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SSTN - #1 January 4, 2002

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1) Banners?
2) Used Hymnals?
3) Easter Play?   
4) Fruit of the Spirit
5) Valentine's Day banquet
6) Fruit of the Spirit
7) Coloring pages
8) Valentine's Day banque   
9) New Year's Plus?
10) Crafts - Skits?
11) Pre-K's and the Trinity?
12) Deaf ministry-songs?

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1) Banners?

Looking for banners for  use in  training departments.  Thanks, JHC

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2) Used Hymnals?

I am looking for used hymnals to use in a project at our church.  If your
church has old hymnals that you are no longer using please contact me via
email.  They have to be hard backed books but it does not matter if some
pages are torn or missing.  I appreciate your help.  God bless and Merry
Christmas to all.   tannersmom9@hotmail.com

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The Legend of the Valentine

Marcus, a nine-year-old African-American boy living in Alabama at the
height of the Civil Rights movement, learns a meaningful lesson about
forgiveness through the story of St. Valentine.
In the Bookstore-Holidays section:


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3) Easter Play?   

I am looking for a kings james version of an Easter Play for approximately
20 - 25 people whom are teenagers to young adults approximate time 30 - 45
minutes long. Please email me at IAMHAPPYMOM2@AOL.COM
Thank You
Sandra Craft

--from SSTN: please remember, the purpose of SSTN is to share our ideas
via the network. This way all the teachers will benefit. Thank you, Sarah
Keith <><

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4) Fruit of the Spirit

> I need pictures of fruits to colour on the web to teach the friut of
> the spirit can anyone help, moreover I read about each fruit being
> associated with fruit of the spirit, I don't remember if any one can help

You won't find these in the KJV, but here are some ideas to relate the
fruit of the spirit to specific fruits.

Charles Kirkpatrick

Love - (Strawberry) Showing love to one another would make Jesus "berry"

Joy - (Orange) Orange you glad you know Jesus? Don't you wish everyone

Peace - (Banana) Since we get along peacefully with one another, we are
usually happy being one of the bunch.

Patience - (Peach) If picked too soon I will be green and hard. You must
wait until just the "ripe" moment. The reward will be sweet if you will

Kindness - (Kiwi) Hey! I know I'm not very pretty to look at, but a kiwi
a fruit too. All I ask is to be treated with a little kindness and

Goodness - (Plum) If you would get to know goodness, you would find that
can be "plum" delicious.

Faithfulness - (Blueberry) You will know me by my color because I am
true blue.

Gentleness - (Apple) People are like apples, they can easily be bruised if
not handled with gentleness.

Temperance - (Pear) Self-indulgence or Self-control? Temperance is the
better of the pair - knowing when enough is enough.

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5) Valentine's Day banquet

Our youth minister used to have a Valentine banquet for the teens where
they assigned each person a person to dress up as (not telling anyone else
who they were going to be) Then at the party they would find their "other
half" of the famous couple and have pictures taken.  They did not pair up
dating couples and they did not have to sit together for the dinner.
Ideas are Samson and Delilah, Adam and Eve, Barbie and Ken, Fred and Wilma
Flintstone, Hunchback and Esmerelda,  Beauty and the Beast, Princess Leia
and Hans Solo, Cinderella and Prince Charming.  If there are more girls
than guys, Prince Charming can have several matches, Cinderella, Sleeping
Beauty, Etc.

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6) Fruit of the Spirit

Try www.antelope-ebooks.com/CCC/activites/ccclesson02.html
It is a lesson on the Fruits of the Spirit.

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7) Fruit of the Spirit

Regarding arathi who wanted coloring pages for the Fruit of the Spirit, I
found a number of sites:



http://www.calvarychapel.org/children/site/pdf/New/Curr282.pdf (requires
Adobe Acrobat)

http://www.abcteach.com/Activities/Colortableofcontents.htm (go to the
heading Fruit)

http://www.allgodskids.com/coloringbk/funstuff/fruit.gif (a group of fruit
rather than individual ones)


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8) Valentine's Day banquet

In response to Nancy who wanted ideas for their Valentine's Day banquet.
Here are some fun things our church has done in the past, maybe not for
Valentine's Day in a traditional way, but around that time of year, for
couples to come out to.

One year some ladies organized a Hee Haw type dinner.  They decorated with
haybales, pitchforks and garden implements.  We were asked to come dressed
in bib overalls, flannel shirts, straw hats and red bandanas, etc.  I
think the meal consisted of ham, potatoes, etc.  One couple did the
"Where, o where, are you tonight?" song.  Someone read a "hillbilly" type
letter.  Just some casual fun that can bring in individuals who wouldn't
normally come to church, so that they can see Christians can have lots of
good, clean fun.

Another year they did a Hawaiian luau.  They brightly decorated and we
came dressed in our Hawaiian shirts (even some with grass skirts over
shorts).  Hawaiian music in the background, a game where you bend below a
pole (I can't remember the name of it).  Someone made a plywood cutout
board with Hawaiian tourists (to put your face into and the photographer
took pictures).  We had fruit drinks, rice, sweet and sour pork, lots of
table decorations.

I hope this helps.  We have some great creative ladies here.

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9) New Year's Plus?

Sarah, I would like to know what other churches are doing with their kids
for New Year's; like lessons, crafts, games, and other activities.  Plus,
can someone tell me if their are designated appreciation months?  I know
October is Pastor Appreciation month, but is there a month for volunteers,
Sunday School Teachers, Deacons, Ushers, Pianist/Music Leaders, etc?  I'd
appreciate the help!
Love In Christ,
Michelle Fisher
Kelly, NC

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10) Crafts - Skits?

Do you have anything for Children ages-----7yrs to 12 yrs old in crafts
and skits for any holiday? I would appreciate all the help I can get.

--from SSTN: make sure you've checked the website for lots of ideas. For
anyone else that would like to contribute, I am always looking to place
more in the site!
ysic, sarah <><  


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11) Pre-K's and the Trinity?

Does anyone have any creative ideas on how to explain the concept of the
Trinity to preschoolers? When asked who was born on Christmas, some of the
kids in my class replied, "God!" I just said "Jesus was born, right?" Has
anyone else tried to explain this topic to their preK's? I would
especially appreciate ideas that don't require purchasing books or lesson
plans. Thanks!
Nora, OH 3-K

--from SSTN: check out the Sermons section for a new object lesson on the
Trinity using water. Also, you can use an egg (has three parts: shell,
white, yolk, still one egg), or an apple (peel, fruit, core- still one
apple).  http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 

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12) Deaf ministry-songs?

hello my name is elizabeth kight. i work with our children's deaf church.
i was wondering what would be a program that would be easy to sign and
will help them understand Christ for valentines and Easter. i have a
couple of skits. what do recommend for getting in a little bit more in
depth about Christ.
thanks,  elizabeth

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