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SSTN - Number 190
May 11, 2001

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1) Pound those crayons
2) Pentecost Helicopters
3) Mothers Day flower pots
4) Plaster molds & homemade chalk
5) Sail Boats
6) Good Samaritan Craft
7) Power Up With Jesus
8) Sail boats
9) Mother's Day Plates
10) Mother's Day song?
11) Women's Bible Study?

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1) Pound those crayons

Some ideas for the stained glass fish project. Remove the paper from the
crayons --place them in a ziplock bag and pound them with a hammer. This
is so much easier than shaving them --Then have the children spread a few
crayons between the wax paper and cut the fish shape out after the wax
paper has cooled. Hope this helps. Tammi (the Sidewalk "Son"day School
Teacher from ND)

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VBS Resources for 2001

In the Curriculum section at ChristianCrafters.Com , as well as the
Christian Education and Craft sections of the Bookstore, are many great
resources to choose from for VBS-2001. Also, don't forget to use the free
patterns in the site to accompany your VBS programs!

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2) Mother's Day activities

Dear Sarah, Thank you so much for putting up this site; it's wonderful!!!!
I have an activity for motherís day you might like. I have a class of
girls from the ages of 5 to 11 and we made handprints to give to thier mothers.

I took 1 cup of plaster of paris and 1/2 cup of water, stir till it's a
free flowing liquid then put in a paper plate (a waxed coating works
better) Wait till the mixture gets set pretty well then put in their hand
and hold it there firmly. Let dry completely and pop out.

We are also doing a card to go with it. We take their picture and put a
poem underneath it:

Dear Mom,
Sometimes you get discouraged
Because I am so small
And always leave my fingerprints
On furniture and walls.
But everyday I'm growing up
And soon I'll be so tall
That all those little handprints
Will be hard to recall.
So here's a special handprint
Just so you can say,
This is how my fingers looked
When I placed them here today.


Your sister in Christ, Sarah Phillips

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3) Mothers Day flower pots

Hello Everyone! This year for Mothers Day my class is (3 - 8 years old) making flower pots. They have 2 inch clay pots at Wal-Mart for 27cents each. I'm going to paint them white and let the kids color them. Then we are going to put a Styrofoam ball inside painted green to look like grass. Stick a 8 inch long dowel stick in the ball and cut flowers out of foamies. On each petal put one name of each family member Mom on the top petal. And tape these flowers to the dowel rod. If the class is small you can add more then one flower. also on the clay pot we
are going to glue on the scripture "...a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised." Proverbs 31:30. Thank You all for your ideas you have been very helpful. His Humble Servant

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4) Plaster molds & homemade chalk

Dear SSTN friends: this is one of those requests that received a
multitude of the same type answer...so to conserve space, and unnecessary
repetition, I'll post the following:

Candy molds work great for plaster molds. I have had great sucess by just
spoon/pouring plaster directly in the mold (no need to use oil or
non-stick stuff) and they pop right out when dry. You can add paper clips
for making them attach to something. Cake/candy supply stores ususally
have a large selection to choose from.

ALSO: for homemade sidewalk chalk I have used plaster (kind you use to
patch in your home), powder tempera paint, and water mixed together and
pour into PLASTIC dixie bathroom cups. Let set until dry and remove from
cups. God Bless, Theresa

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5) Sail Boats

>>I was wondering if you would have any craft ideas on how to make a sail
boat? <<<

We used small rectangular sponges, cut one of the smaller ends into a triangular shape. Then poked a hole in the middle of sponge and glued a straw cut in half into it. Sails were made from art foam cut into triangular sail shapes with holes punched in two corners of one side to slip straw through. this was for preschoolers, so we wrote Jesus Loves You on the sails with markers, and had them glue on small art foam shapes on the sails. It was a real cute and easy craft. God Bless....Marilyn-Illinois

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6) Good Samaritan Craft

A couple of years ago when i was just a helper in our sunday school class
the teacher made little injured men out of a tan colored scrapbooking
paper.. which is thicker than regular paper.. she cut out small scraps of
cloth for his garments... and then she purchased an assortment of bandaids
from some discount stores. the children glued the robes on with glue
sticks... and then adorned the injured man's boo boo's with the
bandaids... Our children became the Good Samaritans by bandaging him up.

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7) Power Up With Jesus

> Greetings in the name of Jesus! I need some ideas for our VBS which has
> been scheduled for June 4th. The theme is Power Up With Jesus.

Dear Ahreita: I got this from a Childrens Church book that was given to me
by my pastor's wife.... it was an old curriculum.. but this craft might be
easy.... though it is for children under the age of 7. This is a Holy
Spirit Mobile.

You need a 4" tagboard circle for each child. On the circle mark lines to
guide the child in cutting a spiral. Also mark where 3 holes are to be
punched around the edge. On the circle print " The Holy Spirit at work."
Also for each child draw three 2" construction paper circles and prepare
three 5" lengths of string.. and one 10" length. Have the children begin
by cutting their spirals. Point out that a spiral is swirly- like the way
the wind swirls the leaves on the ground. you could say something like "
the wind is not the Holy Spirit of course, but the wind reminds us of the
Holy Spirit. Why is that? ( allow for response) Yes we can't see the
wind, but we can see what it does. and that's the way it is with the Holy
Spirit. We can't see HIM , but we know He is at work"

Point out the words on the spiral and read them .. or have them read it
aloud as a group. Next, have the children cut out their small circles and
punch a hole at the top of each one and in the spiral. Make sure the
holes are not too close to the edges. If you have them, give each child a
creation sticker... stickers that represent days of creation... If they
aren't available .. have the children draw a creation picture in the
circle.. ie birds, flowers, fish etc..... Then you could say something
like " Our pictures will remind that the Holy Spirit helped make the
world." Next give each child 2 bible stickers.. if you don't have them..
the children can make small "bibles" by folding a small black rectangle in
half and glue them on each side of the second circle. " Our Bibles remind
us that the Holy Spirit helped people write the Bible, God's Word" Finally
give each child 2 stickers of Jesus.. if not available.... Have the
children write the name JESUS on each side of the third circle. " The
Holy Spirit was important to Jesus. He was Jesus' friend and Helper"

When the circles are finished help the children tie the shorter 5" strings
thru the holes on the small circles and through the holes on the spiral.
Then tie the 10" length of string in a loop and tape it securely to the
top of the spiral. I pray this is something you could use. Torri
Liano-LVBC Las Vegas Nevada

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8) Sail boats

I have a quick craft idea for the sailboat that my daughter did from
watching "out of the box on TV". You use a square sponge cut a small whole
in middle place a straw vertically threw it use a small amount of sticky
wax on other side of straw to prevent it from coming out and make a
triangle flag and staple it to top of the straw (adjust proportions of
straw to your sponge size. We cut a laundry soap bottle that was red for
the flag but, you could use anything water proof.

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9) Mother's Day Plates

Our church's preschool made the most adorable plates for Mother's day.
Here's what they did, they purchased clear glass dinner plates. The
children painted the back of the plate, sponge painting around the back
rim using bright pastel colors, then pressing their hand into paint they
made a handprint in the center of the plate, (also on the back). The
teacher's wrote their names on the back, and Happy Mother's day...however,
they had to print backwards, because they were writing on the back of the
plate. You need to use paint that will adhere to glass. Then spray paint a
clear gloss finish on the back to seal it. Hand-wash only.

This Mother's Day craft could accompany a S.S. lesson on 'Honoring your
Mother' from Exodus 20:12, or a lesson on blessing your Mother, Proverbs
31:28. (To bless someone means to honor and show respect, courtesy, and
consideration to another person.) The verses could also be written onto
the back of the plate.

To all the Mother's in SSTN....I hope you have a joyful Mother's Day!
May God help us to be better mothers!
Your friend and moderator, Sarah Keith <><

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10) Mother's Day song?

I am looking for a Mother's Day song to sing to the Mothers in front of
the Church. For first and second graders.

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11) Women's Bible Study?

Several women of our small Illinois church wish to participate in a Beth
Moore Bible study. Since we have limited funds I would like to borrow the
leader's kit including videos from some church which has finished the
study. Then all we would have to purchase would be the members books at
$12.95 each. Does anyone have these available for us to borrow? Let me
know. e mail wcarter@npoint.net or fax/phone 309-274-3829 or address:
Pastor Bill and Cathi Carter 16125 Admiral Dr. Chillicothe, IL 61523 I
would appreciate any suggestions. We feel it is God's will for us to have
a Bible Study for women so we think He will make it possible in some way.
Thanks for your wonderful S. S. network. Cathi

--from SSTN: many of the Beth Moore member's books are available through
the BOOKSTORE at: Christiancrafters.Com Just type the name of the book
into the search box on the main Bookstore page.

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