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SSTN # 1 - January 4, 2005 -- HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Lessons For The New Year

1) Wisemen costumes
2) Less Cutesy Crafts...Need Spiritual meat
3) Jesus' Birthday with Flags
4) Bulletin board ideas
5) Game For Muslims?
6) Bible Character Pillows

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7) Wisemen costumes
8) Wisemen costumes
9) Virus Warning

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Lessons For The New Year

"Hands-On Lessons of the Bible" are easy-to-implement and can be incorporated
into rotation-type programs! One book is all you need for an entire
classroom. Complimentary USA shipping too!

Available at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html   

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1) Wisemen costumes

Make a simple T tunic out of a sheet or other fabric -
(think poncho) Fold fabric in half cut out a big T and sew along the two
side seam,it helps if you just have the person lay down and trace wide
around them, don't worry about hems at this late time - no one will
notice. Cut a hole for the head - tracing a dinner plate layed partially
over the fold helps make a nice rounded edge.
What makes the wisemen are the accesories! I tacked beaded garland I found
cheap at Walmart on a bathrobe - it looked great! But anything glitzy will
do. Also use braiding, jewels and glitter on their gifts, wrap bright
fabric around their heads for turbans.
By having bright accessories you hardly look at the robes.
Another robe option - does anyone have an old graduation robe?
They are usually shiny and one size fits all! You can add the glitz even
fabric paint works.
I hope this helps, blessings on your program, Break a leg!
Linda in Edmonds

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2) Less Cutesy Crafts...Need Spiritual meat

Dear Sarah:  Your website is informative, but I'm finding it more about
cutesy craft ideas rather than real ministry for our children. I've been
trying to find a resource for our Children's Church that didn't include
crafts, games and gimmicks, and that is why I looked into your website.
Our ministry to the children is vital, but it looks as if the majority of
people are forgetting the work of the Holy Spirit and resorting to fun and
games to get the attention of their children. Children have "ears to hear"
and want to hear the truth in a calm and meaningful way. They don't have
to be constantly entertained, energized or excited in order to believe. I
think your website is helpful, but I'd like to see more about how the Lord
has lead these ministers to reach His children instead of how many ways to
make tongues of fire.

--from SSTN:
I agree with you on one level that crafts or games can be used to
entertain. And if that's why they are being used, than they are pointless.
However, they can also be used to reinforce a lesson. For me, that is the
only purpose of doing a craft or game. When children create crafts or play
games I liken it to adults taking notes during a sermon. The fact of the
matter is we retain knowledge longer through active listening and
participation. ChristianCrafters.Com is full of ideas that have been sent
in by Christian educators from across the world. These ideas might seem
disconnected, but they are listed to help other teachers gain additional
ideas for their existing Bible lessons. There are sermons listed in the
site that do not contain crafts or games. However, all of the "Hands-On
Bible Lessons" I've developed have a consistent Bible theme with crafts,
games and skits to reinforce an important Scripture lesson. I believe that
the Holy Spirit has consistently used these ideas to draw children to
Jesus. I have posted samples of my lessons in the site. You could in fact
remove the crafts and games and still have a lesson. But in my opinion,
the children in your ministry would lose important "hooks" which help to
retain the lessons in their minds.

To see samples of what I mean, check out:

I am always open to learning how to reach children in a more meaningful
way. Please share the sermons or lessons you've developed which you
believe have accomplished this in your ministry. You may submit ideas to:

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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3) Jesus' Birthday with Flags

Thanks for the topics which you share in your newsletters. I look forward
to receiving them.  

Just wanted you to know that our Sunday Schools - Children and Adults had
a birthday party for Jesus.  Each class represented a different country. 
The class carried the flag for its country as they processed to the altar
to leave their presents.  These will be given to a Boys home and children
who are in the church community, but who are not well off.  We will make
the presentations tomorrow.  It was really fantastic to see how the entire
church participated.

Have a holy, happy and blessed Christmas all.
Yours in Christ

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4) Bulletin board ideas

this one is excellent...


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5) Game for Muslims?

I am doing a “Mission’s Sunday” for our kids ages 6-10.  The theme is on
being a missionary in the Arab world.  Any suggestions for a game that
would be played by Muslim children?

Carol Morton
Travis Oaks Baptist Church
Lago Vista, TX

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6) Bible Character Pillows

Wal mart and other fabric stores carry panels (Bible stories) that can be
made into soft books.  You could cut them apart and back them with another
fabric for a pillow.
La Marque, TX

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7) Wisemen costumes

Got a Wal-mart.  Buy 3 yards of  $1 fabric.  Fold it in half.  Cut a slit
for the head.  Tie a rope, cord, material around the waist.  Drape another
2 yards in a coordinating color and pin it at the shoulders.  Free crowns
available at Burger King on request or at a party store for about $5. 

Hope this works.  It does well for us.

PS.  Start watching the $1 fabrics throughout the year.  We do the basic
without the drape for the shepherds too.  Just shorten for smaller

Tonya V. Hendrix
Santee, Ca

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8) Wisemen costumes

walmart always has a reduced table in the fabric department....if you get
shiny material fold it double the size of the person..cut a hole big
enough for the head then you can tie a cloth belt around the waist....you
can also seam up the sides half way to look like a tunic but that isn't
vital.....also you can use material from old prom dresses.....you can use
bands of material with feathers for headpieces and also poof a circle of
material put a band on it and use old beads or jewelry to decorate for
headpieces...hope this helps

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9) Virus Warning

> keep your virus scan programs current

Hi, Sarah & SSTN:

Your advice to keep antivirus programs up-to-date is excellent.  For those
unable to afford the $30-$50 for either Norton or Mcaffee, may I recommend
2 other free programs, both of wich have received the vb100 & good ICSA
rating, which means that they have been successful in detecting 100% of
viruses "in the wild" as certified by icsa laboratories & Virus Bulletin,
which are *independent* bodies that test programs for their ability to
detect viruses.  The programs are: Avast Antivirus, available from
AVG, available from

Unlike our salvation, which is eternal, antivirus programs need to be
updated regularly, since an out-of-date virus database is about as
effective as having no antivirus program at all.

For those with serious visual impairments requiring the use of
screenreading software, neither 1 is totally friendly for screenreader
use, with some preference given to AVG because of its many keyboard
shortcuts, which have actually been enhanced in v. 7.

I myself do not open attachments unless I receive a message accompanying
which a) mentions my name; b) tells me the name of the file; c) gives a
brief description of contents; & d) contains a signature.  That may sound
complicated, but a note like the following suffices:
"Sarah: I'm sending you a file called streams.mp3, which is a song I wrote
based on Isaiah 35:4-6.  Enjoy.  Jackie".  That kind of advice never makes
the headlines, but viruses don't do that, & it just makes sense.  If you
have questions about an attachment, write the sender & ask if it's

Unfortunately, writers of viruses are becoming increasingly sophisticated,
& failure to keep these programs current could result not only in your
sending viruses to your friends, but loss of important data as well.  I
think we all need to pray that these individuals might turn to the Lord &
devote their time & intellect to doing something good rather than
destructive. In God's hands, failure is just 1 more step on the road to
Jackie McBride,

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