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SSTN - Number 194
May 23, 2001

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1) Father's Day Ideas??
2) Kool aid containers
3) Homemade craft
4) Summer Sunday School
5) Teacher Appreciation Sunday
6) VBS Teacher/Helper gifts
7) Frame craft
8) A Big Thank you
9) VBS teacher/helper gifts
10) Memory Verses
11) Project for remodeling/rebuilding
12) Frame craft

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1) Father's Day Ideas??

Well, Mother's Day is now over. I am looking for some ideas for Father's
Day. What are you doing? Do you have any craft ideas? Thanks. Sylvia,
Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA

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2) Kool aid containers

Look forward to your mail and appreciate the great participation. The kool
aid containers make great banks. Remove paper band and use as is or you
can decorate. Have an adult cut opening in top and children can use as a
bank. We have been saving and using for several years. Mary Alice Wicker,
Carthage, NC

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3) Homemade craft

>>Does anyone know of a craft that could be made from Kool-Aid containers?

I haven't tried this yet, but this is what pop into my head. Lanterns for
an outside event. You can color them in different pastel colors and even
put stickers on them. You probably have to use a low watt bulb, because
of the plastic. But if I remember their are made similar. The only
things is you don't get that accordian affect with them. Hope you like
the idea. I'll probably be trying it out this summer.
In His Grace, Alicia

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4) Summer Sunday School

We like to give our teachers breaks during the summer, also. This year we
are doing intergenerational "events." Since we have many folks on
vacation at different times, attendance in church school is often
sporadic. This year we have decided to alternate Sundays. One Sunday we
are watching and discussing one of the Andy Griffith video studies. On
another Sunday, we are playing Bible Trivia. And on a third Sunday, we
are having a "Fellowship" breakfast hosted by a group from our church.
Although this is not your typical Sunday School, we find that this
helps to bring together our church family and gives time for people to
share. If you are looking for a more kid-focused curriculum, try one of
the Group books. We used "People Jesus Knew" one summer. We asked teams
(couples, adult siblings, adult friends, etc.) to each choose one Sunday
to teach. One of the team members taught the lesson. The other one
played the role of the person. The kids loved this and couldn't wait to
see who would visit our church the coming week! Sue, Lakewood

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5) Teacher Appreciation Sunday

Our church just had our annual Teacher Appreciation Sunday. All of us
received a beautiful canvas carry bag with an embroidery of a grape
cluster/vine and the words, "I am the vine, you are the branches"
embroidered on it. All the SS classes and teachers came forward during the
service and we were recognized by our pastor and our CE director, Kit, who
is also part of SSTN, (Hi Kit ;o). Then we returned to our classes where
Kit had arranged parents from each class to oversee a party and a 'light'
lesson for the kids. It was lots of fun and we truly felt appreciated!
;o)) By the way...in previous years we have received beautiful beach
towels with a Scripture verse embroidered on them. (I've got a complete
set now! ;o) Your webservant, Sarah Keith-Lake Park, FL

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NEW-LIFE PUPPET patterns (Only $6.50 AND includes U.S. shipping!)

Once assembled, these puppets turn inside out to change from a tadpole to
frog, or a caterpillar to butterfly. Easy to make and children will learn
about becoming new creatures in Christ! Get a free puppet skit to go with
the puppets at: www.ChristianCrafters.Com In our Curriculum section

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6) VBS Teacher/Helper gifts

Suzzane you are right. I faced the same problem with this as my fourth
year as Principal of VBS. One year, we gave certificates from the VBS
Kit as suggested, another year we gave T-Shirts, after that we gave VBS
pins & certificates, last year it was lamp trophies. This year I decided
to give a free dinner coupon from Amie's Kitchen. Our church serves food
every Wednesday evening to encourage families to eat at the church before
attending Wednesday Bible Study. This way, the teacher/helper can use at
their own leisure. Hope this helps, Ahreita Griffin- Charlotte, NC

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7) Frame

Our church usually include a photo/frame as a craft/keepsake for VBS. In
the past we have made:
- Frames from cardboard as the base and craft sticks on all four sides. We
used "woodsies" to decorate them and alphabet noodles for the older kids.
- We used a cardboard base and marked the area the photo will be so kids
don't decorate that area. We decorated with "paper quilling" on the frame
area This is done with narrow strips of colored paper (printer type) that
are rolled around a round toothpick to form coils and then are glued on
the cardboard base. For variation try rolling coils from both ends to
make an "S" shape, or both ends to the center and pinch the center to form
a heart. To make the paper strips, I run several sheets through a paper
shredder and they are a uniform size. If you are working with young
children you may want to use wider paper strips and roll around a pencil.
Also, you may want to use "good cardboard", as some areas are left seen.
We were fortunate to recieve a donation of Matte Board from someone who
does framing.
God Bless & happy crafting

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FREE Playground Games!

A new listing of playground games has been added to:


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8) A Big Thank you

...to Liano-LVBC of Las vegas, Nevada. Looking forward to
using your idea concerning the Holy Spirit Mobile at our VBS in less than
two weeks. Ahreita Griffin-Charlotte, NC

--from SSTN: send pics.

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9) VBS teacher/helper gifts

Depending on how much money you have budgeted, you can buy Gift
Certificates to a favorite store or make gifts, depending on your
talent. I also thought of making your own gift certificates..."I will
do your dishes for one week", "I will wash your car for one week", "I
will cook dinners for your & your family for one week". This may be
more appreciated than you think. Not having to cook for your family
for a week is a blessing.

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10) Memory Verses

I used to write the full memory verse on the wipe board in my class. I
would have all the students together read the memory verse 2-3 times.
Then I would wipe off a word or 2 and have them read it again. Each
time I would wipe off another word or 2 and have them read it.
Eventually all of the words were wiped off and they would have to
remember it.

Also, I would team up the boys against the girls. I would play the "Dot
Game" using the memory verses. A member from one team would have to
give me a memory verse and if they repeated it correctly, they would be
able to make a line between 2 dots. A member from the other team would
also get the chance. Eventually there would be boxes made and the
Girls would put "G" in the middle of the box if they completed it and
"B" for boys. Which ever team won, got a prize. I would have ice
cream waiting for me them, or candy, or something very simple. Make
sure you write down the memory versus already used so they don't repeat
them. You can also use Hang-Man in the same way. If they don't get the
Memory verse correct, they got a body part.

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11) Project for remodeling/rebuilding

I thought of this wonderful idea to get the kids motivated in helping
to earn money. If you have some walls or parts of walls where the kids
can put hand prints on, this will be fun. Encourage the kids to find
ways to make money, doing extra chores, asking for help to raise the
money, anything to get them going. Then after the kids raise the money
and the program is over, or you are finished raising the money. Have
each child put their hand in a fun color of paint and put a hand print
on a wall. When the paint dries, put the child's name in the hand print
and what the child did to raise money, pray, chores, sold candy bars,
saved, etc. and put the $ amount. It will touch the hearts of people
who come into the church or Sunday School to see that each child did
such a huge thing, even if it was 1 penny.

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12) Frame craft

Here's a frame craft I've done many times with 3 & 4 year olds:

Cut frame folders out of cardboard (or use manilla folders): fold
cardboard in half to desired frame size, then cut a window out of one
half of your folded cardboard. (Now your frame has a back attached
Let the kids glue whatever you have in your craft cabinet around the
window. I usually use puzzle pieces from old discarded puzzles--they're
colorful, interesting, and FREE!
If you want to, print each child's name on your computer (or the theme of
the lesson) with a pretty font and cut them out for the child to glue on
the frame with the puzzle pieces.
Tip: cut the windows out with a sharp exacto knife and a ruler.
If you tape the picture inside the frame with the fold at the top, your
frame will be free-standing. If you want to tape it flat, you can punch
holes in the top for a string for hanging.
Happy crafting! Dana Gagnon-St. Clair Shores, MI

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