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SSTN # 19 - February 23, 2005

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He's Risen Egg Holders

1) Kissing?
2) I want used curriculum
3) Easter Sensory Lesson
4) Mentally Challenged child?
5) Helmets
6) Plinko Board... Trevia Roseberry?
7) Home School Help

Premium Club Members

8) Home School Help
9) Meet the Parents Dinner
10) Lid: Beverage Coasters
11) Three Strand Cord?
12) To the left, to the right song

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He's Risen Egg Holders

Use a child-friendly Bible and the twelve He's Risen Egg Holders to tell
the Easter story. Each egg picture is numbered to correspond with its
explanation. Let your class color and cut their own set. Get the free
"Palm Branches" pattern with explanations at:


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1) Kissing?

help! some of the kids in our church have begun kissing each other. i
didn't think it was a problem until two of my four-year old girls started
fighting over one little seven year old. some of the parents have asked
for my help. I'd like to do a lesson on this but don't know where to
start. i don't want to lecture them but would like them to get the point.
if anyone has any ideas you can e-mail me at  jeweli91@yahoo.com

--from SSTN: please share with all of SSTN so all may benefit.

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2) I want used curriculum

I am answering the ad about the used material. 
If you still are looking for someplace to send it, please contact me at:
Thank you

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3) Easter Sensory Lesson

For Angie and Others: 
I love Angie's idea about using the senses.  Along those lines, I would
suggest doing Resurrection Cookies.  We are doing that this year in our
junior church.  I'll make a batch at home and bring them in for the
children, along with all the materials the recipe calls for.  The kids can
follow along, tasting the various ingredients and breaking up the nuts. 
After we read through the recipe, which runs through the basic crucifixion
story, then the kids can taste a cookie and see that it is hollow like the
empty grave.
The recipe is easy to find online.  We'll let the kids take home a few
extra cookies in a treat bag for their families, along with the
story/recipe.  It's a neat idea and takes the lesson that Angie did a step
In Christ,

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4) Mentally Challenged child?

I am an AWANA leader at my church for third grade.  Our church bus picks
kids up from various neighborhoods and brings them in --most often without
parents. In fact, it is rare we ever meet a parent and they are always
conveniently absent when the bus arrives. Groups of kids form at the pick
up and the regulars will tell us whether a grownup is aware of them
getting on the bus. These are kids from inner city neighborhoods and are
very street smart. Our minister of education has tracked down most of
their parents and met with them at least once to make sure they are aware
of us picking up their kids.( just so you know. :) Recently, a very sweet
girl of about 10 came in on the van. She was very clean and well groomed
with fairly nice clothing on (which is often not the case) No one really
knows much about her except her grandmother works with one of our church
members. This child is mentally challenged. I do not know the extent of
her problems. She says she is 5 years old (it is very obvious she is not).
She cannot read or write but she converses very well and can form letters
quite well even though they don't actually spell anything. My problem is
how can I present the gospel of Jesus to this child in a way she can
understand? I also work with preschoolers on Sunday so I have begun to
work on that mental level and she tries to respond. Either she has never
heard about Jesus or she is not comprehending what I am saying which I
sincerely doubt as she knows she has a book to work in and will get a
t-shirt when her Start Zone is finished. She remembered that information
from week one to week two. I really don't think she has ever heard about
God let alone Jesus. She merely repeats what I say. I get the feeling it
doesn't sink in. If I talk to her about what kinds of things she does at
home she can tell me she helps her Mom clean and cook. She also told me
she doesn't go to school. I would love to be able to give her more one on
one time but as I am actually a director for this grade without a leader
or a secretary for my class. (AWANA volunteers are very limited) I can't
work with her so closely every week. I'm sure many other programs for kids
have trouble recruiting enough adults to help.  I cannot neglect the other
kids in my class. For the past two weeks I have gotten the other kids help
in reading to her, writing her answers down, explaining bible verses etc.
She got off track too often talking about their hair, their clothes, etc.
Does anyone have some type of lesson  I could use to introduce her to God
and Jesus on her level? We have autistic children in our church but as
they don't always comprehend everything ( they are from church families
and do know things like Jesus loves, etc. )  their lessons would not be
appropriate for this girl. I'm a little stumped but this girl has
presented me with a challenge I am determined to try to meet as long as
she keeps coming back. I would appreciate your experienced advice. Thanks.

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5) Helmets

We bought baseball helmets, I think they were 10.00 a piece
spray painted them black and painted a gold emblem on each side,
they worked out great and the strap held them on the kids heads.

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6) Plinko Board... Trevia Roseberry?

Could you please provide me with a photo of the Plinko Board and how far
the spacing of the pegs should be apart.  We are attempting to construct
one for our church spring festival.
God Bless!
Marie Collins

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7) Home School Help

Dear Elizabeth:

We have two homeschool families in our Sunday School; we're one of them,
but we both homeschool for similar reasons you are in. Both states you
mentioned probably have a Christian support network you can google for
home education, outings, and conventions. You'll find that much Christian
Curriculum is available, so to keep from being overwhelmed, it's better to
decide what is best for your son first, based on his learning style and
interests. We use bits and pieces, an eclectic mix that best suits our
family. So some of our day looks like "school" with workbooks (like Alpha
& Omega curriculum or Sonlight Curriculum or Math U See) for language and
math, and the rest is more "delight directed learning" where our kids work
on various projects at home and in the community.

A resource that helped me after my son's diagnosis is a book by Joyce
Herzog called "Learning in Spite of Labels" - Practical Teaching Tips and
a Christian Perspective of Education. Besides homeschooling, my husband
and I co-teach a pre-teen Sunday School class that has two AD/HD kids, and
this really helped us to learn to put together lessons that keep them
engaged too. Be encouraged, and trust that the Lord will bring along the
right people and resources He wants in your son's life!


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Premium Club Members

By becoming a Premium Club Member you and/or your church will receive 15%
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following page:


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8) Home School Help

A.C.E - Accelerated Christian Education is a terrific curriculum. I'm
unsure of the website address, but if you search under School of Tomorrow
-Accelerated Christian Education, it will come up.

A.C.E basically is a self paced program - the children are not given work
just because of their grade; it is based on their ability. If you have a
9th grader who is struggling in Math, he is put in the math that he can do
- not necessarily 9th grade. If you have a 3rd grader who excels in
English, they can be doing 5th grade English. I personally went through
ACE until college, with the exception of 6th grade,and did very well. The
fast paced curriculum allowed me to move at my own pace, and I ended up
graduating a year early. It's Biblically based, which is a plus.

Hope this helps!
1st PC

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9) Meet the Parents Dinner

>I want to have a dinner to meet and get to know the kid's parents. Alot
>the parents do not come to church with their child and so they wont know
>anyone else. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas to break the ice? We
Hello, My name is Emily and I am a Children's Ministry Director at a small
church in Michigan! For Thanksgiving this past year we had a "Family
Dinner" where the kids made the invitations, placemats, and favours for
the tables! They had so much fun, the kids served the parents their meals
and loved it! We also play a game (great for breaking the ice and helping
to remember everyone's name!) called Miss Emily's Toybox. You have all of
the kids stand in a line, usually youngest to oldest, and then start with
the youngest and ask the kids to think of something to go into the toybox,
that begins with the first letter of their name! So I am Miss Emily and I
am going to put an elephant in my toybox, then the next person has to say
"You are Miss Emily and you are going to put an elephant into your toybox,
and I am Jacob and I am going to put a jack-in-the-box in your toybox.
Then it goes on to the next person and they have to say ""You are Miss
Emily and you are going to put an elephant into the toybox, you are Jacob
and you are going to put a jack-in-the-box in Miss Emily's toybox, and I
am Ashley and I am going to put an airplane in your toybox, and on and on
it goes until you get to the last person and they have to remember
EVERYONE! It's fun and a great way to remember names, even for us
In Christ's Amazing Love,
Emily White

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10) Lid: Beverage Coasters

Check out the new lid ideas on our Creative Challenge / Recycled page at:

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11) Three Strand Cord?

I would like a copy of this lesson if you could e-mail it to me at:
Thank you

--- AND ---

Dear kim,

I would like to have the lesson about string. pls email to me at 

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12) To the left, to the right song

for Jan
it is the theme song for a Chrisitan radio program
with James McDonald

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