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SSTN - Number 196
May 29, 2001

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1) The Prayer of Jabez
2) Memory Verses games
3) P.R.A.Y.E.R.?
4) Courageous Kids-Stepping Out For Jesus
5) Graduation?
6) Tips for fathers day?
7) Crafts with popsicle sticks?
8) Coffee can craft
9) Coffee can projects
10) House Blessing Poem
11) 5th & 6th graders?
12) Summer ideas

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1) The Prayer of Jabez - Book Review

Have you heard about the book that is sweeping the nation? Well, I decided
to read it over the Memorial weekend (actually about two hours is all it
took) and found 'The Prayer of Jabez' to be an inspiring book. I was a
little skeptical about the book at first due to the fact that after
listening to my friends tell me about it, it sounded more like a 'magical
potion' or an 'abracadabra' approach to getting God to do what you want
him to do. However, after reading the book, it isn't anything like that.
The short and easy-to-read book expounds on a prayer given by Jabez, a
lesser known man from the Old Testament. Here's the prayer: (Jabez cried
out to the God of Israel, "Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my
territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will
be free from pain." And God granted his request. -- 1 Chronicles 4:10)

The author, Bruce Wilkinson, says that he has modeled his prayer life and
the way he conducts himself after this prayer, and that as a result, he
and hundreds, if not thousands of people, have seen God work in miraculous
ways in their lives. This fact is probably the only thing that I would
object to. Because, Jesus himself gave us a model for praying and living.
Jesus' prayer is found in Matthew 6:9-13. So, I decided to write out both
prayers, side by side, phrase by phrase, and discovered that they actually
have much in common. Both prayers begin with God, and looking to him for
help, he is the direction of both prayers. Both prayers look to God as the
source of blessing and supply. Both prayers acknowledge it is God alone
that can keep us from evil and harm. Both prayers end with God in control.

I would recommend reading 'The Prayer of Jabez'. YSIC, Sarah Keith.
If you're looking to purchase the book, it is on sale for $5.99 in the
Bookstore at: ChristianCrafters.Com

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2) Memory Verses games

Just a couple of ideas for learning memory verses.
1. Put the verses on pieces of letter size paper or pieces of poster
(two or three words per piece - one if the words are key words). Have
two sets and set up two teams or individual relays to see who can put the
pieces in the correct order first.
2. Make one set of the above (or present it as a remus) and put up and
take away a word or so at a time until they can say it without any words
being left up.

I have found that this is one way my kids here in Kenya are able to learn
the verses and they have fun learning. God bless. Nancy

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3) P.R.A.Y.E.R.?

Does anyone have an acronym for PRAYER? I have used a lot of your ideas
and greatly appreciate this newsletter. JS

from SSTN: how about the following which I've loosely based on the Lord's

Praise God - (Our Father who art in Heaven, holy is your name.)
Remember God is in control and he is faithful. - (Your Kingdom come...)
Ask for God's guidance
Yield to God's will - (Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.)
Expect God to take care of you. (Give us this day our daily bread...)
Repent, turn from sin and turn to God. (Lead us away from temptation,
deliver us from evil...)
Hope this helps! Your webservant, Sarah Keith <><

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4) "Courageous Kids-Stepping Out For Jesus"

Our VBS theme this year is "Courageous Kids-Stepping Out For Jesus". It's
about courageous young people who were willing to take risks to do what
they knew was right and pleasing to God. (Esther, Daniel, Miriam, David, &
Josiah). My problem is that we are having a Registration Day 2 weeks
prior to VBS and also a Closing Cookout, at our local State Park, at the
end. This is only our 2nd year doing VBS and last year we had only a
handful of kids. Hopefully the Registration day will entice some of the
community to come. I need games or other fun things to do to make
both days work. I had already picked out a couple carnival type games
(fishing pond & duck pond) but the older kids will get bored with only
those type of games. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Sarah, I absolutely love this newsletter. I thank God that he gave
you the resources to do this. God Bless & keep up the Good Work!!

--from SSTN: Thank you! Please pray that God would continue to bless and
enlarge my territory! ;o)) YSIC, sarah <><

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5) Graduation?

Thanks so much for the inspiration I receive from you each day.
I have two questions.
1. Coming up on promotion and thinking specifically about children who
will be going into the Youth Group, can you think of anything to
commemorate this occasion or some way to recognize them or a memorable
2. Do you have any suggestions for High School graduates for a useful,
memorable, and unique gift for them? Thank you, Joyce Alexander

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NEW-LIFE PUPPET patterns (Only $6.50 AND includes U.S. shipping!)

Once assembled, these puppets turn inside out to change from a tadpole to
frog, or a caterpillar to butterfly. Easy to make and children will learn
about becoming new creatures in Christ! Get a free puppet skit to go with
the puppets at: www.ChristianCrafters.Com In our Curriculum section

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6) Tips for fathers day?

I would like to know if you can give me some tips for fathers day. For
children 3-17 years old. We have a small ministry and all our children

Sarah, thank you for all your time to help us teach our children the love
of God. God Bless you! Ana Casado

--from SSTN: Thank you, Ana! Make sure you check the Archives List in the
site for some great ideas from last year. YSIC, Sarah ;o))

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7) Crafts with popsicle sticks?

I am looking for crafts to do with wooden popsicle sticks. I have bought
over 2000 sticks and looking for crafts for ages 3 to 12 years old.
Sis. Wynee Hayes

--from SSTN: the last SSTN # 195, had a few ideas...
also, check the Archives at ChristianCrafters.Com

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FREE Playground Games!

A new listing of playground games has been added to:

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8) Coffee can craft

Recently in Sunday School we had the lesson of the Woman at the Well and I
used coffee cans. First the children colored papers that I precut to fit
around the can. They were attempting to color the paper as if it was
cement and "stones". Then they glued the paper to the can (I also used
masking tape on the top so that they wouldn't cut themselves) This was
our "well". Then we used a small styrofoam cup with a pipe cleaner thru
both sides of the top to form a handle on the "bucket". Then they could
pretend to draw water from their "wells". I am not really sure where I
found this idea but it might have been from our curriculum. Sometimes I
don't used the suggested ideas but search for something else so that's why
I am not sure. I have also painted coffee cans, poked holes by hammering
nails, used wire coat hangers for handles and used them for various
containers (easter baskets, trick or treat etc) Hope this little bit
helps tawna

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Praise-Amations! (Only $8.25 AND includes U.S. shipping!)

Great for lessons on Praise and Worship! Children color and assemble the
flip cards to watch their mini-movie. Includes 27 reproducible flip
cards. In the Curriculum section at:

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9) Coffee can projects

In my fourth grade classroom we have turned coffee cans into seasonal
treasures. We spray paint them black in the fall and make a harvest can.
We use a metal hole puncher and attach a rope handle. We then use sponges
to paint a harvest moon, a pumpkin, and a haystack. At Christmas we paint
the cans red and using a sponge brush paint a Christmas tree. And we
finish the year by painting a can bright blue and then making fingerprint
daisies all over it for Mother's Day. Once a can is spray painted you can
do anything with it!

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10) House Blessing Poem

God bless the corners of this house,
And be the lintel blest;
And bless the hearth and bless the board
And bless each place of rest;
And bless each door that opens wide
To strangers and to kin;
And bless each crystal window pane
That lets the starlight in;
And bless the rooftree overhead
And every sturdy wall,
The peace of man, the peace of God,
The peace of love on all.

Author Unknown

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11) 5th & 6th graders?

Hi, I am currently helping to teach the 5th & 6th graders age group at our
church on sundays. I'm having trouble finding subjects and crafts that
apply to this age group. Most everything is for the younger age groups.
Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Peggy

--from SSTN: Hi Peggy. This is the age group that I teach too. Most of the
ideas in the site I've successfully used on my class. Also, check out the
Bookstore for more game and craft ideas. Your moderator, Sarah Keith.

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12) Summer ideas

>Paul's instructions on 'running the race' would be a great
>Bible theme to focus on. See: 1 Corinthians 9: 24-27.

Donna, For the summer we are using the "running the race" theme. We are
calling it the Jerusalem 500 and have adopted a "NASCAR" theme -

"Now All See Christ As Redeemer"

is the banner we rally under. The kids are very excited about this.There
is so much available to work with and it's a very identifiable theme. We
are giving "miles" for different accomplishments - bringing a friend,
bringing their Bible, verse memorization...... It
really just kind of builds on itself. If you'd like anymore ideas you can
email me at joyous_40@hotmail.com Joy - Toledo, Ohio

--from SSTN: Great theme title! Please share more ideas with the whole
network! YSIC, Sarah Keith.

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