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SSTN - Number 209
July 5, 2001

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1) Appreciation JAR ideas
2) Why Celebrate Halloween
3) Why Celebrate Halloween
4) Sunday school attendance
5) Christian symbol pumpkin carving
6) Outback theme
7) Christmas float?
8) Halloween Idea for Christians?
9) Attendance....habitually late
10) JAM: Another acronym
11) Plinko board and sucker tree
12) S.S. Group Name?

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1) Appreciation JAR ideas

I have also given some crafts made with jars to the teachers. Here are a
few of the ones I've used:
Angel Jars. I buy small angels and hot glue them to the inside of the
small jar. Then I add some potpourri around the angel. I cover the jar
with lace material or a doily and add some ribbon. I attach this poem to
the ribbon:
I'm just a little angel
I sit inside this jar.
I am a reminder
That God's love is near, not far.
So sit me on a shelf,
Or put me in a hutch,
For Jesus is our Lord,
And He loves you very much!

Snowman Jars. I buy little wooden snowman sitting at a desk (Oriental).
I glue these in the jars and add some artificial snow at the bottom and
around the sides. Again, I cover with lace and attach the poem with a
I'm just a little snowman
At my desk inside this jar.
I'll be a reminder
That God's Word is never far.
As you prepare lessons,
With values our youth need,
I thank you for sharing
Your time and your creed.
You have demonstrated
God's holy love and grace,
And our youth are very blessed
With you in this place!

Potpourri Jars.
I am just an old jar
I Was left in someone's cellar
I used to hold fruits and jams
For many a gal or feller!
But now I have a new use
So set me on your shelf
I'll fragrance the air around
For friends or just yourself.


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Custom Stencil Design

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2) Why Celebrate Halloween

Thank you so much for your response to this question. We still do
Halloween in our neighborhood. Most of us have grown up together and have
know each other all our lives. I was raised the same way - that Halloween
was just a fun time to dress up and our seniors absolutely LOVE to see the
children. I understand now why some people refuse to acknowledge this
holiday, but I chose to show my children that even though some people
believe it is a "dark" holiday, we can choose to make it something fun and
good. We visit our neighbors, friends and especially to by the senior
adults from our church. It's a time they expect people to drop in, and it
gives them such joy to be around children. Most years we take treats for
the seniors we visit. It's a great evening.
Anyway, thanks! It dittoed my feelings!

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3) Why Celebrate Halloween

Sarah, I would like to share an idea concerning the halloween time of
year. Some churches choose this same time to have a fall festival which
becomes an alternative for children to attend. I took part in an event
with our church one year which we titled the "Holy Ghost Weinee Roast".
Everyone (including adults) dressed in Bible characters,
we had games pertaining to Bible stories.Verses were displayed on
posterboards at each game site. To obtain candy there was a bowl with
scripture verses from which each child would get scriptures to quote to
any adult in dress and that person would help with the scripture and give
them candy from their pocket. We served hotdogs and drinks. The event was
advertised in local papers and stores and a great success for the Lord!
Let us Christians overcome evil with God's goodness!

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4) Sunday school attendance

We take attendance at the beginning of class. One of the main reasons is
for absentee followup. Our attendance markers change each quarter, since
we need new things (once a year is a LONG time for kids). There is also a
prize for attendance. I realize many children are the products of broken
homes, but often a child is the catalyst in the family attending church.
OR the child himself is allowed to make the decision about attending
church. I want our program to be so attractive to kids that they will
want to come. This quarter one class is giving gold nuggets for
attendance, bringing Bible, bringing visitors, etc. They store their gold
in their gold pouches in the bank (an actual bldg. they walk inside) in
the safe (a wicker chest painted silver, turned on it's side). Once a
month they visit the General Store and spend the nuggets.
Teresa - La Marque, TX

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5) Christian symbol pumpkin carving

We had a Harvest Party and asked each family to bring at least one pumpkin
they had carved to represent a Bible Story or Bible Character. We did the
Whale and put a small action figure inside for Jonah, and the 3 Hebrew
Children in the Fiery Furnace Another family made their pumpkin to look
like Jezebel. They added hair, jewelry, make up, etc. We set them all on a
table and numbered them. We gave a "Peoples Choice" award (everyone voted
on their favorite). Also gave awards for "Most Beautiful, Best Portrayal
of Story," etc. Teresa - La Marque, TX

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Once assembled, these puppets turn inside out to change from a tadpole to
frog, or a caterpillar to butterfly. Easy to make and children will learn
about becoming new creatures in Christ! Get a free puppet skit to go with
the puppets at: www.ChristianCrafters.Com In our Curriculum section.

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6) Outback theme

Back in March, I spoke with a lady through here (Kim Smith) and she said
she had some outback decorations they may be willing to part with. I am
still interested Kim, I lost contact with you. If you could email me and
let me know I would appreciate it. Thanks, Brenda

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7) Christmas float?

I need ideas to make a Christmas parade float. I've searched the web, but
I can't find any FREE ideas with photos. Can you help me?
Mz. T.

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A game of strategy and skill for kids, ages 5 and up. Players attempt to
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8) Halloween Idea for Christians?

Sarah, I am the coordinator for the Harvest Festival at our church. I
would like to share my ideas with others who feel the way some feel about
Halloween. How do I go about doing that? We see it as an alternative to
Halloween, and it's safe and fun and there is something for everyone.
Thanks for the newsletter I really enjoy them. Sincerely Beverly

--from SSTN: Hi Beverly, This is one of those subjects that Christians
have many differing and strong opinions as to whether or not we should
observe the holiday. So, many churches offer a Fall Festival for their
kids instead. Oftentimes it is intended for an outreach program to the
community as well. The Archives List has MANY ideas for putting on a Fall
Festival, as well as ideas in the Sermons and Object lessons sections at:
ChristianCrafters.Com. YSIC, sarah.

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Great for lessons on Praise and Worship! Children color and assemble the
flip cards to watch their mini-movie. Includes 27 reproducible flip
cards. In the Curriculum section at:

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9) Attendance....habitually late

Just a little story to share...My ex was habitually late everywhere he
went. When his 7 year old daughter stayed with us, I always tried hard to
get the 3 of us to church regularly. This was the only church exposure
with other children that she ever received. One Sunday when we were
getting ready for church and running late (of course!) she burst into
tears and sobbed and sobbed that she did not want to go. She was so upset
that we decided to just do a Bible study at home that morning. Later
after she calmed down and the pressure was off, she told me how the
teacher always stopped the whole class and questioned her when she came in
late. She was embarrassed and horrified of being put on the spot for
something that was totally and completely out of her control.

Yes, teachers, it is annoying to have the interruption. But many kids
lead interrupted lives, and they are the ones who truly need to be
ministered to with patience and kindness.

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10) JAM: Another acronym

Here is one that I made up last year.

My husband made a guitar iron-on and placed "JAM" around it. This is not
patented and will not be. This is to be shared with others. It reaches
out to those teenage kids who play instruments and they find that this
acronym is COOL.

I also made an iron-on that looks like a jar of jam and put "JAM" on the
front of it. The older ones of the church like this...especially those
who can.

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Full Armor of God Game

Kids scramble to be the first to build a full suit of armor using peel 'n'
play stickers, and soak up the lessons taught in Ephesians 6 while they
play! In the Bible Gamestore at: ChristianCrafters.Com

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11) Plinko board and sucker tree

<<<< do they throw the
> coaster at the board, or just stand at the top and let the coaster slide
> down? Also, for the sucker tree, do they throw a hoop or something at it,
> or just pick a sucker?>>>>>>

For the Plinko board, we just had them stand on a stool at the top, and
let the coaster slide down...and they try to line it up with where they want
it to go...and it never works..lol..cause it bounces it's way all over the
board...and for the suckers, we just had them pick one...but you could
angle the board...and throw a hoop and that would work too...good luck
hugs. Carolyn from Texas

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12) S.S. Group Name?

I am looking for catchy names to give our Sunday School Program this year.
We are trying to get more involvement of others into our program by
having puppetry, skits, etc. I was trying to stay away from the
traditional "Sunday School" name and get more of a over-all group name we
could use that would let people know we are a group support/network for
our kids. I had come up with S.O.G. - Servants of God. Or somehow
incorporate kids into the name, any suggestions will be greatly
appreciated. Thanks.

--from SSTN: What about S.O.S.? "Serving Our Saviour" - Because, Jesus IS
our lifeline. ;o)) I have used, "FUN-day" school too. Your webservant,
Sarah Keith.

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