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SSTN - Number 202
June 13, 2001

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1) Sunday School Graduation/Award Ceremonies?
2) French Curriculum
3) End of Year Sunday School Gift
4) Craft for Halloween?
5) Polar Expedition VBS- snack info.
6) French VBS Curriculum
7) Polar Expedition Igloo
8) End of year sunday school gift
9) Jesus to the Rescue-crafts
10) Graduation Ideas?
11) Prayer acronym
12) SS curriculum

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1) Sunday School Graduation/Award Ceremonies?

I would like to know if you have any ideas for our Sunday School
graduation/award ceremony. I checked the archives, and haven't been able
to find anything so far. (I'm still looking). Thanks very much. Valerie

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Multi-Aged Curriculum

Sunday School Specials (Vol. 1-4), has quick and easy Bible lessons for
combined ages! A lifesaver for small churches that combine multiple aged
groups! Great for large churches that host family nights, and small groups
with kids to entertain. You can get all four books in the 'Christian
Education' section of the Bookstore at: ChristianCrafters.Com

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2) French Curriculum

<< I would like to know is there anybody out there that
knows of a French curriculum for vbs?? Marianne Quesnel >>

Marianne: Go to "francais.leviatan.net" and click on "jeunes". There are
many dynamic looking francophone sites there from Quebec, Switzerland and
France. If you have some time to look around you might find something, at
least someone you could send an email. Check out "Cat'ExtrŽme" (love the
name and they have stuff you can download). On the home page, there was
something about an online community you could post to. I knew two
Anglicans who were looking for materials in French and couldn't find a
thing. They ended up buying a Lutheran curriculum called Witness and just
translating what they needed. Belva from Montreal

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3) End of Year Sunday School Gift

>I am looking for some gift ideas for my Sunday School class.

If you are short on cash, or have many students, check out your nearest
Christian Bookstore. We usually give our students treat bags at holidays
and a little gift at the end of the year. In addition to the usual - for
example, Easter candy - we try to include something to show the gift came
from Sunday School and not regular school. Thank God for the Christian
Bookstore! We usually wind up with something like bookmarks or prayer
cards, but there are usually a lot of low cost, small items to choose

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Have A Bible Game Night

Find a great variety of Bible Games in the Game-Store at:

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4) Craft for Halloween?

I know it's early but I'm trying to get organized and ahead before
September. Last year I had a hard time coming up with a craft for
Halloween. Does anybody have an idea for 1st graders for something to do
with pumpkins, harvest time or All Saints Day or ... ??? I'm open to
suggestion here! Thank you so much, Sandi

--from SSTN: make sure you check the Archives List...there are tons of
ideas, as well as in the site in the Sermons section. see "Pumpkin

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5) Polar Expedition VBS- snack info.

Instead of hunting for green licorice for the flower snack, I found Sour
Punch sour apple candy straws at the Dollar Tree. They will be perfect
for the stems of the flowers. Mary Stewart

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NEW-LIFE PUPPET patterns (Only $6.50 AND includes U.S. shipping!)

Once assembled, these puppets turn inside out to change from a tadpole to
frog, or a caterpillar to butterfly. Easy to make and children will learn
about becoming new creatures in Christ! Get a free puppet skit to go with
the puppets at: www.ChristianCrafters.Com In our Curriculum section

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6) French VBS Curriculum

You might try the Mennonite Publishing House in Scottsdale. Sorry, I
don't know the specifics of how to contact them. Sally in Wichita

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7) Polar Expedition Igloo

Our VBS is underway this week and it is going GREAT! One of the "Ice
Stations" made an igloo by covering one of those outdoor plastic
playhouses with some chicken wire, then wrapping it in white cotton
batting material. They fashioned a small igloo doorway to the front door
of the playhouse and added some icicle lights to the outside. The ladies
said it was very easy to make and it looks awesome! YSIC, Sarah Keith <><

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FREE Playground Games!

A new listing of playground games has been added to:

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8) End of year sunday school gift

As a gift for my Sunday School children I try and purchase children's
bible story books that correlate with the child's name if at all possible,
or I choose a story that I noted that child particularly liked. I then
choose a bible verse just for that child and personalize it on the inside
of the book. KS, Pittsburgh

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Praise-Amations! (Only $8.25 AND includes U.S. shipping!)

Great for lessons on Praise and Worship! Children color and assemble the
flip cards to watch their mini-movie. Includes 27 reproducible flip
cards. In the Curriculum section at:

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9) Jesus to the Rescue-crafts

I am in charge of crafts for our VBs and we are using this theme. Here
the crafts I came up with/found for the 5 day program:
Noah: We are making rainsticks out of cardboard tubes/ foil/rice/beans.

Shadrach, etc.: We are making snowglobes out of baby food jars. Glue
men to the lid of the jar, then fill with baby oil and red glitter. You
then have your own fiery furnace! (Editor's note: you might just want to
use water with a couple of drops of glycerin, instead of all baby oil.)

Elijah: Decorating t-shirts with sponge stamps and the letters P.U.S.H.
(pray until something happens)

Esther: Paper crowns for the younger kids and crowns made of pony beads
pipe cleaners for the older kids.

Jesus/Get a Life: The nail crosses for the older kids and popsicle
for the younger children.
Hope this helps! Michelle B.

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10) Graduation Ideas?

I am looking for Graduation ideas for my Pre-school class. They will be
transitioning to another class. We are planning to have a Graduation
ceremony and I need ideas for decorations, theme, and words of
encouragement. Kimberly Pate

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11) Prayer acronym

>>Does anyone have an acronym for PRAYER?

I don't know one for prayer but I'm sure there is one,
but I found one for F.R.O.G. "Fully-Rely-On-God"
Cheryl - North Carolina

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12) SS curriculum

To Terrie Satterwhite, We have been using Regular Baptist Press for
years, and for the most part have found it satisfactory up to the 5th
grade level.It has been a challenge finding suitable material for the 6 &
8th graders.Positive Action For Christ offers good material for older
children, check out their Hot Shots, 5 lesson booklets, titles include;
Peer pressure, The tounge, Pardon me and many more. Poitive Action For
Christ. P.O. Box 1948 , Rocky Mount, NC 27802-1948. E-mail: ProNet @
Sarah thank you once again for this useful tool. Rob Newlyn.

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