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SSTN - Number 200
June 8, 2001

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1) High School Graduation gift ideas
3) Fall festival games?
4) Wedding/Including youth?
5) Canvas tote
6) Name for SS Program?
7) The Lord's Prayer Activity sheets
8) Lessons/Crafts on Mark?
9) What's bugging you?
10) Father's Day Idea
11) Rock craft?
12) Age appropriate Bible Verses?

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1) High School Graduation gift ideas

Our church does a breakfast the morning of Baccalaureate services for our
graduates. The men of the parish prepare and serve the breakfast. It
costs $3.75 per person, but the graduates eat for free. I decorate the
tables for the graduates and usually try to add a very inexpensive
gift...but just a little something so they know they are appreciated.
This year I purchased small bottles of bubbles with graduation caps for
lids (through Oriental) and made labels to put on them which said:
"Bubbles of Blessings for the Graduate". I also made small place cards
and put this saying on them along with a piece of "Treasures" candy: "You
are a treasure to our parish family. Good luck as you begin your new

Another idea I have used for gifts is this message I call "God's Gifts".
It is based on the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit which our students all study
prior to graduation. I again put each item in a little bag:
Graduation means beginning a new phase in the journey of life. Begin it
wisely. God has given you the gift of WISDOM. When you eat this MILKY
WAY, be reminded of how God used WISDOM in creating the universe.

Along your path in life, remember to keep in mind the gift of
UNDERSTANDING. This is the gift of the Holy Spirit that creates a loving
heart. A troubled heart is all knotted up. And UNDERSTANDING heart cares
for people and accepts them. This TWISTED PRETZEL will remind you to help
unknot people's hearts.

God gives us the gift of KNOWLEDGE to help us know ourselves and the world
around us as we journey through life. We often call a person who has
KNOWLEDGE=smart. KNOWLEDGE is the gift that helps us be smart about
ourselves. We give you each a bag of M&M's so that you will be reminded
to obtain "much & more" KNOWLEDGE throughout all your life.

We all need to make good decisions and JUDGMENT helps us do that. When we
make poor choices we feel like DUM-DUMS. To remind you to use the gift of
JUDGMENT, we give you a Dum-Dum sucker!

Many times in life, you will discover that you need the gift of COURAGE.
If we have COURAGE we "stick" to what we want to do. We stand up for what
we believe in. To remind you to "stick" to what is right, we give you the
gift of chewing gum.

In your life, we hope that you will find many occasions when you see that
God is AWESOME and that God is WONDERFUL! When you see all that God does
for you, you might explode inside like a STARBURST! To remind you to see
God's WONDER & AWE everywhere, we give you each some Starburst candy.

All stages of life's journey are holy. God invites us to respect and
REVERENCE all of creation. May this SPEARMINT LEAF candy remind you to
respect all of life.

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* Multi-Aged Curriculum

Sunday School Specials (Vol. 1-4), has quick and easy Bible lessons for
combined ages! It is a lifesaver for small churches that combine multiple
aged groups! Great for large churches that host family nights, and small
groups with kids to entertain. You can get all four books in the
'Christian Education' section of the Bookstore at: ChristianCrafters.Com

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I also have another poem I used for my teachers this year. Our final class
for this year was over in the church. At the end, I had all the teachers
come to the front. Then I had arranged ahead of time for one student from
each class to bring up a flower to present to their teacher. Along with
the flower they received this message and a blessing from our pastor:
Blessed be our teachers
who sow the seeds
of Christian service
by their good deeds.

Blessed be our teachers
who echo God's word
and teach our youth
what needs to be heard.

Blessed be our teachers
who share Christ' light
and give up their family time
on Wednesday night.

Blessed be our teachers
may you enjoy summer rest.
In thanksgiving to the Lord
for giving our church His best!

That's all I have for now.

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3) Fall festival games?

I'm looking for ideas for games and activity ideas for youth ages
pre-school-through about 6th grade that can be played inside for our
parish festival this coming fall. I do the fish pond, clothespin drop,
pin the tail, and a lot of the usual ones, but am looking for something
new! Also would appreciate any suggestions for inexpensive prizes.
Thank you, Patty

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4) Wedding/Including youth?

Hi all I'm getting married soon and need you help. You see me and my
fiance meet at church and the church and serving the Lord are a big part
of our lives, that is why I was looking for ways to include some of the
youth from our church in some way. I teach Sunday school for ages 5 and
under, I do children's church every other Wednesday, and I'm responsible
for the nursery plus some the kids think of me as the "cool fun Mom." We
only have about 10 kids at church and I love them all very dearly thetas
why I want to include them they are the church of the future after all. I
was thinking of stuff like letting them had out the bird seed and things
of that nature. I was also looking for ways to include ways of living for
Christ and being a Christian family in my lessons. Thx for your help and
sorry for the lengthy question.

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5) Canvas tote

>> received a beautiful canvas carry bag with an embroidery of a grape
>> cluster/vine and the words, "I am the vine, you are the branches"

You can generally buy canvas tote bags for $3 - $5 at a craft store.
(Don't forget to ask for a teacher discount - most will give one to a
Sunday School teacher.) Instead of embroidery, which is more expensive,
you could stencil the grapes and vines and print the words with a paint
pen. These supplies might cost you about $10 total.

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6) Name for SS Program?

Thank you for your service. This is a huge help. I was just wondering if
anybody had any ideas for a "name" for a Sunday School program. I want to
give my class a creative name. It could be an acronym etc...Thanks a lot
for your help and suggestions. M. Hodgson

--from SSTN: sometimes I refer to my class as 'FUNday School'. Our church
calls the 5/6th grade midweek class "Club 56 Connection" (As in staying
connected with Christ, and one another, during the week.) --YSIC, sarah

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7) The Lord's Prayer Activity sheets

Hope someone out there can help! I teach a group of 20 children aged 5-8
There's a crossword puzzle sheet at
and Kid's Sunday School has a lesson on prayer at
Hope this can get you started. God bless you and the children.

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8) Lessons/Crafts on Mark?

Hi! In July I will be going to Guyana, South America on a mission trip
with 7 other people. We are planning on having a VBS with the children in
the town we are staying in. We are also doing a Bible Bowl. The Bible Bowl
is based on the book of Mark and we wanted the VBS to center around Mark
also. I have looked through your web site and did not find any crafts
relating to any of the stories in Mark. If you have any ideas of crafts or
activities we can use relating to the book of Mark I would be most
appreciative to have them. Thank you! :) Emily Julian

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Children color and assemble the flip cards to watch their mini-movie.
Includes 27 reproducible flip cards. Great for lessons on Praise and
Worship! In the Curriculum section at:

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9) What's bugging you?

Hi everyone: I have started working a full time job and need lots of help
with ideas. I don't have time to surf and look for new things as much as
I did before going back to work. Our church is planning on doing a "super
Saturday" vbs; I have a couple of possible themes in mind: "what's bugging
you" (using bees & bugs theme) and "leap into the bible" (using f.r.o.g.
theme w/ lily pads) I need *cheap* ideas for crafts and snacks. I would
like to have personal replies sent to me; just put vbs in the subject
line. Thanks in advance for all your help. YSIC, Sherri, Youth Director;

--from SSTN: you won't believe this, but I'm writing a resource book
entitled: "Goin' Buggy For Jesus!" The entire book is filled with various
bug crafts/snacks and object lessons. In fact, the Buzzy Bees ideas are in
the site already. I'm about 95% finished and will make it available
through the Patterns-In-A-Pocket page. YSIC, Sarah.

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10) Father's Day Idea

For Father's Day our congregations voting for the Righteous Man of the
Year award. The kids are making prayer rocks. They will put a small rock
in a square of cloth and attach the poem. God bless. Jane
(Editor's Note: The Prayer Rock craft/poem is available in the Crafts
section of the site.)

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11) Rock craft?

Our Sunday School windup event is an outdoor service and congregational
picnic. Does anyone have a craft idea using rocks that we could
incorporate into this event?

--from SSTN: see #10 above. ;o))

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12) Age appropriate Bible Verses?

Sarah, could you please send this to Teresa from La Marque, TX. I would be
interested in the bible verses kids should know at certain ages. Thanks.
Veronica Wilson

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