so that the pencil is resting on the lip of
the jar and the snowflake is freely
suspended in the borax solution. Wait overnight and by morning the
snowflake will be covered with shiny
crystals. Hang in a window as a sun-catcher or use as a winter time

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