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SSTN - Number 204
June 18, 2001

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1) Church 7th anniversary?
2) Sunday School Children B-Day gifts
3) Sunday School Children B-Day gifts
4) Teaching 3-year olds
5) Church anniversary
6) "FROG" Clubhouse?
7) Esther beauty bags
8) Fall festival ideas
10) Father's Day idea
11) Popeye Children's Sermon
12) Preschool SS Help Needed

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1) Church 7th anniversary?

God bless you. Our church will celebrate the 7th anniversary and i would
like to know if you have any craft idea so i could give it to the members
as a gift

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VBS Resources

In the Curriculum section at ChristianCrafters.Com , as well as the
Christian Education and Craft sections of the Bookstore, are many great
resources to choose from for VBS-2001. Also, don't forget to use the free
patterns in the site to accompany your VBS programs!

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2) Sunday School Children B-Day gifts

I also give out birthday cards each month to children I teach in
Children's Church.

Inside their birthday card I tuck a $1 gift certificate from McDonalds,
Burger King, or Taco Bell. We also have someone who owns a small ice
cream stand in our town and in the summer, I give my students $1 coupons
for an ice cream cone tucked inside their birthday card. I teach 4 yr
old-6th grade children each Sunday in Children's Church in a rural church
in Northern Michigan. I really appreciate Sarah Keith and getting the
newsletter packed with so many great ideas. Keep up the good work. God
bless, Cathy Bodell, Frankfort, MI

--from SSTN: you are welcome! I would appreciate your prayers! ysic, sarah

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3) Sunday School Children B-Day gifts

I was doing the same thing. My kids are grades 1-3. They got bookmarks all
the time. One thing that I started doing at the beginning of this year was
I would get the new gold dollar coins and place them in birthday cards. It
is a great opportunity to teach kids about giving tithes. Most of the kids
gave their 10%, but kept the gold dollar because it was so different.
Trevia/Linwood, N.C.

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4) Teaching 3-year olds

I have taught 3-5 year olds for 3 years and watched for 2 years prior to
that. My experience is read them Bible stories. Read a book, do a puppet
show, act out the story, but do something with a visual content because it
helps them focus their attention. Promise them free time to play later,
but everyone has to sit for the story first(one wanderer will do the whole
group in). At first the 3 year olds will have trouble, so keep it short.
By the end of 9 months they are able to sit. Routine is key. Have the
same structure each week and then they know what's expected of them.
Rebecca, New York City

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5) Church anniversary

Our church is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. We had a
pictoral directory made. It also included in the back addresses,
birthdays, and e-mail addresses. Trevia/Linwod, N.C.

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6) "FROG" Clubhouse?

Hi. My church is having VBS in July. We have the theme F.R.O.G.S.(Forgive,
Respect,Obey, Give thanks, Serve). During the week the teachers are to
decorate their entire room like a club house. We are to make up what kind
of club house we want it to be like "no girls allowed", etc. Well my class
is called the Lily Pad Hoppers. Really every class has a name that has
something to do with frogs. I am stuck on what to do for my club house and
I was hoping someone could help me out with an idea.
Thank you. Denise Reeves

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7) Esther beauty bags

I was just thinking about little samples and trial size items for your
beauty bags, you could ask your local avon lady. I sell avon and often I
will get my sisters samples of face creams etc if they are going away.
There are even things like bubble bath, shampoo, colorless lipstick, most
items come 10 samples to a bag and cost between .50 and 2.00.

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FREE Playground Games!

A listing of playground games has been added to:


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8) Fall festival ideas

This is for Patty who was looking for fall festival ideas. Do you have
anyone in you area that grows pumpkins? If so you could get them to
donate small to medium sized ones and have a decorate the pumpkin area.
For inexpensive prizes, how about getting your families to donated the old
McDonald Happy Meal prizes that the kids don't use or things that come out
of gum ball machines or pintas from birthday parties. My daughter has a
large bag full and I have donated them for various activities. Maybe if
you got some larger items donated, maybe a grab bag box would work out.
Face painting and arts & crafts have always been a hit at our
church. Hope this helps. Lisa from Maryland

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1. COAT OF MANY COLOR -BALLOON/DART THROW - Use different color balloons
on a board and kids throw darts. (Different color balloons represent the
colors of the coat.) Also have a leader who tells the story.
2. "ON TARGET FOR JESUS" - A giant target with a bull's eye that has a
cross in the center, kids can throw bean bags and win different prizes
according to where they land.
3. "HELP NOAH GET THE ANIMALS ON THE ARK" - use a large cardboard
appliance box and cut a flap on one side, the kids can throw small stuffed
animals into the "ark" to win prizes.
4. F.R.O.G. TOSS (Fully Rely on GOD) - Use a blue sheet and glue or sew
lilly pads on it, then let the kids toss small bean bag frog.
5. One last idea that we did at our last fall festival was christian
tatoos ( which can be purchased from Oriential Trading). It was really
easy and the kids loved it.

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10) Father's Day idea

I'm doing a very simple father's day craft and I thought I would pass it
on. We are making cards that say on the front "Dad, thanks for everything
you've done for me..." and on the inside, it says"...And remember your
payday is coming!" We are putting a payday candy bar for the word payday.
You can buy a pkg. of 10 mini paydays for$.97 at Wal-Mart. Very cheap and
easy, especially for younger kids, like mine.Kari-1st UPC-Trinidad, CO

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11) Popeye Children's Sermon

Need: Can of Popeye's Spinach
Discuss Popeye's strength comes from his spinach...while ours comes from
our Heavenly Father...and doesn't need a can opener!! The Lord is our
strength! (Psalm 18:32, and 28:7-8.)

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Have A Bible Game Night...

Find a great variety of Bible Games in the Game-Store at:


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12) Preschool SS Help Needed

In response to the teacher who was teaching preschoolers one Sunday each
month - I also teach Preschoolers - basically the same age and same number
of children. I find that this age group really needs consistency in
everything. I believe you might find it easier to get the children in a
routine if they had atleast one teacher who was in the class every Sunday.
I know when we have anyone filling in in our department (someone that is
not normally there), the children seem more "unsettled" that Sunday. We
also try to leave the basic set up of the room the same each Sunday as
well as the schedule for Sunday School - Art time, Story time, Snack time,
etc. Kids like routine and knowing they are coming to a room and teacher
that they are familiar with will make them more anxious to come to Sunday
School. As for the curriculum, like Sarah said, there are many out there.
We use Lifeway (Southern Baptist) curriculum because that's the curriculum
our church uses, but there are so many others to choose from. Just try to
find one and stick with it. Again, you'll find that consistency is a very
important factor when working with small children. Wishing you well - you
can't imagine how blessed you will be by serving our Lord in this area!!
VNorman, Raiford, Florida

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