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SSTN - Number 203
June 15, 2001

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1) PRAYER Acronym
2) Popsicle stick ideas
3) Something to share for the Graduates
4) Bug Idea
5) Including the youth in wedding
6) Fall festival games
7) Colours of Prayer
8) What's Bugging You
9) Fall festival games
10) Help! I'm out of my comfort zone!
11) Leap into the Bible
12) Celebrating St Matthew?

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1) PRAYER Acronym

P.R.A.Y. Praise - Repent - Admit - Yield
Praise God for all He has done.
Repent your sins.
Admit that you need Him.
Yield the power to Him.

In His Name,
Christina Willett-Nursery Supervisor/Pre-K and K SS teacher

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ALL-PURPOSE curriculum

'Kid's Time Kit: God's People Celebrate!' is for limited budgets, and for
any number of kids or teachers! (Grades 1-6). It includes an ENTIRE YEAR's
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out under Curriculum at: www.ChristianCrafters.Com

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2) Popsicle stick ideas

When I teach craft and cooking classes I tell the children that the
popsicle sticks are 'wooden' fingers. We use them to spread glue for
crafts, stir concoctions and to spread frosting etc. The children use the
sticks to taste what we are cooking and then the stick gets thrown away.
This way they don't have to rewash their 'own' fingers

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3) Something to share for the Graduates

My daughter is Graduating today, Last evening was the Baccalaureate
service for her class. She is our first born and I wanted to do something
very memorable to celebrate this service, I did something that I hope will
become a tradition for our next three children. Yesterday before the
service I purchased a 14K gold cross charm and added it to the tassel of
her graduation cap, beside the "O1" charm. This was so easy and
inexpensive, but her reaction was priceless. She couldn't have been more
touched and even though I purchased a chain for her to put the charm on
and wear it as a necklace, she says that she plans to keep it on the
tassel.....she believes it makes a statement that others should see. I
just had to share. Thanks -Bonnie Jo Delta PA

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Get it in the Bible Game Store at:

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4) Bug Idea

Here's something really cute I just did for my son. I saw it in a nature
catalog (expensive) and just did it on my own.

I took a bottle of clear or amber handsoap (the pump kind you can refill).
I took off the cap and stuck about 8 or so cheap plastic bugs down into
the bottle and replaced the spigot. Peel off the front and back label of
the bottle (a goo remover helps). It is really very cute and very simple.
My 3-year old loves it and wants to wash his hands a dozen times a day
now. I haven't thought about how to relate it to a bible verse, but I'm
sure you could come up with something to do with a clean heart or
whatever. (You could also put frogs or other little trinkets in the soap
instead of bugs, or even customize it with appropriate trinkets for a
particular holiday like Christmas).
Sally in Wichita

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5) Including the youth in wedding

Hi there: I have heard of children of the church singing at a wedding.
Also a friend of mine was a school teacher and at her wedding she had the
children make paper flowers to put on her wedding dress. (3rd/4th) Of
course you still have the ring bear and the flower girl. God bless, Joni

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6) Fall festival games

> I'm looking for ideas for games and activity ideas for youth ages
> pre-school-through about 6th grade that can be played inside for our
> Thank you, Patty

Dear Patty: We have done tic tac toe toss with bean bags, Ring toss,
Turkey bowling ( we were blessed enuf to have a person who had actual
bowling pins-- the alley was made of bales of hay) Flick football... Sand
Art ( those supplies were donated to us by an off season water park), We
gave out candy as prizes.. before hand we asked all the workers of the
festival to bring 1-3 bags of candy, and the chairperson of the festival
ordered out of the Oriental Trading Company Catalogue for inexpensive and
christ based prizes. Every year we sell tickets and serve nacho's and hot
dogs .... and the men cook and prepare and serve dinner.. that's free.
Each game costs certain amount of tickets. Last year we were blessed enuf
to have rented a ball pit for our preschoolers. They got to spend so many
minutes per ticket in the pit.. and when they got out.. they got to get a
handful of candy. I hope this helps. Torri -Las Vegas

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7) Colours of Prayer

Here is how I teach the children about the kinds of prayer. We make
prayer beads. All ages can do this and learn from it. By hanging the
beads in their bedrooms, they are reminded to say all the prayers.

For each set you need
1 small wooden cross with a metal hanging ring
22" lacing cord
2 red beads - red is for praise - we praise our Lord
2 green beads - green is for thanksgiving
2 blue beads - blue is for repentance - we are sorry and want to do better
2 yellow beads - yellow is for asking - the colour of trust and hope - we
trust God to answer our prayers
2 white beads - white is for dedication - we dedicate our day to God so
that we may show His love in the world

Start by threading the cross onto the centre of the cord.
Thread a white bead on each side, followed by a yellow on each side, then
blue, then green and last red. Tie the ends together.

Tell the children to start their prayers with the red bead. God asked us
to put him first. Then at the green bead, say a thank you prayer, at the
blue ask for forgiveness for the things they did wrong, at the yellow say
prayers for the people they care about. At the white, remember to offer
their day to God and at the cross say the Lord's Prayer as Jesus taught

--from SSTN: in the crafts section at Christiancrafters.com there is a
similar craft project entitled: Colors of Christ/cross.

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8) What's Bugging You

We had a F.R.O.G. VBS last year and some of the things we did for snacks.
We bought candy molds in the shape of frogs and had chocolate suckers. We
also froze a plastic fly in ice cubes for a blue drink. The pre-school
kids did not like the fly and the older kids couldn't wait to melt the ice
cube to get to the fly. For one of our crafts we did a wind sock with a
frog sitting on a lily pad and the words Fully Rely on God. Also we did a
stepping stone with the word F. R. O. G. on it and made some cement frogs
and lady bugs with a candy mold and the kids painted them. Hope this
helps. Peggy

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9) Fall festival games

<<< pre-school-through about 6th grade that can be played inside for our
parish festival this coming fall.>>>>

Make a Plinko board
(like the one on The Price is Right).....Take a piece of plyboard (I used
half sheet), and get a round coaster (like you set drinks on).......then
you will put nails or screws all over the sheet of plyboard...make sure
that you start at the top, and every time you nail/screw one in, you need
to move the coaster around, and make sure it has enough room to fall
down....at the bottom, you will have several different slots for the
coaster to fall into....and each one will have a different prize...most of
the prizes should be inexpensive...we used candy, suckers, pencils,
etc...but on a couple ofthe slots, you should have a more expensive
prize...like maybe something from the dollar store...etc...all our kids
loved it....and the adults even wanted to use it for our next
party...here's another one....

Sucker Tree
I make a Tree shape using poster board, or corrugated paper and put it
overtop of a sheet of Styrofoam. Then I poke tons of holes everywhere.
I fill those holes with a sucker. I color the tips of about 5 suckers with
a black marker. I insert them into the tree holes in various locations.
shape of the thing doesn't have to be a tree. I have changed it according
to the season, e.g. a Snowman, a sunshine, etc. This is how it works. If
the sucker has a black tip, they get to choose a larger candy or prize. If
it does not, they get to keep the sucker. hugs. Carolyn from Texas

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10) Help! I'm out of my comfort zone!

Help! I have moved out of my comfort zone. For the past 15 years I have
taught 4th 5th and 6th graders. I have moved to 3 year olds and am TOTALLY
lost. I need some "wiggle eater" activities. Finger play games that I can
use as I transition from one activity to another. Songs are good, things
"like" the itsy bitsy spider, but that focus on God if possible. BUT not
exclusively, I have a great "count down song" about 5 little duckies that
the children LOVE.

Also any illustrations that might help me demonstrate our class room rules
1] Reverence for God's word, 2] Respect for those in Authority and 3]
Regard for others as more important than your self.

Thank you, Deb Halleck - Hill Country Bible Church,
Austin Texas

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11) Leap into the Bible

One snack that is ALWAYS a hit is MUD/Dirt what ever. You take coolwhip or
another [cheaper brand] topping and alternately layer it with chocolate
pudding [Dixie cups work great] take some kind of Chocolate cooking
[Chocolate Grams work well] and crumble them up. Stick a gummy worm in
each cup and sprinkle with the crumbled cookies. Kids love it.

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12) Celebrating St Matthew?

Does anyone have ideas for celebrating St Matthew with children?
Thanks. Mary

--from SSTN: Matthew was a tax-collector...There's something to celebrate.

But seriously, Matthew, who was also known as Levi, was a Jewish tax
collector, who left his job to follow Jesus. "Matthew" means "gift of the
LORD". Matthew came to understand that the true "gift of the LORD" is when
you trust in Jesus to save you! That's something to celebrate!
YSIC, sarah keith

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