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SSTN # 20 - March 15, 2004

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Experiencing the Passion of Jesus

1) Seventeen year old
2) Mothering Drama?
3) Sinless Living

Activity Easter Cards

4) Resurrection Easter Egg Hunt?
5) Age For Passion
6) Hurts by Church Family

Jesus Ascending Mini-Movie

7) Passion book
8) Good Friday Skit?
9) Passion Movie and song

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Experiencing the Passion of Jesus

Who really killed Jesus?
What crime did Jesus commit?
Did it really happen like that?
Why did Jesus suffer and die?
What did the Resurrection accomplish?
How is this story relevant to me?

A study and discussion guide for the movie The Passion of the Christ
presents these questions with detailed lesson plans and leader's guide.
Designed primarily for use in seeker small groups, but is also applicable
for use in believer small groups. For older teens and adults.

Find it in our Bookstore by typing, "Experiencing the Passion of Jesus",
into the search box: 

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1) Seventeen year old

I am replying to the response by a retiring sunday school co-ordinator. As
a teenage sunday school teacher and curriculum director I found what was
written to be very discouraging. I have been involved in childrens
ministry since I was 13 (I am now 18) for half of this time I was invloved
in our friday night outreach program as well as our Sunday school Program.
While I understand that you may have in the past had problems with
teenagers teaching sunday school, from what you wrote this was more to do
with the fact that they recieved no training not that they couldn't do the
job. The fact that you would now tar all teenagers witht the tag of being
"unfit" for teaching Sunday school is a difficult one for me to handle.
Teenagers already struggle with being young and trying to find a place of
leadership that sometimes calls for them to talk to adults about difficult
matters with out it being implied that to be a good sunday school teacher
you have to be an adult - no where in the Bible does it say that rather
that We are not to let any one look down on us because we are young but
set and example for the believers in speech in life in love in faith and
in purity.

Thank you and God bless you for your years of service in a wonderful

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2) Mothering Drama?

I  head a sunday school In Bristol , England, comprised of  groups of
children aged from 2 -10 years . I am desperately  in need for ideas  for
Mothering Sunday  drama  and gifts. Could you help?


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3) Sinless Living

Here's something to think about: Do we sin because we are sinners?
Or are we sinners because we sin?

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Activity Easter Cards

When the cards are cut, colored and assembled, players can play Easter Egg
Scramble and discover a secret Easter message! Now with two black and
white "cross" and "resurrection" drawings to color! Reproducible so your
whole class can make a set!

Find them in the Curriculum section at: 

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4) Resurrection Easter Egg Hunt?

Has anyone done a Resurrection Easter Egg Hunt? I am planning to do this
with our children and the children of the community and wondered if anyone
has done this and what problems did you encounter. For those of you who
don't know what this is, it's an Easter egg hunt where 12 of the eggs
hidden have different items that depict the Easter story. They are then
opened in sequence to tell the Easter Story.

Nancy Fidler
Sunday Kids Club Director

--from SSTN: much has been written about this.
Check our Archives:
AND our Bookstore:

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5) Age For Passion

My 13 yr. old went to see the movie with our church,she was up all night
crying in her sleep.If anyone is sensitive in anyway they shouldnt see
it,especially teenagers,even I had trouble watching it.

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6) Hurts by Church Family

To dellaboo1-Della, I am sorry you are going thru so much hurt from your
church family. I went thru this with a homeschool group last year where
one of the teachers was talking badly about all of the kids in the class
except hers and her best friend's and threatening to kick them out of the
She was also bad mouthing the mothers, complaining about everything from
their not paying on time(none of my business) to their not helping her(she
never asked, in fact, she limited the number in her house) to she didn't
like the way their voice sounded, etc. I ran all of her errands, cooked
the snacks, helped with the class and at her request, kept order in the
class. I intercessed for every single child in that class  when she wanted
to kick them out as her reasons for wanting them out were personal, not
because they could not "do" the class or because they misbehaved. I
intercessed for several of the parents too- even for one who had given me
troubles over the last 2 years. When one day she told me she had been
talking about me behind my back(should I have been surprised?), I forgave
her immediately. As it happened, I later said something to her that
although true, was not said in a kind way. I had been ill and was
exhausted but that is no excuse for my being unkind. Although I apologized
immediately, it was not good enough for her so she kicked my son out of
her class. Why she chose to punish me through him, I will never know. He
is a cheerful, God-loving, Jesus-showing young man who is also an
excellent student. She has bad mouthed us to all of the other mothers and
students, conveniently leaving out her part in all of this and now my son
has lost many friends. I just pray that someone will see through all of
this but it has not happened yet and it has been a year. The Bible says to
be careful of who your friends are for you may become like them.  I should
have taken the advice of my pastor and gotten out of this when all of the
gossip was going on but I did not until it was too late. I only know I did
a good job yet made a mistake. God has forgiven me. I have mostly forgiven
myself- it is hard for me because of the hurt to my son. She has not
forgiven me. Ephesians 4:29-32 and Matthew 6:12 must only apply to
some. It may be better to just smile and leave your associate to teach on
her own even though it will tear your heart out. God will reward you-
James 1:12 talks about perservering under trial but not about letting it
kill you or your spirit. All we can really do is pray for difficult
people(Romans 12:14). It hurts but God will reward you and comfort you as
he has begun to do for me. I will keep you in my prayers.
Linda from Woodbine

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Jesus Ascending Mini-Movie

A unique flip-card pattern that children color and assemble, then watch
the resurrected Jesus ascend into the clouds. Kids make it and take it
home!  Print out as many patterns as you need for a onetime fee. To see a
picture and to learn more, follow this link:

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7) Passion Book

Sarah, there is an excellent devotional (40 days) that covers the same
timeframe as the Passion movie.  Comtemplating the Cross is the name of
the book.  The author does an excellent job of "taking" you to be with
Jesus during His last hours as a human man.  This might be an alternative
for young teens, but parents should read along with them as this book is
also very graphic.  The nice thing with the book is that you can read, put
down when it gets to be too much, think thru what you read, pray, and then
go back and continue.  I read this 3 years ago and found that some parts i
could read start to finish, others i had to read in small sections.  Each
day has great questions to help you relate to what is being "shown" thru
the writings.

Ann Bouwense

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8) Good Friday Skit?

Hi, I really enjoy your site and have picked up many ideas.  Do you have a
skit for Good Friday or know where I can find one? 
God Bless
Donna Mace

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9) Passion Movie and song
This was taken from a commentary and I sing with this song.
I added one line: Yes! I was there ... when they when the beat him to an
unrecognizable being!

Jan Rowan
There's an old spiritual that goes something like this, "Were you there
when they crucified my Lord? Were you there when they nailed Him to the
tree? Sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble. Were you there
when they crucified my Lord?"

Five seconds into watching "The Passion of the Christ," I was there!

I was there ... in the garden as He was overwhelmed with grief, agonizing
over his destiny - crying out to the Father to take this cup from Him.

I was there ... when Judas kissed Him on the cheek, betraying Him to the
Roman soldiers for 30 pieces of silver.

I was there ... when they spit on Him, striking Him with their fists,
scourging Him with a cat-o'-nine tails.
Yes! I was there ... when they when the beat him to an unrecognizable

I was there ... when Pilate washed his hands of the blood of an innocent
man, turning Him over to the crowd to be crucified.

I was there ... when they dressed Him in a purple robe and crown of
thorns, mocking Him, laughing as they hailed Him "King of the Jews!"

I was there ... watching Him struggle with His cross, up the Via Della
Rosa to His death.
I was there ..... when they crucified my Lord, I was there when they
nailed Him to the cross.

More ...
Somewhere between the Garden of Gethsemane and the rolling away of the
stone, what I saw, what I heard, ceased to be a movie, suddenly becoming
very real. Tears flowed - repentant tears, cleansing tears, travailing
tears, grateful tears.
I remembered having an old Baptist hymnal. Looking through the pages, I
came across songs such as "Blessed Redeemer," "The Old Rugged Cross,"
"Alas, And Did My Savior Bleed," "Near the Cross," and so many more.
Remembering the tunes, I began to sing (with a joyful noise and a thankful
The story doesn't end at the cross

2/28/04 Patsy Sorrels / commentary
The Enid News & Eagle

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