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SSTN - Number 199
June 6, 2001

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1) Bible Memory Game?
2) Prayer= P.R.A.I.S.E.
3) Graduation/Crafts with popsicle sticks
4) Crafts with popsicle sticks
5) Jesus to the Rescue-crafts?
6) End of Year Sunday School Gift?
7) Commitment to teach?
8) One Day Kids-Kamp (VBS)
9) Memory Verse Games
10) Fathers day craft idea
11) Prayer=P.U.S.H.
12) FRENCH vbs curriculum?

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1) Bible Memory Game?

Thanks so much for the wonderful newsletter. It has been a big help.
I am looking for a game to help 1st and 2nd graders memorize the books of
the Bible. Do you have any ideas to pass along?
Thanks, Christy Richardson

--from SSTN: there a quite a few in the free Bible games section at:

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2) Prayer= P.R.A.I.S.E.

A visiting pastor related Prayer as:

Present - Romans 12:1-2
Raise Holy Hands - 1st Timothy 2: 8
Auditory Give Thanks - Psalm 5:3
Invite the Holy Spirit - Ephesians 5:18
Sing Unto the Lord - Ephesians 5:19
Exercise your Office in God - 1st Peter 2:9
cindy mcdaniel

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3) Graduation/Crafts with popsicle sticks

Bibles, especially for high school are always appropriate.

S & S Crafters has pieces you can purchase to glue the sticks to. You can
make a treasure chest, bird house, bird feeder etc. Teresa-La Marque, TX

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4) Crafts with popsicle sticks

<< I am looking for crafts to do with wooden popsicle sticks. I have bought
over 2000 sticks and looking for crafts for ages 3 to 12 years old. >>

You lucky woman! I brought a few bags of popsicle sticks to church
recently for the kids to make a building and they amazed me with their
creativity. Mostly they didn't make buildings, they made boxes and lids.
Just put a couple of bottles of glue and the sticks on a table and watch
them go! A couple of years ago, the kids made a large Noah's Ark with
popsicle sticks and painted it brown. It had a door in it that folded down
to become a ramp for the animals. I think there was a framework covered
with paper that they glued the sticks to. -- Belva from Montreal

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5) Jesus to the Rescue-crafts?

Our church is having a bible school program called "Jesus to the Rescue.
"We are looking for ideas for ages 5and 6 yrs. old. We have purchased the
craft packs themed for the program but any extra ideas will be much
appreciated. Some of the lessons include Esther, Noah's ark and etc.
Thanks a bunch and God Bless !!!!

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6) End of Year Sunday School Gift?

Hi Sarah! I am looking for some gift ideas for my Sunday School class.
This is my first year teaching (3 year olds) and also the first year of
Sunday School for the children. We only have two more Sundays to go and I
wanted to give them something to remind them of God's love and Sunday
School. Do you have any ideas? Thank you and God bless you for all your
good work! WHart

--from SSTN: if your church can afford to purchase children's Bibles,
that would be my suggestion. YSIC, sarah.

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7) Commitment to teach?

Greeting!!! I'm very happy that I've found your website. I am a Sunday
School Teacher for almost 7 years. I really love being with
children...However, few people would like to commit on this ministry...so
we have a difficulty regarding teachers. so we're having a seminar that
would challenge youth to have a burden regarding children and commit
themselves to this ministry. Part of this, I am looking for resources
regarding this topic:
1) Laying Burden to the Youth:The Need To Teach The Children.
2) Characteristics of a Bible Teacher for Children

Well, I'm researching on this topic in the Internet when I found your
website...Hope you'll find a time answering/helping me...Thank you very
much. GOD BLESS!!! jane

--from SSTN: lots of prayer that God would provide the workers...only God
can lay a burden on the hearts of his people. Also, at my church we commit
to teach every other month. It may seem daunting at first because now you
will have to find double the teachers, but in reality, it is easier
because the commitment per individual isn't as great. I can enjoy being
fed in the adult classes, and teach 5/6th graders the following month!
YSIC, sarah.

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8) One Day Kids-Kamp (VBS)

Sarah, I love your site - it is so helpful. We are doing a one day
Kids-Kamp VBS this year. (First time for one day). Can you help with
ideas or resource info we can get.
Thanks and May God continue to bless your ministry. Wanda

--from SSTN: I would make it a day filled with Bible games, music, and
Christian crafts. There are enough free resources in ChristianCrafters.Com
to fill weeks and weeks of activities, not to mention the Curriculum and
Bookstore section where you can purchase even more ideas. Make sure you
check the Archives List too. YSIC, Sarah.

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Praise-Amations! (Only $8.25 AND includes U.S. shipping!)

Great for lessons on Praise and Worship! Children color and assemble the
flip cards to watch their mini-movie. Includes 27 reproducible flip
cards. In the Curriculum section at:

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9) Memory Verse Games

Put large color circles on the floor, each one with a number on it. Have
several 1's, several 2's etc. Play music while the children step from
circle to circle. When the music stops, everyone standing on the 1's says
the verse, etc.

Beat the feather or balloon - While a child drops a feather or balloon,
the class repeats the verse trying to finish before the feather or balloon
reach the floor.

Whistle blowing - For each blow of the whistle, class says that many words
of the verse.

Pop Up - Write each word of the memory verse on a card. Randomly hand out
cards to students. Students pop up in the right sequence and say their
jfast - Wichita, KS

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10) Fathers day craft idea

here an easy and inexpensive one. have the church or group collect baby
food jars with lids for several weeks prior to the project. clean all
jars and lids. cut a 2X4 piece of lumber into one foot long sections. Nail
the lids of the babyfood jars to the wood spaced evenly apart --about 4 or
5 should fit on one 12" section. use two short nails per lid to keep the
lid from rotating. screw the baby food jars onto the lids. flip it over.
dad can hang it under a shelf in his workshop to keep nuts and bolts and
screws organized and sorted out. the kids can paint the wood first or
decorate the jars with stickers or letters made of contact paper that
spell "DAD"or "DADDY". make the wooden piece longer, use more jars and
spell out "I LOVE DAD" (use a heart shape to replace the word, love.) --5
jars. practical free and functional! danyle solomon

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11) Prayer=P.U.S.H.

>>Does anyone have an acronym for PRAYER?

I do not have one for PRAYER. However, I have heard of one that I like [an
acronym that is] that deals with prayer. P.U.S.H.

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12) FRENCH vbs curriculum?

Dear Sarah, Thanks for all your good work! It is well received and a
blessing at this end. I would like to know is there anybody out there that
knows of a French curriculum for vbs?? Marianne Quesnel

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