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SSTN - Number 191
May 14, 2001

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1) Backyard Bible Club?
2) Plaster Molds & paint product
4) Homemade craft?
5) SSCurriculum -- from Donna Pamplico, S.C.
6) Snow globes
7) Summer Sunday School
8) VBS: The Living Bible
9) Pastor Appreciation Day/Week
10) Biblical literacy
11) Combining ages/summer SS
12) Church bulletin boards

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1) Backyard Bible Club?

I am thinking of doing a "Backyard Bible Club" this summer for my 6-year
old daughter and her playmates. They are all girls and range from age 4
to 9. Does anyone have any testimonials or suggested material? Thanks
for any ideas!
YSIC, Gina

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2) Plaster Molds & paint product

> Have had a hard time locating molds to use in VBS. Can you help?

You can find a wide variety of molds if you use your imagination. For
plaster you can use plaster molds, candy, soap, sucker molds etc.
These can be found at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, misc. hobby stores and even
bakeries (look there for a HUGE array of candy molds).

Also I recently was shown a product of "indoor outdoor gloss" acrylic
enamel paint. You find it for around 99 cents a bottle at Wal-Mart, hobby
stores etc. in with the apple barrel paints and such. The great thing
about it is that it dries quickly, only takes one coat and it creates its
own sealer so you don't have to spray coat

The other thing the presenter did was to put magnets on the back and give
each one to a child on a metal frozen juice lid. This kept the paint from
getting on the table. Also, it gives the children a way to carry it if
they have to take it with them before it's quite dry. Good luck and have

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4) Homemade craft?

Does anyone know of a craft that could be made from Kool-Aid containers?

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5) SSCurriculum -- from Donna Pamplico, S.C.

I'm not sure of how to go about getting information
about one of the postings but I would like to know the
name of the books Donna Pamplico was referring to
regarding Sunday School Curriculum??? Nancy

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6) Snow globes

I tried tacky- gluing a round piece of cloth(slightly larger than the
lid so it goes over the edge a little) to the lid of my baby jar snow
globe(after hot gluing the lid down).I secured it with a rubber band
until it dried. It turned out cute! I'm going to look for some "polar"
cloth for VBS. Thanks for all the great ideas! Diane -NJ

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7) Summer Sunday School

I wanted to give our teachers a break this summer also and wanted to allow
them time for some learning of their own, so we are going to do the 13
lessons from "Travel Guide through the 10 Commandments". We will be using
volunteer teachers and helpers along with the middle schoolers doing the
skits and assisting. It looks like a very fun curriculm and does a great
job with the 10 Commandments.

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8) VBS: The Living Bible

I am looking for some pictures I have of the neatest idea. Some friends
made a GIANT Bible from wood, covered with black fabric. The front of it
was hinged, so the Bible opened and Bible characters walked right out of
it. Talk about effective!

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Praise-Amations! (Only $6.75 PLUS $1.50 U.S. shipping.)

Great for lessons on Praise and Worship! Children color and assemble the
flip cards to watch their mini-movie. Includes 27 reproducible flip
cards. In the Curriculum section at: ChristianCrafters.Com

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9) Pastor Appreciation Day/Week

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. You can get a free booklet
of ideas from Focus on the Family. fotf.org

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10) Biblical literacy

I have a list of Bible verses/passages they should know at each level.

Sarah: As you know I teach lots of workshops, and I have a special place
in my heart for small churches with little or no budgets. Here are a few
things that such churches can do:
1. Object Lessons - go to the Library - (Children's section) and check
out books on Science Experiments Take them home and fit them to Bible
Stories I have a book I have written where I have done exactly that (I
self published, so it isn't available anywhere else).
2. Curriculum Expense. (8) Children's Ministry Curriculum - from SSTN
188) AGAIN - check out Kids POWer Hour. It's only 14.95 per quarter and
the cassette is $4.95. This is multi-age curriculum, we have used it for
3-12. Our church had the privilege of working with the publisher on about
8 of the books, doing the prototypes, which means we decorated and taught
the book before it was published. We had a great time and our kids loved
it. www.upci.org/pph or www.upci.org/wap (download a sample lesson).

Writing curriculum is a lot of work. It is much easier and usually more
effective to buy a teachers manual and add to it if necessary.
Teresa-La Marque, TX

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11) Combining ages/summer SS

I have found a series of books by Lois Keffer called Sunday School
Specials. They are designed to be used by combined ages of 4-12, although
many lessons could be altered to include older students and adults. Our
small church is planning on using these books this summer. Diana Dickey,
Salem, OR

--from SSTN: two of these books are available in the Bookstore at
ChristianCrafters.Com, (the Christian Education section.)

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12) Church bulletin boards

You can find a year's full plan for lessons, art, and bulletin boards at
Hope this helps. And Sarah - I LOVE this newsletter and your website.
It's a great help. Thanks - DJ

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