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SSTN - Number 189
May 9, 2001

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1) Mother's Day ideas
2) Snow-globe idea
3) Family Night Supper?
4) Mother's Day Craft
5) Mother's Day Craft
6) Mother's Day Craft
7) David and Goliath Talk Show
8) Church bulletin board-Word Sermons
9) Mother's Day craft idea
10) Thanks for your site and ideas.
11) F.R.O.G. ?
12) More Snow Ideas

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1) Mother's Day ideas

One of the more successful ideas that we have used (I teach the
Kindergarten class, but this idea could span several age groups) is to
make the bean soup jars. We buy packages of all colors dried beans/peas,
including black beans, lentils, black-eyed peas, pintos, navy, white, etc.
We empty the packages into large bowls. Using a cup and a canning funnel
(helps guide the beans into the jar), we let each child fill a quart jar
with layers of beans. To help with the cost, we sometimes have two layers
of pintos - one at the bottom and another as filler at the top. The
children put a lid on the quart jar cover with a circle
of material that we have cut out which is then tied with a ribbon around
the neck of the jar. Also attached to the jar is the recipe for the bean
soup, a short poem to Mother which the child writes on and signs. The
recipes vary but are very basic: soak beans and cook with seasonings of
ham, salt, pepper, garlic, etc.

I am new to the newsletter and am enjoying it very much!! Thanks, Vicki.

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Multi-aged ALL-PURPOSE curriculum

'Kid's Time Kit: God's People Celebrate!' is for limited budgets, and for
any number of kids or teachers! (Grades 1-6). It includes a YEAR's worth
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2) Snow-globe idea

Okay everyone...we've made one and it turned out great! Here's how we're
doing it: The Bible point for the day is: "Jesus' love is refreshing!"
(The Bible Point for the week is, Jesus' Love Is Cool!)

You will need:
Small, empty baby food jars, paper heart template*, red foam hearts,
double stick tape, white sparkle glitter (not silver), glycerin, black
permanent markers, scissors, coffee stirrers, white plumbers tape, and the
craft stickers for day two of the Polar Expedition program. Otherwise,
snowflake stickers will do if you can find them.

* To make the heart template, draw a heart 2" tall and 1-1/2" wide at the
top. Cut the bottom point of the heart off so that it is flat. The heart's
point is cut off so it can be glued to the inside of the lid. Make sure
your template will fit the jars you will be using!

What you do:
1) Using the marker, have the kids write their names on the outside of the
lid. (Which is the bottom of the snow globe when completed.)
2) Kids cut out the heart template, place a piece of tape onto the back of
the paper heart and stick it to the red foam to use as their pattern. Cut
out the foam heart.
3) Using the black marker, write the name JESUS on both sides of the foam
4) The kids will then take their lid and heart to their teachers to have
them hot glue them to the inside of the lid. (IMPORTANT: have the hot glue
in a separate area of the room, away from the kids!!)
5) While the glue is drying, the kids will place their VBS craft stickers
for the day onto the jar. The Bible point sticker, "Jesus Love Is
Refreshing", will be placed on the bottom of the jar...which becomes the
TOP of the snow globe when finished. The "cool" sticker fits perfectly
onto the side rim of the lid. Make sure you leave at least one side of
the jar vacant of stickers so that you can read JESUS' name on the heart.
6) Fill the jar with water, almost to the top, then add two drops of
glycerin. Stir about a half of a teaspoon of white glitter into the water.
Place a strip of plumbers tape around the mouth of the jar to keep it from
leaking. Screw on the lid with heart attached, making sure you place it on
the jar evenly and tightly. Shake the jar and see it snow! The snow even
lands on the heart! Blessings, Your moderator, Sarah Keith <><

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3) Family Night Supper?

JeannieDixon/DCE/FellowshipPresbyterian/Tallahasee, FL posted a great
idea about a teacher appreciation poster. She mentioned a monthly Family Night
Supper. I would like to hear more about this. How can I contact her?
Thanks, Joyce Alexander - biljoyce@alaweb.com

--from SSTN: Hi Joyce, hopefully Jeannie will read and respond. ;o))

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4) Mother's Day Craft

We are doing an inexpensive Mother's Day Craft- we are decorating Ivory
Soap bars with Ribbon- lace- sequins and beads. All this will be adhered
with small straight pins. They will then wrap them and take them home for
Mother's Day. This is a pretty cheap craft since we have over 40 kids
doing it- also- call some parents and ask them to pick up some Ivory and
Wrapping paper- it will cut down on your costs!

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5) Mother's Day

Hello! We are a small church with the blessing of being in the country.
For Mother's Day, we are making picture frames and pop-up cards. I
purchased cheap acrylic frames for 97 cents each or you can make your own
from cardboard. I also bought some moss and raffia. I went and gathered
twigs, small pine cones, acorns, etc. It would have been so fun to take
the kids to do this part but I didn't plan well enough! I happen to have a
Polaroid camera so I bought some film, too. Take pictures of each child
and put it in the frame first. Then glue twigs around, fill with moss,
embellish with a few pine cones and add a raffia bow. I did one as an
example and it turned out really cute. I am doing this for our Wednesday
program so I have 2 weeks for the kids to work on things. Next week we
will do the pop-up card. One special thing we do each week- I prepare a
prayer, like this week it says "Father, thank you for my mother. Please
help me to create something beautiful for her." I use large print, color
it and adhere it to colored paper. Then we read it and sign it. They
hang on the walls of our children's room. So,since we are entrusted by
God with these great kids, Happy Mother's Day!
Becky Springville, CA

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NEW-LIFE PUPPET patterns (Only $6.50 AND includes U.S. shipping!)

Once assembled, these puppets turn inside out to change from a tadpole to
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Hi Sarah, After reading your newsletter I thought I would like to share
with you and my fellow teachers a craft, which we produced this year. As I
live in Scotland ďMothering SundayĒ is celebrated in March unlike the USA.
Hope this is useful. Thanks for a brilliant website, so many great
ideas. God bless. Lynne

This Year for Motherís day, our Sunday school dept made for every female,
young or old, in our church (approx 300+ people), a Motherís day ďCup of
TeaĒ card. We cut out a teapot shape, (fold your cardboard in half and
place the teapot handle at the edge and cut out the shape). We printed the
following verse onto sticky labels, which was then attached to the front
of the card (labels may need to be sized to fit).

Verse: Iíd like to come and visit you
And have a cup of tea
But as I canít do, as Iíd like
Please have this drink with me.

Love from (name of group/child)

The children then decorated the remaining space on the front of the card.
On the inside right of the card we attached using staples a teabag. The
children then decorated either the inside left or the back of the card.
The card was then handed to each lady as she left church at the close of
the service.

We had an amazing response from the ladies of our church. They were
extremely delighted that we had remembered them all (especially the ladies
who were either not married/didnít have children) on that special Sunday.
Itís great to share.

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7) David and Goliath Talk Show

Lily, You could try a "pro-wrestling" approach, where you could interview
both David and Goliath (and possibly some members of each of the armies,
David's brothers, father, etc.. *these could be the kids*) and have
Goliath all pumped up and gloating, and have David just praying, and then
have them come out and animate the "match" (story) as the interviewer is
doing play-by-play of what's happening. The kids always love seeing a
really big guy get hit and the head and fall down!
Blessings, Dan Seeley

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8) Church bulletin board-Word Sermons

To judy, you could try to have the kids make shirts from paper or
material. the kids can decorate them. you can make all sizes. that put a
heading that says, one message fits all or you can use the word sermon.
p.u.s.h.= Pray Until Something Happens

or try these word sermons:
a.s.a.p.= Always Say A Prayer

"Your TALK walks
Your WALK talks.
Your WALK talks
more than
Your TALKS walks."

Then above some pictures of just footprints or feet.
Write, "Jesus is the way. Walk in it."
~ joanne

--from SSTN: if you have the kids place their feet in paint then walk
across the paper, that would be really cool. Send some pics and I'll post
it in the Bulletin Boards area of the site! Your moderator, Sarah <><

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Praise-Amations! (Only $8.25 AND includes U.S. shipping!)

Great for VBS and lessons on Praise and Worship! Children color and
assemble the flip cards to watch their mini-movie. Includes 27
reproducible flip cards. In the Curriculum section at:

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9) Mother's Day craft idea

This idea is from Cokesbury:
A rose is a rose is a rose: supplies: chocolate kisses, red art tissue,
floral wire, floral tape, artificial rose leaves, tape.

Let the children make chocolate kiss roses for their mothers or for other
important persons. Glue 2 kisses bottom to bottom. Cut a piece of red
tissue six inches long by six inches wide. Fold in half. Place the
double kiss inside the folded tissue, close to one of the ends. Then roll
up the tissue, forming the rose bud. Tape the end. Attach a floral wire
around the tissue paper. Wrap the stem with floral tape. Add several
rose leaves to give the rose some realism.

I haven't done this project yet but it looks fairly simple and the picture
in the book is cute! - -God bless, Chris Six, Klein United Methodist
Church, Spring, Texas

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10) Thanks for your site and ideas.

Thank you so much for the wonderful idea of the Proverbs 31:30 magnet.
I printed up several sheets of these and had them laminated, then our
children's groups added a felt background for extra color (using pinking
shears on the felt gives a very nice finish).

We not only used the magnets as a take-home favor for our
Mother-Daughter dinner, but we also gave them to the ladies attending
our Senior Citizen's Luncheon. Since we also have gentlemen that attend
the luncheon, we modified the idea using a coffee cup on a napkin instead
of the tea cup and saucer and used Proverbs 20:7 for them. Thank you again
for your help and ideas. Angela Harvey-Fairland Baptist Church-Fairland,

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Have you

visited the


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It's only some of the new stuff...check out all the other new ideas!

Find it on the home page of: www.ChristianCrafters.Com

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11) F.R.O.G. ?

I am interested also in where to find the F.R.O.G. cirriculum. I would like
any info you have on it sent to me. I teach a pre K class and that is our
class motto. Any help would be appreciated. In his Service Mel Grant

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12) More Snow Ideas

Snowmen Bubbles:
Purchase small bottles of bubbles (the wedding type bottles). Purchase
small black plastic hats. Use paint pens to draw a snowman face on the
bottles. Glue the hat to the lid of the bottle. Glue a small piece of
fabric around the bottom of the bottle for a scarf.

Snowflake cookies Snack/craft:
Large chocolate cookie (these can be purchased or homemade), one per child
Small round doilies
Powdered sugar
Tea strainers
Put the doily on the cookie. Put powdered sugar in the strainers and shake
over the top of the cookie. Remove doily to see the snowflake.

Igloos Snack/craft:
Large Marshmallows
Paper plates (one per child)
Sugar water glue (mix sugar and water to form glue), or thin white icing
Plastic knives
Give each child a handful of marshmallows, a plate, and a plastic knife.
Set bowls of sugar glue on the table. Children build an igloo, gluing the
marshmallows with the sugar glue.

Snow Domes:
Clear plastic bottles with labels removed (soda or water bottles are
great) White, clear or silver materials (mylar confetti, beads, plastic shapes,
glitter, sequins) Let each child put his items in a bottle. Fill bottle with water and a
couple drops of glycerin. Hot glue the lid to the bottle.

Swirl the bottle while singing a winter song.

Artificial Snow:
1/2 cup Liquid Starch
2 C. Ultra Ivory Snow detergent (powder)
2 C. Crushed Ice (put in ziploc bag and let kids crush with rolling pin or
Mix starch and detergent with an electric mixer (or egg beater) until
thick. Add ice. Drop on foil and let the children play in the snow.

Snow Paint:
Liquid starch
Dry Tempera Paint
Give each child a large piece of paper. Pour a little starch on a piece of
paper. Drop a teaspoon or more paint on the starch. Children mix it
together and finger paint with it. This is fun to do outdoors.

Snow Ideas sent in by: Teresa Bohannon

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