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SSTN  # 20 - March 4, 2002

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1) SS Superintendent Job Descriptions?
2) Water into wine
3) Water into wine
-> FaithShapes!
4) Inexpensive rewards/awards
5) Teabag Lesson?
6) David Lessons?
7) Transition poems?   
8) Very active 4 yr. olds! - Age appropriate lessons?
9) Young God Chasers - Kingdom Kids?
10) Fund Raising Ideas
11) Church Auction?   
12) Fund raising ideas

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1) SS Superintendent Job Descriptions?

We are looking for models of Sunday School Superintendent Job Descriptions
so we can draw up what works best for our Church.  If you could email me
privately your job descriptions I would appreciate it.  Thanks.
Bonnie    mailto:bonlambert@uplogon.com

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2) Water into wine

Use grape kool aid (presweetened). Put it in a pitcher (not a clear one),
and pour water into it.  When you pour it out it has "turned to wine."

La Marque, TX

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3) Water into wine

For Bible School this past summer, I found a paper mache vase that looked
like one of the pots of that time and I lined it with a plastic bag and
put cherry cool-aid in the bottom before class.  I took a clear pitcher of
water and poured it into the pot and when the liquid came out it was red
like wine. The kids where amazed and so excited.  We then drank our
wine/cool-aid with cupcakes that had bride and groom picks on top, for the
part of the story about the wedding.  If you can't find a pot like this, I
would think a colored vase would work nicely to.

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Stuff your Easter baskets with FaithShapes! ®   "The Card Game of
Christian Symbols" A fun game for kids and adults, readers or nonreaders.
The 64 cards are beautifully illustrated with historical explanations and
Scripture verses. Use them for family game night, during Sunday School, or
for personal enrichment. Shape your faith with FaithShapes ®.

In the Curriculum section: 

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4) Inexpensive rewards/awards

Q: "looking for inexpensive rewards/awards  for our children....   would
like to have something that we can build on."  From: Trevia/North Carolina

A: I saw craft fair item that would work.  Sun catchers were made from a
recordable CD; and only three things were needed for assembly.  1) a hole
drilled through the top: for hanging string.  2) two patches:  to cover
each side of the center hole.  3) multiple holes drilled along  bottom
edge:  for strings to hold charms or clear pony beads.  The result was
similar to a flashy Indian Dream-catcher, for display from suction cups or
a curtain rod. You could decorate blank CDs according to age and sex of
student, and pre-drill any number of holes along the bottom.  Then you
could distribute the award beads/charms on pre-cut ,short lengths of
plastic lanyard (the craft artist used clear) with a knot at the bottom.
Students would then only have to insert the un-knotted end into their disc
before making a single knot to hold it in.

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W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

There's something much worse than cooties...it's called sin!  Now kids can
make Gospel Catchers rather than Cootie Catchers! A fun and innovative way
for kids to learn to share their faith with their friends!  Includes 4
Gospel Catcher patterns to make: the Colors of Christ (Gospel Colors), the
Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Promises of God. Follow this
link to learn more:


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5) Teabag Lesson?

Love your site.  Many great ideas.  I used the Teabag Lesson and am
wondering if anyone has anymore like this lesson.  The kids loved it.

--from SSTN: there are MANY more in the site:

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6) David Lessons?

I am looking for material and lessons on David  for ages 5 to 12

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7) Transition poems?   

I am working on my teacher education degree, and I need some transition
poems, rhymes, or songs for preschool, kindergarten, or first grade.  I
need ones that deal with the seasons, holidays, beginning the day, clean
up/helper, and animals.  Does anyone know of any good websites or books?
Teresa - Texas

--from SSTN: for those responding with books, please send ISBN too...for
the Bookstore.   ;o)) thanks! sarah <><

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Jesus Lights Me Up! TM

Great for VBS 2002! Get five reproducible patterns to cover and decorate
single light switch cover plates. Patterns include: a lion, a lamb, a
ladybug, a butterfly, and a whale. Each pattern comes with accompanying
Scripture and object lessons.

In the Curriculum section: 

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8) Very active 4 yr. olds! - Age appropriate lessons?

Hello out there!
I've recently volunteered to teach our church's 4y/o class. I've taught
this age grout for roughly 6 years and have been blessed immensely.
However, this particular class seems to be somewhat of a challenge. They
are a very active bunch with a shorter attention span than I've noticed
with other kids this same age (there are 6 boys and 2 girls). We're using
Group's Faith builders curriculum, which really doesn't quite cut it as
far as action songs, craft activities, and structure ideas go. Last
Sunday, I had their attention for about 35 minutes, and then completely
lost them - they just kind of went off on their own program (my teen-aged
helper commented that I held their attention longer than most others in
the past - I'm not mentioning this out of any pride, but frustration in
the lack of base-line structure for the kids).
I really want to get off to a good start with these kids, providing them
with meaningful age-appropriate lessons, and fun/creative activities that
reinforce the main point.  Does anyone out there have some experience with
these active little ones?? I'd appreciate your input!
Marcia Lewis

--from SSTN: Dear Marcia: you held their attention for 35 min.? WOW! You
need to know that is successful!! Mixing up the lesson with short
activities that emphazise the same point is the best way to keep ANY age
interested. ie. Crafts, games, skits (dress-up like the Bible characters).
Check out the Pray & Play Bible in the Christian ed section of the
Bookstore. This book uses various activites to make the same Bible point
in each lesson:   http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 
ysic, sarah <><

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9) Young God Chasers - Kingdom Kids?

Hi, I'm just wondering if you have any information pertaing to a new
curriculm I've heard about. Re: The Young God Chasers - Kingdom Kids - by
Dian Layton.
Any information or light you can shed on this requrest would be greatly
Thanks so much, Wendy

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10) Fund Raising Ideas

I recently heard about a really fun way to raise money, a 50's Drive In or
Soda Shop.  For the Drive In, have the kids dress in 50's stlye clothes
and roller skates.  Cook simple foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, and
sandwiches.  Give each food a price and have kids make a menu.  I would
suggest you double the price you paid for food and ask local stores or the
congregation for food or paper goods donations.  You might even be able to
borow cafeteria trays from a local school.  When a car parks in your
Church parking lot, kids skate out with menus and take their order.   You
earn money 2 ways the price of the food and tips.  For the Soda Shop, make
a menu with items like Shakes, Root beer floats, Ice cream sundaes, Cherry
or Vanilla Coke, etc...  Decorate an area to look like a soda shop and
take peoples orders, then help the kids make and serve the ice cream.
With a lot of publicity, these can be big money makers.  Seniors
especially like to relive the old days and most people tip well when they
know its a fundraiser.

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"Get em' in the LOOP!" 

L-eading kids to Christ,
O-ffering advice
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P-roviding free resources

Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
to join our discussion in SSTN.


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11) Church Auction?   

Hi there, I am from South Africa. I am looking for ideas to raise funds to
purchase SS material and equipment. So far I am trying to organise a
debate evening (March) and a quiz evening (May). We are a very small
church (35 people). I am looking for creative ideas. The auction sounds
good but how would I run it. Any other ideas would be most welcome. Thanks

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12) Fund raising ideas   

I attend a small church so most of the fund raising ideas need to be
adjusted according to the no. of people needed to implement them. Some
that take little or no manpower are: loose change month, in which a large
jar is set up outside the classroom and people are encouraged to drop in
their spare change for one month, "baby" or "kid" shower ( you set this
one up with a crib or basket of some sort outside the area that needs it
with a list of nursery or classroom needs and let people donate what they
can from the list),Farmer's or Flea market, and (if the teens are willing)
hire one's self out for the benefit of the church. Hope these help.
Dorie, CCF Appleton, WI

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